Hooters of Mission Valley

1400 Camino De La Reina, San Diego
(619) 299-4668

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Ron Soderblom

Everywhere we went was packed for World Cup so I called and Samantha said she would not only get us a table but that she would guarantee to out on the football game we we’re looking to watch. When we arrived she remembered the conversation and immediately took care of our needs. Throughout our stay she followed up with us and commanded that room like a boss. Great attitude and excellent work ethic! We will return specifically for her and the kind of service she provides which is hard to find these days. Excellent work Samantha! 5+ Stars!

Martin Kappel

My boyfriend and I drove down to Hooters in Mission Valley San Diego from Orange County to watch the LSU-Mississippi game. We had Ivette and Abby B. (who was in training) do an AWESOME job in customer service!!! They were very attentive and made sure we ALWAYS had my ice tea and his beer filled as needed as well as our appetizers etc. They came to the table several times to make sure we were happy or needed anything!! The girls were constantly cleaning the tables and it seemed as if all COVID standards were being met and implemented. I would recommend this restaurant especially to watch a game!!!

Robert Achen

My boyfriend and I drove to Hooters in Mission Valley San Diego from Orange County to watch the LSU - Mississippi game. We had Ivette and Abby to be. (who was in training) do an awesome job in customer service! ! ! They were very attentive and made sure we ALWAYS had my iced tea and beer topped up as needed as well as our appetizers etc. They came to the table several times to make sure we were happy or needed anything!

Mike Gray

You can never go wrong with the ? OG wings with curly fries.

Sidney C.

Shitty service is an understatement, it was as if they were going out of their way to be rude to us. Practically had to beg someone to take our order. We waited at least half an hour to even get a drink and had to walk up to the bar to get it ourselves. Multiple waitresses ignored us as we tried to get their attention, serving other tables that came in after us. A group that came in ten minutes before us already finished a full table of food and drinks leaving with their leftovers in hand before a glass of water had even been brought to us. After about an hour and half of bullshit, our food was finally brought to us but amazingly it was cold. Fuck this whore house full of butter faced bitches. Theres no way we were going to pay to be basically spit on. Left with our plates of food so we could heat it up at home. Never going back here again. Hooters, more like pooters. Absolute shithole.

Oscar Z.

Ghost pepper hot wings great idea. Until you eat two then you are asking for a cup of water & some extra ranch. The girls here are gorgeous Amanda was my waitress perfect. Beer is cold wings are HOT. Not bad. The GAMES are on the tube. Ok I'll make an excuse to come back.

Leanne Bains

Good place to watch the game. Love that kids can hang too. Kid friendly menu. The food isn’t the best but it’s not bad.

Kristel S.

This recently has been our go to spot to watch sports and have some wings. I remember coming here and eating their wings back in the days but now I can enjoy their wings with some alcoholic beverages. Lol Their wings are good, better than I remember but what stands out here is there awesome customer service. Pro Tip: Get Cajun wings and a side of their Ghost Pepper sauce. This is for people that like spicy!

Alliena J.

They had "ok" service and food. The reason why they are receiving 1 star is lack of professionalism and disregard for personal belongings. I had left a personal belonging of mine at the table and called 30 min later to alert their staff. The lady I spoke with took down my name and said she would put my item in their office and would be able to pick up the following day since it was already late. When I had arrived the following day, I spoke with the manager and I was told that he threw it away since he didn't know who it belonged to and wasn't told to keep it for me. For the hooters staff, if you are incapable of properly answering the phone and writing a simple message/note for your employees to ensure that I get my belongings back, you have no purpose or reason to answer the phone. Train your staff to have common sense when answering the phone.

Praise Odafe

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Yrn_ R.

Sat and waited for 30 minutes while the waiters sat at the kitchen bar staring lmao but as soon as an old guy sat down mf went sit down with the old man poor girls trying to live the California dream working at hooters


Sat at the bar on a slow weekday and waited 5 minutes while the bartender played with her phone before I was finally acknowledged, and only after another patron alerted her. She seemed irritated that she even had to get me a glass of water and a menu. Not a great impression. Ended up with roasted lemon pepper wings and tots - nothing particularly special, served hot with a decent amount of seasoning, but not much meat on the bones. Overall decent meal if not subpar service.

Frank Kasper

Horrible manager.This intelligent human doesn’t know what a real ID is. Rather than scanning an ID or doing anything properly, the manager came to my group of mid-20 year olds and told us that she would be confiscating all of our IDs or we had to leave. All of the IDs are real and everyone is above 21.Wonderful experience.

Baseball guy

Sorry this took so long with traveling and heading back to SLC. Odessey is an awesome server. My beer glass and shot glass was never empty and She even told me when, she was taking her lunch break and another server was taking over. The other server was great too. The best part is you have the clear hooters shot glasses and Odessey was able to put one on my tab. Some stores don't have them, for different reasons. Thank You Ladies for the awesome service!

Cody P.

The service is TERRIBLE. I waited in a mostly empty restaurant for twenty minutes for someone to take my order. She had the audacity to ask if I needed more time to look at the menu after taking my drink order . I ate my food, stacked my plates, cleaned my table and waited another twenty minutes for a bill. I've been here for three weeks and I'm still waiting for her to take my cc. I had to call my neighbor to feed my plants, twice. Please tell my family I love them.

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