Mauricio's #1 Mexican food

3200 Adams Ave #102, San Diego
(619) 285-1362

Recent Reviews

Mickey F.

Mauricio's is so good!!!!!! I love all the Mexican food. Especially the California Burrito - add guac and the tacos al pastor, as well as the CHUNKY SALSA!!!!

Tony Scala

Great food. Menudo prepared very well. Nice portions & friendly staff. Great break from cafeteria at Rady Children's Hospital

Jones R.

Went in there last night for carryout. It's my go-to for cravings. I'm almost certain the girl was sick and shouldn't have been behind the counter. Runny nose, mouth breathing and using barehands around her mouth and nose. No gloves. I'm sure they have video cameras of her actions. I shouldn't have taken the food but it was soooo awkward. There's more but you get the gist. Be safe everyone.

Jeff Adams

Good service..I'm not the biggest fan of mexican food but everyone in the neighborhood loves this spot

Ashley A.

I usually do not order carne asada fries but when I saw the photos on yelp I had to try them! And it is sooo good. The fries were crispy and the carne asada was tender! Great portion size too!

Selena Zuniga

Amazing breakfast burritos and they give you chips and salsa if you sit in to eat your food.

Jean Ann F.

Mauricio's is a few blocks from our house and we eat here at least twice a month. This is one of the best Mexican places in San Diego with true SoCal flavor, locally owned and operated. It's also a great choice for out of town guests and affordable. There is no ambience whatsoever. They have a small patio, located in a blacktop parking lot. I choose not to eat here since we have an awesome home and yard so close by. This is a no frills taco shop with a huge menu, including traditional American fare-burgers and fries. They serve all three meals, with options for everyone on the menu. They will adjust items, substitute sides, and offer homemade salsas which compliment the food perfectly. My personal favorite are their carnitas which I always get with double beans and guacamole. I think their #1 menu item is the breakfast burrito, which is available ALL DAY! Get some.

Jeff Baker

Coming from Tennessee, I didn't expect Mexican food to be that good, but wow, their pork carnitas delivered. I was wowed.

Ed Franke

Some of the best al pastor in town! Always fast and friendly!

The Knight

Their Mexican food is delicious but they also make a basic cheeseburger that is phenomenal. Great price as well. They have a combo for the burger, fries, and can of soda that I love to get while working I'm that area.

Kevin C.

Best Mexican food in Normal Heights, hands down. I hit this place up any time I need any kind of taco, burrito, or tasty soup. The folks here have some excellently priced meals and it's prepared in the tastiest of ways. It may not be the most healthy Mexican joint around, but when I need a burrito, I'm not in the mood to make sure I'm watching my daily lard intake. Easy in, easy out - check out their pollo asado burritos or tacos. I have no idea how they cook their chicken so perfectly, but it's got a soft crispiness that only adds to the flavor and leaves me demanding more long after my belly has begged me to cease. Love these guys.

Cassandra D.

This is my go to spot for a Pollo Asada Burrito. Their portions are always generous, chicken juicy and tender, and if you eat in they give you complimentary salsa and chips. They sell beers too for those of you with a hankering for a burrito, rolled tacos, or carne asada fries alongside a cerveza ;)

Rubi R.

This is the only Mexican shop I come too. Everything is really good. Their food is really good. They have quality and quantity for a good price.

Marissa F.

I love mauricio's beans. They are top notch. I also really enjoy how they offer potato rolled tacos. So good! Will definitely come back many times for the rolled tacos and salsa.

Amanda Leigh

Great food and reasonable prices

Katie Olsen

The carnitas is amazing! The breakfast burrito is great too. Prices are a tad higher but the ingredients taste high quality and fresh.

Jimmy D.

Quick spot to pop in for a burrito. CA burrito was a bit bland and fries were soggy, but in time of need, it still hits the spot. They also have chips and salsa if you decide to dine in. They also close early, so it's more of a neighborhood spot than a late night bite.

Cameron Marble-Smith

This place is great. People complaining about the price may not have ever had fresh food. The prices are very good the quality is great, awesome service, and giant portions. It’s definitely very popular for breakfast.

Dan S.

Best Mexican restaurant in San Diego!

Kelsey M.

Mauricio's is a burrito enthusiast's paradise. The tortillas are on point. We tried their grilled chicken burrito, a cheese quesadilla, and the al pastor street tacos. Everything was authentic and so damn tasty! Other highlights - both of their red and green hot sauces are delicious. If you happen to be in the North Park area, I highly recommend checking out this Mexican restaurant. Enjoy!

Enrique Campos

The best menudo & big burritos.

Hayley L.

My aunt and I eat here all the time, they know the order by heart. Absolutely delicious!

Cameron Marble

This place is great. People complaining about the price may not have ever had fresh food. The prices are very good the quality is great, awesome service, and giant portions. It’s definitely very popular for breakfast.

Angel Leia

I ordered Caldo de Res here and it was really good, they had skimmed the fat which was great!


I loved the food and staff

Marks R.

This place does not disappoint. I am hooked on the carnitas and taquitos. The carnitas are perfect, one of the best I've had. Juicy, tender, and then slap some of their guacamole on the carnitas and you're hooked. The taquitos are sold in this large portion that we ordered to all share. Not knowing how good they were we ended up needing more. Prefect size and crisp with a good amount of meat.

Dawn Hodges

I had the carne asada burrito. It's big enough to where I was full after eating half. You will probably have leftovers because they are generous with portions. You can have red or green sauce or both. The price is reasonable too. There's no frills just a few tables and counter service. The cashier was helpful.

Sariah Devereaux

Huevos Rancheros were delicious. They put a little bit too much salsa on them for my liking. The horchata tasted very watered down and it was early in the morning. Pancakes were humongous and fluffy and delicious. Service was excellent! Overall would give them 4.5 stars.

Lindsay Sudul

The best carnitas that I ever have tried. OMG!

Marchelle Minafee

Great food! Had singing diners who sounded professional

Sarah C.

Ate here 4x's when we were in town for the weekend. The food here is legit and portions sizes are huge (although I will say to go portions are smaller than eating in) They have the BEST Carnitas we've ever had (it's so good they even sell it by the lb.) I'm really bummed we were running late for our flight and didnt have a chance to grab a few lbs. to take back to Maryland. Will definitely be back our next visit!

Mallory K.

Great bean and cheese burritos. Good bean flavor and texture, lots of melted cheese, and a great tortilla. Their salsa verde isn't the best I've had, but the burrito made up for it. I haven't had anything else there, but my SO has had their California burrito and beef tostadas, and said both were great.

Sam Park

No frills Mexican food. Generous portions. A burrito easily makes 2 meals.

ChristopherAmir Khaleghi

Friendly staff, food is delicious and cheap with high quality.

Guliana N.

This is one of my favorite places, super friendly and really good Mexican food. It never fails, especially when the owner/the dad is there you know food is going to be really great

Paul Eyerman

This is my favorite local place to grab a Cali burrito.

Quan Dang

THIS PLACE IS UNBELIEVABLE! Prices are fair. Portions are great! Huge tacos and gigantic burritos! They don't skimp on anything! Hella meat, guac, and all of that. I'm picky about al pastor, but this place did it PERFECTLY! The al pastori marinade had a great balance of savory, sweet, and spicy; it was cooked with some seared edges that amplified the flavors ever more—all while remaining juicy and tender! The tortillas came out hot with some charred bits, which is amazing, unlike the cold ones that I've had before. I would have taken some photos, but I devoured everything within minutes! HELLA FIRE!

Karen G.

Ive been meaning to write my review for Mauricio's for awhile... its our neighborhood go to when we want good hole in the wall Mexican food. I think my biggest problem that makes me sad is they only do breakfast food till 11 am, and one of my favorite things to order at places like this is the breakfast burrito, which I have never been able to order here because normally we'd come here for a good meal in the evening. Nevertheless the food is good, the space is comfortable enough to sit, but we normally get things to go, and they take credit cards. I would suggest to others during busy times to call and order ahead, because I have been by at their busy times and the wait can get pretty crazy.

Guy P.

Great Mexican food. We love the carne Assada burrito and the California burrito. We get take out at least once a week.

Ellie G.

A bit too overpriced than other taco shop places around the area. Place does have seating area inside. Sign that says restrooms are only for customers. Your get a bowl of chips and salsa while you wait for your order.