Garden Kitchen

4204 Rolando Blvd, San Diego
(619) 431-5755

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Alicia Marchetti

If I could give 3.5 stars I would, but our experience wasn’t quite worth four stars. The food here is unique, prepared beautifully by one person who works really hard. My partner and I each got an entrée, and we split the cheeseboard as an appetizer… But after spending $69 we went somewhere else to finish our meal because we were still hungry. I regretted coming here after, honestly. I think this restaurant would really benefit from a sous chef to help coral out because we waited a seriously long amount of time, even for water to be brought to our table it took a while. We felt like the vibe was weird and I didn’t like the food as much as I did a couple years ago. I used to eat the cheeseboard for dinner every night but for $25 it was massively underwhelming

Lucas Lish

Wow...., fantastic food made by a genuine cook who's training within the industry has produced an not only an exceptional chef and an amazing business owner but also a humanitarian, who's decisions have not only maintained her business throughout the pandemic and the recession, but also maintained her employees position / pay through these hard times. If you can make the time to visit, it will be worth your while

Nicole Harmon

Probably the best meal I’ve ever had!!! Everything was truly delicious. It WILL make you love your veggies. Bold flavors without being overwhelming. So so tasty and amazing wine pairings. I literally loved every single bite. It was presented so beautifully. They were also super nice and accommodated me being gluten free and were very thoughtful about it being my birthday! It feels so intimate yet relaxed and meeting Chef Coral was awesome! She is so kind and talented. Also the patio was beautiful!

aunt armadillo

I started going to Garden Kitchen for take out food in May 2020 and I am sorry I have not submitted a review sooner. Incredibly fresh ingredients, ever changing menu and always amazing food and wine. Simply great for people who eat vegan, gluten free or are meat lovers that want to consume humanely raised meats and eggs. Chef Coral, Sommelier Megan and host/server/talented jewelry designer Holly are all the best and make you feel like family. Great place to dine, get wine and relax. Recommend you give it a try! Devoted regular, wine club member and GK fan for life.....Anne

Lisa Moore

Amazing food! The chef and owner is a beautiful soul, I love her passion! She definitely deserves 5 stars! I will return.

Steven Ellison

Some of the best food we've had in a long time. It's impressive when a charcuterie board is better than most entrees you've had recently. Everyone at our table tried something different and we were all highly impressed. The chef came out towards the end of the night to ensure everything was the highest quality. One person at our table had what we agreed was the best scallops any of us have had. This is a favorite place of our friends and I'm happy to say it easily lived up to the hype.

Tess M.

I've dined at Garden Kitchen several times and each has been a great experience. I love that they offer beautiful and creative REAL farm to table food! I appreciate the charming and cozy atmosphere.

K G.

They have great Mediterranean food and they also sell all kinds of ready to go items. Smoothies and deserts.

Liz G.

We ate here for a company holiday celebration. The chef catered the food to people's individual needs, and there were 17 employees and their plus ones at this dinner!!! There were vegan and gluten free dishes, as well as steak and scallops for the meat eaters. My husband ordered a filet, which was smaller than he expected, and scallops. He said it was all delicious. I had the vegan lasagna. Dinner started with bread and butter. I had a dairy free butter that was out of this world! Both our meals came with a beautiful salad with REALLY fresh ingredients. For dessert there was also a vegan option. Overall I was really impressed with the service here and the various food options. Everything was beautifully plated and tasted good. Oh and the sangria! Whatever you do, get the sangria! So good!!! I think it was a perfect place for a small event like ours.

Katy A.

I love this place. It's definitely a hidden treasure. I would not expect to have this exquisite of a meal in this part of town... I'll admit, from the outside I was shocked that this place was so well praised, but once you step into the outside dining area, you're transported into a quaint, peaceful, pleasant dining experience. The food is outstanding. and I love that the menu rotates so I always get to try something new... its never a boring menu. The chef is outstanding and pays such close attention to detail with flavors and textures. I will always recommend this place to everyone looking for a unique and wonderful meal.

Robert N.

This experience was amazing! Coral and her staff absolutely killed it! Her food was delicious and I would have paid double the prices for the experience. Book this if you have the opportunity! My wife and I had a great time and loved spending our anniversary with Chef Coral!

Kristel Boe

An authentic and original farm to table experience! Chef Coral and her sommelier are extremely knowledgeable in their food and wine offerings. As a vegan I continue to be blown away by my dining experience at Garden Kitchen. The courses are unique, thoughtful, delicious and filling! It's my favorite place to dine and I recommend it to EVERYONE! Easy parking, casual yet still fancy, superb customer service and honestly, the food speaks for itself. Bon appetit!

Steve E.

Excellent carefully thought out food. Portions are just right. A very good value with solid service.

Amanda E.

Cannot recommend this restaurant enough! The service is amazing, all of the staff are kind, friendly, and very knowledgeable about their food and wine. All of the food is locally sourced, organic, and purchased fresh each day. I went for the tasting menu, which the chef/owner Coral creates a new menu for each week. The prices are very good considering how much food/wine is given and how high quality all of the food/wine is. Possibly the best food I've had in San Diego!

Michael Semanchik

Fantastic food, wine, service, and atmosphere. The menu changes weekly but I imagine the level of perfection is common every week.

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