In-N-Out Burger

4375 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews

Dick H.

Never worth the 30 minute wait at 11:30 on a goddam Wednesday night. Be prepared to be too pissed off to enjoy your food.

Alex D.

Fast service and nice employees! The burgers were delicious and the fries were fresh unlike some other In-n-Out places where you can tell they forget to change their cooking oils.

Nguyen T.

BEST service hands down. Even when the In-n-out Mission Valley is closer to me, I choose to drive a bit further to Kearny Mesa location. The drive thru line is WAY FASTER!

Ari Rang

This place is super. Kids (one from Denver and another one from DC) had heard about this burger chain so we gave a visit when passing by.This San Diego restaurant service was just great, their burgers are really good and price is affordable. If I compare this to Five Guys I visited in Virginia, everything was so much better here. Maybe In-N-Out pays better salary or something because these people were smiling and looked like they enjoy their work.They even have lemon slices to add to your drink. Small details.

Jason King

I'm no in n out cultists. I enjoy the burgers for sure. The fries I can totally take a pass on. Sure they are fresh, but they are just not that flavourful. Guess preservatives and chemicals go a long way. Double double animal style no tomato is how I do it. Pretty good value for the food as well and everyone won't agree with me on the fries so go get you some and know for yourself.

Mark S.

Food was just ok the burger patty was the thickness of a nickel and cold. Burger was more lettuce tomato and onion than any thing else. Again the burger was very thin and small. Chocolate shake was so thick I couldn't drink it, had to wait a 1/2 hour before I got any shake, by then my lettuce and tomato burger was gone.


Yummy Double Double... For It being Father's Day, there was no one here... That's odd for an In-N-Out Burger! ?

Intrepid Traveler

Very clean. Employees all working hard, pleasant and helpful in a fast-paced environment. Food is fresh, prepared to order, and delicious. While many fast food restaurants in the area like McDonald's have drive through only, I appreciate In-N-Out allowing dining inside.

Branson U.

Love in n out! This is such a fun location. It is truly just off the highway. This location is all about a quick bit to eat. The parking is very limited so be sure to want to take your food Togo! There are some parking lots close by to grab and still eat in the car. Of course the staff is amazing and very friendly, and food is impeccable.

Carol F.

Kearny Mesa In-N-Out! Fantastic Service! We arrived with an order for ten! All different, some animal style, some carmelized onions, some with different condiments. They are so busy ! all of our orders were correct. Of course, always friendly service here.

Momar D.

The manager for this place deserves to get fired tonight for operating a store so poorly. Had to wait in the drive thru for over an hour for no good reason. I will never eat at in n out after today

Jerry H.

The burgers here were great as usual but the fries were overdone and burnt. Fries should not be dark brown. In-N-Out staff should have seen it and not served it. The drive thru layout of this restaurant is very cramped and cars block the parking lot. When there is a line, cars in the parking lot can't back up due to drive thru cars in line. They end up waiting a while to be let in. This place is still very good but when it's crowded it may be best to either only drive thru only or find another in-N-Out to sit and eat.

Maureen G.

Food is good but they messed up my order and gave me a protein style burger instead of a regular and didn't see it till I got home.

Javier Rosete

Excellent place to visit. All in and outs are great. This location was clean and friendly. The people had an upbeat attitude and the kitchen was bustling. A bit tight on parking but the easy to find a space and street parking was ample.

Andrea McInnis Bain

Food is delicious , fast service. So happy I tried it whilst I was visiting California

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