4140 Convoy St, San Diego
(858) 277-7020

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Raymond Boulder

Great service, manager was so helpful.Food: 5/5


This place always gets your order wrongFood: 1/5

Henry Miranda

My wife ordered two of their chicken sandwiches and asked for BBQ sauce and they said the manager doesn't allow it , so my wife said she would pay for extra sauce and still a No !!That's OK ! Popeyes chicken is a half block away and I'm sure they will supply us with extra sauce if asked ! I have many coworkers that Used to eat at KFC Convoy ! No more !! All company catering chicken will come from Popeyes! ?

Thomas Michael Veith

Place was the immaculate inside and out.Right through the drive-through food was hot steamy and delicious.Typically, when a restaurants about to close, the staff is more anxious to get rid of you, not serve you.This kfc was the exact opposite.What are the best drive-through experiences I think I've ever had if not the best...?

Jawanshir Jalili

The staffs are very weird. I ordered some sandwiches and combos, first of all they did not give me the drinks and the when I went back inside, they saw me and all of sudden give me my two missing sandwiches and also gave me my drinks.The was my second experience of the same thingFood: 1/5

Linda H.

Person disbursing food and taking money was very chatty versus trying to provide assistance. She was talking to another employee laughing. She almost didn't give me my card, had to ask for ketchup and my receipt.

Jacob Leslie

Last time I checked its called "KFC Sauce" not nugget dipping sauce. Yes, I know I ordered the sandwich. I also ordered KFC sauce so if you need to charge me more then tell me, instead the lovely employees of this establishment chose to not give me any sauce.

Jesenia Garcia

Never again chicken was not cooked all the wayFood: 1/5

Bruno G.

During Super Bowl, I went to KFC & ordered a bucket of 16 pieces & 4 sides. I only got 3 sides! Good thing I cked my order after reading reviews on Yelp. They had the gull to argue with me about the order, & as people were standing in line, they finally gave me my 4th side. Check ur orders before leaving the store. Ordered crispy mixed chicken & got extra crispy instead. Barely able to bite into it, had to throw half away... too hard to eat & too salty. Mind-blowing experience

Morteza Hashemimoghadam

Restaurant was clean, cashier was friendly. Great foods.

Tom Lohmann

I always wondered why my mom went to the one on Linda Vista Rd rather than this one. Now I know.

John W.

Food was colder than the water from the soda machine and I dined in. KFC tastes gross when it's cold. I threw it away, not even worth the effort to argue if they can't even serve food warm. Don't bother with this location it's poorly run.

V A.

Just a rip off. $9.69 for three small chicken tenders on their own? Just two weeks prior, three chicken tenders cost $8.39 at this same location. Not visiting here anymore.

John Simpson

My wife and i decided to grab a quick dinner here. The place was empty. We ordered and waited for our number to be called. My order was wrong so i had to change it.. No problem. About that time, the "music" was turned up full blast, to the point we couldn't hear each other talk.My chicken was susposed to be the original but it was only flower & salt.. Lots of salt,to the point i could not eat it.All this time, there was constant yelling among the employees. We just left and went home.

Dave Barry

What set this KFC apart was the staff. Attentive polite and vary accommodating. My son needed a bathroom and one was out of service. They went out of thier way to get him in. Preventing an accident and potentially embarrassing moment for my lil' one.Thank you, is not enough.

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