Hao Vi Restaurant

4451 University Ave, San Diego
(619) 280-8688

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Alexx P.

I have to update my review from 5 years ago. Service is extremely slow due to husband and wife only ran business. Very nice and sweet people and food is good but can be way better if they hire somebody. Don't come here for lunch if you only have 30 mins because you'll need at least 1.5 hours. However, It's still worth it to eat here because of price and quality. Just one person! Somebody please apply to work here!

Bo V.

Great Cambodian food! I love their seafood stir fry noodles so much!!!! All food comes with huge portion and affordable price!!!

Brent P.

Today I journeyed over to City Heights to try a delicious mom and pop shop of Ly Heng. I ordered the Beef Lok Lak which comes with Rice and fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. I came in with moderate expectations as it was my first time trying Cambodian cuisine and this place absolutely blew them away! The beef was so tender and the sauce was something that I can't even describe because it was so good and the only way for you to believe me would be to try it yourself. Definitely opened my eyes to yet another delicious international cuisine and I definitely will be back!

Sheree G.

Bone broth soup is to die for. Meat so tender, broth so flavorful. Fried rice was average. Haven't eaten much off menu yet but that soup will keep me coming back. Best part is it's free withe an entree. Winner winner.

Raymond W.

Great spot with delicious Asian food. Hainan chicken was good (recommend getting the bone soup with it) and the flat noodle stir fry was super tasty. The staff was kind and helpful. Parking can be kinda tight but would definitely order again!

Joshua C.

This place is so delicious and amazing. The owners of the place are very wonderful as well. They make really good Cambodian food. And I told them my ex girlfriend was Cambodian too. And I even mentioned about my son as well. When I came home with the food. My son really enjoyed it so much that he wants to eat their now. The quality of the food is all natural. I can tell that they make it with passion. I am definitely coming back again.

Sarah N.

I used to come by here when I was still living in SD and this place's hu tieu sate was legit. The style that my mom makes or the chinese/viet restaurants are not as thick and on the watery side but this place makes it "set set" as my mom would say in Viet aka thick. I love the portion sides and it's definitely on the spicy side! Love the food and hope its still gonna be here every time i come back to visit SD.

Raffie S.

Oo ohh the gem of city heights fr Cambodian fare! Hands down Phnom penh noodles dry would be the togo choice. Prefer the thin noods or the egg the dish is reeking with savory flavors. Various cuts of meat chicken shrimp are best accomp for this notavle dish.Comes with the famed pork bones soup broth, every bite takes you to a happy place.. nostalgia, comfort and satisfaction are some of the things that come to mind!

Jason B.

SOOOOO tasty. Just a mom and pop operation putting out some amazing eats! First of all, that bone broth, OUT... OF... THIS.. WORLD! I don't think I've ever had such a flavorful broth before. The meat off the bone is so tender it literally is like butter in your mouth!I've ordered here before and was super pleased, but today I had their beef saté and it was earth shattering how tasty it was. Just the right amount of spice, a hearty peanut flavor, and your choice of noodle. I went with the wide egg noodle because duh that's THE best choice haha. Anyone who knows a good Jewish boy knows we love us some egg noodles. Top it with a savory and spicy treat, YEP I'm sold. Do not skip out on small places like this, more than ever now is the time to make sure small businesses get the support they need. I think they are grossly underpriced on their menu and would highly suggest they raise their prices. My meal including a homemade sparkling lemonade was like 12 dollars after tax. That's insane. Their menu is on the smaller side, which makes sense. Better to have fewer options well executed as opposed to a ton of options without quality control. This place is a hidden gem, treat yourself!

Natalie Z.

My boyfriend got the Phnom Penh noodles and beef lok lak for takeout, and I had a few bites. Even though I didn't eat much, it definitely warrants a glowing review! My bf had already ate all of the noodles and shrimp/offal but I did have sips of the broth and got to slurp the beef bones and the meat was super tender! The broth had a hint of fish sauce and was very savory. The takeout was also very thoughtfully organized in containers and according to him, very reasonable in price. The beef was very generous in portion and came with a bit of cucumber and tomato slices with rice, and it was great! I do not like how a lot of East Asian restaurants tenderize their meat until it is this soft, pulpy mess. This is why I prefer Southeast Asian restaurants, like Thai and Cambodian, who served tender meat that still actually has the texture of meat.

Tnt H.

We called and ordered for pick up due to covid and it was quick. They do not have any outdoor seating here. We picked up our food in 30 minutes and I got the bo luc lac. My husband got the noodles and the food was different. I will be back to try different dishes. My husband tried the banh bao and he said it was ok

Tittya T.

The best Cambodian/Vietnamese/Chinese food in San Diego. The service is a bit slow but because of the amazing food customers don't even mind waiting.

Jenny W.

I would drive down here for their Phnom Penh noodles any day! Food are very flavorful and amazingly delicious. My American boyfriend literally cleans his plate each time he eats here. That's how you know it's good GOOD! Should give it a try weather you're craving for porridge, noodles, rice, etc. They have all the dishes here and the prices are insanely cheap!

Mai W.

Freaking love this place. I wish it was closer to home so I can go more often. Really good sized portions and SO FREAKING CHEAP!!! Sometimes I feel bad about how cheap it is because it is just so freaking good.My go to is the Phnom Penh Noodles, dry. It comes with this delicious broth with the HUGE bone with it. The meat is so tender. My dad loves eating here because he doesn't have to chew the meat since it's so soft (old people problems).I'll sometimes do the Beef Satay if I want something spicy. Be warned, it can be pretty spicy.They have a variety of dishes here that also are a mix of Vietnamese cuisine which I love.It's a whole in the wall place. Come for the food, not for the ambiance. The ladies that work here are so sweet as well. I hope they make it through Covid bc it's one of my favorite noodle places.

Phyrom C.

Delicious , great food, great value. I favorites are the fried calamari, Phnom penh dry noodles, seafood stir fry noodles, and rice porridge.

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