El Jardín Cantina

2885 Perry Rd, San Diego
(619) 795-2322

Recent Reviews

Audrey Vega

The food was really good! Service great! Atmosphere were excellent! Absolutely no complaints! Price and food quality match up. Highly recommend the flan.

Nathan Okawa

Must try guacamole. A selection of comida mexicanos autentica delicious! Awesome customer service! Makes me want to move back to San Diego!

Ian Duckles

The food here was very interesting. The margarita flight was neat to try, but the prickly pear one was too sour and the berry one was too sweet. The salsa sampler was really good, and a great deal during happy hour. We also got the mariscos sampler, and the aguachiles were really unique and delicious! We did find the service to be very poor. At one point they made a substitution in our meal without consulting us! The manager resolved it satisfactorily, but it seemed like such a weird mistake for a restaurant at this level to make. Worth a try if you are in the area, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Ursulla Noftz

If one was to judge a book by its cover I would have passed on this restaurant. Call me old fashion but I believe a good old greeting goes a long way, and this was just the thing lacking from the hostess tonight. Good thing I’m not one to judge a book by its cover and decided to over look the less then welcoming hostess. For an upscale Mexican food restaurant where you just dropped $90 the food should be spot on, however, that was not the case at El Jardin. Perhaps it’s not all their fault because not many places can do upscale Mexican food and get it right. We had the guacamole trio which lacked flavor, the carne asada taco in which the beef had a very strong distinctive taste, the carnitas tacos were flavorless, and the under seasoned chicken mole where the chicken lacked seasoning and was layer on top of rice and very little mole sauce. Overall if you are going to be dropping $90 for “upscale Mexican” food your flavors and food must be on par. This place fell short forcing me to leave this less then favorable review.

Zildheam D.

First time at El Jardin, i like liberty station and this restaurant is beautiful. The garden and the interior are brightly decorated with umbrellas, hats, flowers, very nice decor. Unfortunately, we arrived too early and only brunch was served. I really hoped it would be a Mexican lunch but the brunch menu felt very muted and confusing. The corn cakes are essentially three pancakes. There is so much potential here, i would quit the brunch breakfast items since the competitor across the street (breakfast republic) has mastered breakfast and brunch. Give us a yummy lunch menu with beautiful authentic Mexican flavors and no pancakes with confusing names.

Chris H.

Alas, Chef Claudette as no longer here, but the restaurant still looks great and service was uniformly good. The menu varies from Brunch to Dinner service, but the options are good and portions are excellent. Try the Chilaquiles or the Birria. Cocktails are still a strong point, and I think you'll find that this is a great date spot here in Liberty Station. Miss The great Chef Claudette, but they're doing ok here - Give em a try!


Honestly very overpriced, they had extremely small portions. Not a dinner place more like a light lunch place. Decent service.

Steff Williams

So confused by a lot of these unfavorable reviews. My fiance and I went and both thought the place was amazing. No wait on a Saturday night, the atmosphere is pretty cool and our server was great. We got the cantina nachos, the lamb and the fajitas. Everything was sooo flavorful and the portion sizes were pretty big; I was able to take home the lamb and have it for lunch and dinner the next day. The wait for the food was a little bit on the long side but still reasonable. Overall a really awesome experience.

natasha k.

This is for the Liberty Station location: I eat pit a lot and this was honestly one of the worst dinning experiences I've had in a long time. They do not offer chips or salsa, you have to order and pay for it?! The people I was with ordered some and the chips were stale, the guacamole was just smashed avocados without onion or tomato or flavor! And the "salsa" was not salsa, it was some kind of tasteless black sauce? Just awful. Then I ordered two tacos with rice and beans. The tacos were again small and tasteless, white rice and crap tasteless beans! And I spent $25 for this and an iced tea. To top it all off the service was terrible and it was soo noisy we couldn't even have a conversation! I would never come back. 30 minute follow up: terrible stomach ache and I eat Mexican food several times a week-UGH 1 day follow up: stomach ache gone but literally hoarse/totally lost my voice from having to yell/ speak/communicate with my party. Truly awful "dining experience"

Beard Property Management Aaron Beard

You know I'm always surprised when I find a restaurant that's sub four stars that I like. And then I start reading the reviews and I realize this is why Burger King has four stars sometimes. Hey guys, this is not a traditional Mexican restaurant where you are going to get a huge plate of fatty food and you're going to need a wheelchair to get out because you're so bloated. But what you will get is handcrafted meals with wonderful flavours that come-in normal-sized human portions. We shared the salsa flight, the guacamole flight and I had probably the best chicken mole I've ever had. The wife had the vegan tamale which she raved about. And yeah it's a little pricey but you're eating in NTC (oh sorry I was born and raised here) liberty station. So if you're interested in unique flavors and spices and wonderful guacamole and salsa (the Margaritas aren't too shabby either) then give it a shot.

laura s

A disappoint Oaxaca style food? not.

Tania Hormozi

Our waiter was great. our food was okay. the drinks, the music and atmosphere was awesome. I will come back for drinks for sure!

jose Rodriguez

It was the worst mexican food experience ever.

jian gamer

It looks really cool on the outside, a lot of attention in the details of the front of the place as well as inside. Food was ok, small portions but ok for the price, but the customer service is horrendous!, we got our table within 10 minutes which is good, but the girl got our drinks wrong, one of the coffee mugs had lipstick on it, and also a glass of water with lipstick, 2 of our plates were wrong, never brought the syrup for the pancakes, i had to get up and get it from another server, very frustrating to have breakfast like this. Definitely not recommended at all.


Went there with my son and his family. The service was very good and my wife and I split a baked Sea Bass. It was excellent and very reasonably priced. Son and wife both loved their dishes also.

S Hernandez

El Jardin went through a chef change in August. Not as delicious and interesting as before. More mainstream, but still a good place for lunch and a drink.

Thomas Rosenberger

Great outdoor bar and eating area. Drinks hand made without normal mixes. Unique ceiling and entry way

Jennifer Hui

Service was slow and. It took more than 15 to 20 mins to bring two bottle of drinks. We have to ask them twice on where is our drinks. Food took more than 30 mins and was not complete because we did not get our tortilla until we ask where is the tortilla. We where almost done before it arrived.


What a disappointment. All I can say is greasy, small portions, tastelessness, basic service. Ambiance and outdoor seatings are pleasant but sorry i won’t be back. SD has better Mexican options to offer.

Paul Portillo

Went there for happy hour. Need to have the chips and salsa. The 3 salsas are delicious and not overly hot.

Phil Estrada

Recently updated to reflect a change of head chef, and it has not gone well. What used to be progressive Mexican food that added value to traditional dishes has regressed to the mean. Everything has been made recognizable and palatable to the straw man "average consumer". Previously hand made tortilla chips are pulled from plastic bags and creative cocktails are replaced by margarita mix + fruit puree of the week. Expect everything to just be ok and forget what your appetizer was before you get home. Point Loma already has Miguel's and Rubio's, at least they know exactly who they are. However, this place will probably be wildly successful with convention-goers believing they are getting an authentic border town experience.

Sophia S.

This place is absolutely beautiful! Perfect Friday night get together with my girlfriends! And the AMBIENCE is off the chain !!! Loveee the decor & the music. Every single bite of everything we tried here was amazing. One in a Melon is a must The Service was excellent, 5 stars all the way Thank you Marco for the amazing experience !

Clarissa D.

I had the best time with my girls on a Friday night. Easy to find and lots of parking. We were greeted so nicely by the staff and seated inside in a booth where we can see all these cool decor. We got there and we immediately ordered the most refreshing drink in a huge watermelon called One in a melon (great for 6+ people) and it was delicious. We got the guacamole flight and 3 of them were all great especially the one that has pomegranate in it. Our appetizers were tacos and my favorite is the pulpo (octopus) and shrimp taco, everything was fresh. I went for the Beef Birria and I'm glad I picked it, it was a treat for me, very tasty! The desserts! Wow I have never tasted a Tres Leches cake this Good! It's one of my favorites. Other than the food and upbeat music, the staff, our server Gustavo and Manager Marco was so cool and made us feel like we are VIPs! It felt like it was our birthdays, they made our night so special. Thank you El Jardin for the great ambiance and the people you have create this magnificent restaurant that I know will be around for awhile. I highly recommend all my friends to try and to look for Gustavo and Marco, they're the best!!! I am planning to take my out of town friends to try the best in town.

Andres Gandara

Service is horrible, food came out cold and honestly un flavorful.

Benjamin G.

I enjoyed the happy hour items I ordered including the lamb and carnitas tacos. The tacos were small but delicious. A friend tried the portabello mushroom taco and said it was great. The molcajete and green salsa were tasty and unique. The ceviche was good. I would definitely come again for happy hour.

Andres G.

Worst restaurant experience in my life. We decided to give it a try since the place we wanted to eat at had a long wait. Big mistake! This by far has been my worst experience ever. I'm an easy going guy and not picky at all but the service here by the server and manager where meager to put it nicely. From not providing utensils after asking three times, to them not giving us refills ever even after asking a few times. Wife's ice tea showed up 40 minutes later, the food was cold and bland. What finally did it was dirt in my wife's food from a piece of cilantro with root ball intact.

Julian S.

My family and I came here after church and to our surprise no crazy wait times. Right off the bat I notice the place is open, colorful, full of beautiful plants and perfect for a photo op if you're into the whole influencer thing. After being sat by our host a friendly server named Julia greeted us and let us know about the hibiscus daiquiri cocktail of the day. She also explained to us how we had to try the famous guac made with fresh tomatoes straight from El Jardins garden so we started with that. Yup fresh, chunky, tasty guac. The only down side was the portion of how much guac we received but for a ten dollar starter, I'll take it. We didn't come with the intentions of daiquiris but we were stoked about the place having michiladas. So we had about four of those. For our brunch we had the mole shrimp enchiladas, sope chorizo benny, pancakes, steak&eggs and a chicharron omelette in a Chile verde sauce, uh yea! This place is why I love San Diego food so much. We'll definitely be back because we heard they had an amazing happy hour and a sea bass that we had to try. Overall a great Sunday spent well with family at a beautiful establishment with friendly staff.

Destiny P.

Came in for happy hour, the Cantina nachos were so great. Juanette took care of us. She was friendly and nice. The margarita flight she made was delicious! Definitely recommend it. Me and my friends will definitely be back.

Akiko T.

I went here with my boyfriend for brunch on a Saturday because there was no wait, but it was not worth it. Although there was no wait for a table, it took a long time to get our food. The huevos a la Mexicana came without any serrano peppers in it, and I was incorrectly charged $16 for the benedicto de chorizo ($13 on the menu). We notified the manager about the extra $3 charge, which was removed from our bill. The eggs in our dishes were cooked well, but our beans were bland. The one star is for the nice server.

Marley S.

We stopped in for dinner on a Saturday night. We got the margarita flight, salsa flight and mariscos flight along with 3 different tacos. The margaritas were fresh and tasty and sufficiently strong, you can tell they are made from real ingredients, and they aren't overly sugary. The salsas are inventive and delicious and the tacos were top notch. There is a bit of a price premium for fresh, well made food and it is well worth it. I am glad to see the successful reformatting of the restaurant. We look forward to returning on the regular.

Josh C.

Wanted to take the time to give a shout-out to Fernando! The mole negro has been the best I've had in SD, it had a very authentic taste from the Oaxaca region, the Cadillac Margarita was amazing and the attention to detail from Fernando was on point. Keep up the great food and amazing service. Salud!!

Raquel S.

Food was good, place is cute, but overall overprice and bad service took like an hour to get water and menus. They gave us guac and chips with no warning that they would charge and no one asked for it that goes too for charging for salsa that no one asked for. They over tip them self's and they took a very long time to serve my food.

Kyrillos G.

Great atmosphere here. I ordered the Carne Asada plate and it was amazing. The guacamole purée was perfectly made. We had a party of 10 and ordered a margarita bowl that was also amazing! Definitely recommend this place.

Ed Belmonte

The cocktails and food wow delish!! Barbacoa tacos to die for... Fernando offered a great service! Great experience !! I will come back again I want to try mole !!!

Tracie I.

I was fortunate enough to experience El Jardin Cantina last week, it's first week open, and I had an amazing experience. We were seated inside, in a really cute and cozy booth. There was a nice breeze coming in from the patio, carrying with it delicious aromas from the kitchen. To drink, my friends enjoyed a whole watermelon with the top cut off, which was infused with 12 shots of tequila (meant to be shared between 3-4 people, obviously). I asked them to make me a virgin mocktail based on one of their signature drinks, which they obliged and it was delicious. To start off our meal, we had a variety trio of fresh guacamole, each one a little different from the other. They were all fantastic. We also enjoyed the Pulpo (Octopus) appetizer and I would say that was one of my favorite parts of the whole experience. We shared another trio of fresh ceviches, one of them was vegan, made with fresh coconut meat and it was oddly my favorite, though they were all delicious. For my entree I ordered the carnitas, which had just the right amount of crisp to it and went really well with the house made tortillas provided. My friend had the lamb entree and we all agreed that it was our favorite entree of the night. This place is a carnivore's dream, although the vegan tamale was honestly one of the best vegan dishes I've ever had. The flavors were complex and it had the perfect amount of spicy heat to it. The grand finale and my personal favorite part of every meal, was the dessert. We had the tres leches flan (my fave) as well as the cafe de Olla flan (if you like coffee and cinnamon, you will love it). They were the cherry on top of a fantastic meal! Marco was wonderful, his recommendations were on point and he made sure our experience was flawless. The bussers made sure our waters were never empty, and the staff made us feel very welcome. The whole ambience was very warm colorful and inviting, with lively energy and good music to accompany great food. I loved every minute of it, and I can't wait to go back! Bravo!!

Becca Wallace

Came in after they rebranded themselves to “Cantina” and was disappointed. I came during happy hour and wasn’t notified by my server that this meant there was only a small menu to choose from. My table ordered a quesadilla, chips and salsa, and carnitas tacos.

Jorge Herrera

Great Food! Awesome location and service.

Heather R.

LOVE the food here!! Drinks are amazing and the vibe is on point. Staff are friendly and welcoming and seem to enjoy their job. You must try the lamb barbacoa. Mychal has a amazing attitude!! Nice work guys!!

Brendan P.

We live close by, & figured we would give it another shot, since they "revamped" the place. Message to new owners putting lipstick on a pig doesn't work. Same miserable unhappy staff, nobody is smiling especially the newly minted server who was our unhappy host last time we visited. The young lady managing looked just as miserable.. The food is more user friendly, but I can get tacos anywhere. On our last visit food was innovative, & different..now it's the same old things I can get anywhere. Lamb taco (no flavor) guacamole was horrible. Wife had the fish, very little meat, $7 for chips & salsa?? No thanx..smh

Caitlin M.

THIS PLACE IS OPEN AND I AM HERE FOR IT! I used to pass by the outdated decor and take a hard pass on this place. They have renovated and now cater to the insta influencer, Avo toast loving San Diegans(or the marg loving, vibe hunting, outdoor bar lovers) I am a big fan! Came here last night to an impromptu happy hour because traffic was brutal. My bartender was a boss, or should be THE boss of this establishment- Liza. She pours a strong, delicious, not too sweet watermelon cocktail that you will dream about. I will be coming back for that. Guacamole was above average for San Diego but not my go to order. I much preferred the carnitas hh taco. Their hh goes until 6 on Friday so traffic is not an excuse. I try not to rate restaurants on vibe alone but this is my new girls night hh. It was a good mix of people, you can always pop over to the rest of liberty public market, and the food was way tastier than the other sit down restaurants at the market. If you're 25-(x) years old and wanting a good starting place for girls night, come here, get some photos under their new insta-worthy hanging umbrellas, and have a marg. Say hi when you see me chillin' with Liza and my doggo at the bar!