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Reviews for Frost Me Gourmet

Best cupcakes I've ever had thus far! The cupcake I got was chocolate and the cake was so rich and moist! Usually I hate the frosting on top of most cupcakes, but the frosting on this cupcake was surprisingly light and not intensely sweet! The frosting actually compliments the cake without overpowering it. The biggest issue I had from the cupcake was the price and size. For $4 a cupcake, you aren't getting a lot. They value quality over quantity and call themselves "gourmet" full review

The cupcakes here were so yummy! Definitely deserving of their title of Cupcake Wars Champion!!! I ordered their signature winning blueberry hazelnut cupcake and also the hibiscus orange pineapple cupcake. The cupcake itself was very moist and not overly sweet. But the clear winner is the frosting as it was so fluffy and delicious! I really liked the blueberry hazelnut but loved the hibiscus orange pineapple! I think I just found my new favorite cupcake place!

We had a $3.95 carrot cake cupcake. The carrot cake base could have used more moisture and flavor, and the frosting wasn't as sweet as I was expecting. The presentation was stellar. We sat on a porch swing in front of the store, and enjoyed an ocean view/sunset. For the price, I cannot recommend the store based on our one experience.

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