Figaro Dessert Cafe

3011 University Ave, San Diego
(619) 241-2976

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Pricey but good. Make sure you get your wallet ready and prepare your sweet tooth. I got the mr, cheesecake it comes with edible silver! it was not a normal cheesecake kinda out of the normal realm for a cheesecake but none the less not bad.

Anna Webb

We stumbled upon Figaro dessert Café this afternoon, while out and about in San Diego. What a wonderful surprise! I had the carrot cake and an Americano brewed to perfection. He had a sugar crêpe, which was prepared in brown butter. Oh so fantastico! Highly recommended.

Emily Dorumsgaard

I've gotten desserts here for special occasions a few times, and they're always beautiful and delicious. It's also a nice spot to eat in, the savory crepes and coffee drinks are very refined and tasty. They have a few tables inside, counter seats at the window, and outdoor tables. The service was fast and friendly! You order at be the counter and they bring it out to you.

Alicia Ji

So many delicious gelato flavors! But the tiramisu gelato was by far our favorite—super light and refreshing. Mister Cheesecake was beautiful and had a nice tart blueberry taste. Our favorite dessert was definitely the double mousse cake which was so rich and creamy! Service was awesome too

Victoria Verduzco

It was a very last minuet decision and I’m so glad we made it. We got one savory one sweet and both were so delicious!!! I love all things coffee and crepes this place did not disappoint. Looking forward to coming back! ☕️

Nithya Thomas

What a cafe! Loved there desserts. Ordered Mango Mouse, Chocolate trifle and blueberry cheese cake and all three were delicious.Going again to try savory crepes

Haylee Jane Monteiro

Came here with my husband for some late night gelato cravings and were actually quite disappointed!Don't get me wrong, the flavors were really nice. It's just that serving size was too small.We tried the Salted Caramel, the Stracciatella and Tiramisu, and all of them were lovely.The tiramisu didn't have too strong a coffee flavor, which I actually appreciate!And salted caramel wasn't too "salty" either. Perfect hint of salted. I don't usually like salted caramel, but this was good.We ended up getting a medium with Tiramisu and Salted Caramel, and we're hoping for a proper heaping cup-ful, but that thing was barely just filled; only a little bit coming over the top.TOO SMALL a serving size compared to other gelato places we've been to in San Diego. and very expensive for that amount too. We paid nearly $8 for that, and it was barely any gelato. Definitely not worth going again.

Lesley Frayre

Went here tonight food was amazing, really yummy. The girl with the curly hair needs some training. Super rude when I asked her what certain desserts where, she straight out said “they’re desserts made up of different flavors” well yeah! the whole place is desserts.An amazing gentleman was able to help us and explained exactly what everything was made up of, he’s a tall guys with curly light hair. We received amazing customer service from him.

Caroline C.

Top-quality desserts that won't break your wallet. The espresso was good, too, and paired well with my peanut butter pie. The French macaroons, while having the same texture as your traditional macaroons do, did not have your traditional filling; they tasted wonderful nonetheless. Staff was extremely helpful with our questions about what ingredients were in the desserts we were interested in purchasing. We went for dessert a bit late in the evening on a weekend so the atmosphere was a bit more edgy with louder music, and the huddle and bustle of many people coming in and out of the cafe. During the daytime, this cafe has more of a cosy atmosphere if that is what you're looking for. Overall, my friends and I enjoyed this cafe.

Vanessa A.

I got here an hour before closing so maybe (hopefully) this is why they sucked. I witnessed terrible, rude service (not to me but to the people in front of me). My first two choices they were out of (German chocolate cake and peanut butter bar). I then chose the caramel turtle cheesecake. It was awful. Sickly sweet and mushy! Literally the worst cheesecake I've ever had. Do better, Figaro. I will not be returning. Go to extraordinary desserts instead. This is NOT an acceptable substitute/alternative.


This is a late review but I went in about a month ago and I'm kicking myself in the butt for not coming back yet. I got the creme brûlée and my gf got the fruit tart. Both were absolutely delicious and I had a coffee to compliment it. Really nice staff too. Can't wait to come back

Ann P.

I love this place specially when craving something sweet.... all desserts are good but you need to have a sweet tooth to con here. They also sell gelato which is on point with all their flavors!

T. D.

The kindest barista (owner?) ever. He let my idiot self barge into the cafe *before they were even open* and still served me one of the best cappuccinos I have ever had. Their display case of desserts was so beautiful that I didn't even notice that the store was still clearly closed. I am so grateful for the kindness of the Figaro workers...and the amazing coffee. I am still cringing at myself for not realizing they were closed.

William Asman

Lovely gelato and pastry shop. The staff are quite helpful and friendly. It's a fantastic scene for a date.

Anthony L.

I got the red berry mascarpone and the tiramisu cake. Easily the best I've ever had. It was magical.

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