Dolce Italian Ice

4150 Mission Blvd UNIT 119, San Diego
(858) 412-4341

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Raquel M.

I frequent here when I am craving Italian ice and I'm Pacific Beach. I used to have a Rita's in my neighborhood but it closed so this is the next closest thing to it. However the service at Rita's was better. Anywho, the ice is good but service is hit or miss.

Chelsey E.

I was walking around specific beach with a group of friends and had a sudden crave for something sweet and cold. We stumbled across this amazing Italian ice shop and we don't regret a thing. It was a hit. Hopefully we'll be back sooner, rather than later

Joann T.

We were desperately craving for custard and italian ice but were devastated after finding out all the Rita's around were out of business. Then came the shining beacon of light. The italian ice here bursts with flavor and the custard tastes oh so fresh. It's in a small plaza with limited parking, but if you're already in PB you know parking is near impossible anyway. Definitely worth the walk!

JJ Lanza

Delish D-Lites. Tastes decadent without all the guilt. Sweet Italian Ices and creamy frozen yogurt. The combination of flavors like lemon meringue, peanut butter cup, and s'mores. Fast friendly service. Check out this local business.

Heather A.

This place is sooo good but they're just never open when they say they are! We've gotten ices less than half the times we've tried to come. There is always a sign on the door that says "be right back". I understand it's winter but such a bummer when you're craving an ice! Hope they get some staff that stays when they're open! (For the record we've waited for at least 10 minutes for someone to come back each time)

Kourtney B.

Still a 5 stars sweets shop! I always get a D-Lite because who can choose between Italian ice and frozen custard? Not me! The frozen custard is creamy and smooth, chocolate or the vanilla, and I'd be happy to have this plain in a cup. As I'm not about that vanilla life, this week I ordered two different kinds of the chocolate Ds. While I'm normally a large girl, the mediums have two layers of custard sandwiching a layer of Italian ice that I find the perfect size after a big meal. How does chocolate ice work? It's pretty amazing. I had that in the S'mores D-Lite which is chocolate custard, chocolate ice, marshmallow creme, and graham cracker crumbs. You know when you're drinking and you really should be eating? This D-Lite saved me. Tipsy me happily ate this poolside looking at the ocean thinking "Thanks for being there, Dolce. This is holding me over until I can get burgers. I don't visit you often enough but I still love you." Sober me also loves Dolce. I headed back the next night to get myself a Black Forest D-Lite. Chocolate custard, cherry ice (so freaking good), chocolate sauce, and cherries? LOVE! I adore maraschino cherries. There is something about their color, the flavor, the sugar...It's magic. The cherry ice is like the best cherry Icee. Which somehow works with the chocolate flavor. Cherries and chocolate...Whoever has heard of such a combination? Like lemon & blueberry, chocolate & mint, tomato & basil, they just belong together. In this case the chocolate custard provides a grounding note to the sweet cherry ice. Other classic combo- Peanut Butter Cup. Chocolate custard, chocolate ice, peanut butter sauce, and Reese's? Love. I still love the strawberry cheesecake too, but sometimes you just want chocolate. Next time I think Caramel Apple or White Raspberry will be calling my name. The best thing about Dolce is the selection flavors (not to mention custard or ice) so close to that boardwalk. An ocean breeze, the sound of the waves, and your frozen treat of choice? Sign me up.

Jessica S.

Solid custard steps from the beach. I came here on a trip this past week for after dinner ice cream with friends. My pals ordered Italian ice and custard blend options but I went for a classic chocolate vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles. Yummm. This made my childhood heart happy and also made me very nostalgic for New England summers. It can be hard to find legitimate custard style soft serve in California. We came on a Monday night and it was not too busy, but most of the tables were occupied. I'd imagine it gets super busy at peak times. Anyways, a great find for a low key dessert. Check it out if you are in the area.

Vicki B.

The only problem your going to have is making a decision from all the choices! I did the strawberry shortcake and it was yummy. Great place with great service. I'm a local & highly recommend everyone to stop by for a delicious treat.

Kevin Middle

The ice cream was very good and had great service.

Brooke B.

Good selection of flavors. We got a 3 scoop Italian ice for about $5. Friendly staff. Great location.

Alejandro A.

Very nice little place! Good Italian ice, as well as soft-serve with lots of toppings. Just the right thing to have after dinner!

Neomi Rubio

Great ice, great location and friendliest service!

Stephanie Dijk

Best ice cream I've ever had. Shared a peanut butter cup, he painstakingly prepared it and it was so worth it. Chocolate peanut butter toppings were there throughout along with a delicious peanut butter sauce. Seriously so good.

Kaylene P.

Workers were nice and let us sample a bunch and even the gelato that they had. Portions are pretty big. I had a watermelon ICe which wasn't overly sweet and didn't have a weird artificial syrup taste which I liked. Parking lot is small and in PB so expect it to be hard to find parking.

Emmett T.

I was looking for a light dessert near the beach after dinner today so this place came up during my search. They close at 9 pm nightly so it's earlier than some similar spots in PB. The lot out front had numerous open spaces which is not the case during daytime hours as all the nearby businesses have enough patronage to make free parking difficult to find in this area. Italian ice was my choice amongst the variety of frozen custards, soft serve, hand scooped ice cream, floats and shakes. I counted 22 flavors on the board so I picked the mango and raspberry for my small cup which was two scoops for $3.95. Since a check-in yielded a free topping, I asked for rainbow sprinkles to be added. I sat on a stool at a countertop along the wall to enjoy the Italian ice. Maybe half a dozen seats were available inside so most folks took their frozen treat to-go. The quality of the flavor was decent, but perhaps I have been spoiled by the fruity burst I taste when eating sorbet or gelato. I guess if you're from the East Coast and grew up eating this kind of product during the summer months, then you probably have a better appreciation than I did. Overall, I gave my visit a middle of the road three stars.

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