Garden Kitchen

4204 Rolando Blvd, San Diego
(619) 431-5755

Recent Reviews

Kristel Boe

An authentic and original farm to table experience! Chef Coral and her sommelier are extremely knowledgeable in their food and wine offerings. As a vegan I continue to be blown away by my dining experience at Garden Kitchen. The courses are unique, thoughtful, delicious and filling! It's my favorite place to dine and I recommend it to EVERYONE! Easy parking, casual yet still fancy, superb customer service and honestly, the food speaks for itself. Bon appetit!

Michael Semanchik

Fantastic food, wine, service, and atmosphere. The menu changes weekly but I imagine the level of perfection is common every week.

Megan O.

This is one of THE best restaurants in San Diego, hands down. Chef and her staff provide the freshest locally-sourced ingredients and wines and take so much pride in each dish. They present visually stunning, impeccably prepared dishes with love and joy. We have been coming here for several years and hope to continue for many more. Make a reservation! There is a cozy outdoor, covered patio and the ambiance is friendly, warm and comfortable.

Thomas Jordan

It was amazing, the food, the service, everything!!! So many great flavors, fresh and vibrant, a wonderful place to enjoy with loved ones or friends. We will be back!!

Leslie Didier-Paquin

Charming ambiance with amazing food. The food was incredibly fresh, with unique flavors, stunning presentation and superb sangria! Do not miss out!

Leslie D.

We have admired the menu and pics on Instagram for a while. We decided to pop in to the lounge for drinks and small bites while waiting for our to go order. The quality, ambience, and flavors were excellent. Holly and Megan were very welcoming and appropriately attentive. Highly recommend and we will be returning.

Dore Ann Mendelsberg

Delicious food and great ambience. Perfect for date night & vegan friendly! <3

Evan K.

One of my favorite restaurants of all time and it just so happens to be blocks away from my house. Truly a hidden gem, an oasis in the desert. Real food, rotating menu, locally sourced, interesting fusions that always work and make for very interesting dishes, friendly as can be and the owner truly cares enough to come by tables and ensure they are having a good time.

Donna Horne

Hands down the absolute best meal I've ever had in 51 years on the earth. I can't even fully describe what I ate, because so many of the terms were either new to me or something I'd only heard on Top Chef. So as an ordinary eater, here's what I LOVED. You get to tell the chef about your dietary restrictions or preferences, and the menu is tailored to you personally. The ingredients are local sourced, fresh, and so delicious! The flavors in each dish are exquisite, and if you like wine, definitely do the wine pairings, because the combination of each dish with its wine pairing was perfection. My daughter took me to this restaurant, and I understand what she was raving about all this time. No matter if you are an ordinary eater who likes food like me OR a seasoned "foodie" who knows all about how to prepare and enjoy fine dining, you will LOVE it here. The setting is also lovely, and the hosts, chef, and sommelier were all so friendly, knowledgable, and truly made this feel like an intimate experience. Can't recommend highly enough!

darrin schwabe

Unbelievable all around experience. A 4 hour culinary adventure. Meet this amazing chef at your table and lose yourself in the beautiful, fresh and flavorful dishes and great conversation with your friends and or loved ones. U will want to eat every last bite, but be becareful the portions are generous and you want to leave room for every course!

Shoni S.

My boyfriend and I have dined here a few times now and have always really enjoyed our meals. They accommodate to splitting some add on items for us and have great suggestions. Tonight we tried their new dine-in 7 course meal. We made reservations prior by sending an email and they emailed back to inquire about allergies, dietary restrictions, likes/dislikes, our names and whether we were interested in the 25$ wine pairing add on. My boyfriend and I are open to try everything we both have no allergies or dietary restrictions. They ask for for credit card info prior when making reservation as there is a 50$ cancellation fee they said. When we arrived at 5pm for our reservation the hostess/server that's always there knew our names and knew about our beer and wine pairing add on so that was nice. The dishes were all outstanding. Even Coral, the owner and chef, came out to explain each dish to us, which was wonderful. The sommelier came out before each dish to pour and explain each wine pairing and even obliged our novice questions thoroughly. We added the Black Truffle each to our Risotto so yummy! The appetizer was shared it was modified based on the dietary restrictions/requests of the evening which was so personable I loved it. It was vegan/vegetarian that night and really good! Presentation is always enticing. I've never seen or tasted such a good char on those beets. And the juicy shrimp in shell was surprising and tasted even better than it looked. All the plates had so many amazing bursts of flavor! So fresh just unbeatable! We love this place!

Roxanne J. Kymaani, PhD

The best local farm to table restaurant ever. The food, the wine, the service, the vibe. All perfect.

Ced J.

I like the food that you can pick up at this place, and for just extra. You really can not beat a price like that. Plus, the burger you can get is so amazingly good and the patty super tender. I feel so good when I pop in here for a bite. That's a fact. Garden kitchen is really good with great options! You'll love it here!

Sasha Virgo

Awesome little find. Definitely a gem, almost want to keep the secret... always fresh food. Unique chef creations.

Kim N.

Simply the best hidden gem in all of SD. We're so lucky to have them in the neighborhood of Rolando.

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