1624 Rosecrans St, San Diego
(619) 224-0269

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hector moreno

Obviously we are from out of town. stopped here for a quick bite for the kids and hot coffee. Lady at the counter (drive though) was the worst. I simply asked for more creamer and napkins and she gave out a loud "huff really". I was blown away. Mc Donald is not my place of choice but it is convenient. at the end she even forgot my kids chocolate milk, I guess she thought couldmake chocolate milk with my extra creamer ?(thu 24th 830am). skip this one and find another I guess. hopefully you will have a better experience.

Arthur Mata

Unfortunately my son my wife and me got food poisoning from happy meal chicken nuggets today on top of waiting for 20min for our order

Thomas Brushel

Dont bother going in, you’ll be ignored as they only seem to cater to the drive though.

Walid Lotfy

I downloaded the McDonald App this morning. Picked breakfast for the entire family and submitted my order to my nearest McDonalds, all before 10AM.I went to the McDonalds to pick up my order and the General Manager Mariam told me they don’t have eggs, they don’t have English muffins, they don’t have bacon, they don’t have have pancakes, they don’t have don’t have any of items I ordered. They “ran” out and now it’s past 10:30 and they don’t serve breakfast after 10:30am. I politely explained that I place my order before 10am and she told me they don’t get my order until I arrive at the store and check in as I am waiting outside on the curb. I told her then if that’s a fact, it defeats the purpose of ordering online for pick up, because the whole purpose is the have the food ready before we arrive. I also told her I find it impossible to believe that McDonalds ran out of eggs, bacon, english muffins and all the other breakfast items. She said she did and they only have my drinks, that’s it.Felt it was necessary to share the story with you because this is my first time I’m using your McDonald’s app. Again too important facts remember I’ve placed my order before 10:00 AM and if what the general manager Mariam says is correct, that breakfast food is no longer available because they ran out of food, which I don’t think any reasonable person with low IQ can even believe, because it is impossible to run out of all those items at the same time, but that’s what she said, they ran out of eggs, run out of bacon, ran out of English muffins, and pancake too. They have no breakfast items at ALL! She then added it was after 10:30 and they stopped serving. I told her I ordered before 10am and she adds that the order DOES NOY SHOW on her screen until I arrive to PICK UP my order, which is also very difficult to believe for any person with an average level IQ. Simple put, this General Manager was nothing short of LAZY, and did not want to prepare my order, using these pies and telling me they are FACTS, as an rasa or goat to vent her lies. I don’t know if any reasonable person will find that very difficult to believe. If that’s the case, why even order online and request a pick up if they only get the order when I arrive and that’s when they start preparing it. This McDonalds has FAILED miserably in the category of Customer Service and Selection for their General Manager Mariam as the person I’m charge. She does not know how to communicate effectively and does not what customer service means. She has NO BUSINESS being a supervisor, nonetheless a manger or even a general manager as she claimed. Every thing she said was a lie and it is beyond any intelligent persons comprehension to believe these lies. I would have respected her and the store more, if she said, Sir, we are too busy and couldn’t get to your order on time to make and now it’s past 10:30 and we don’t make breakfast after 10:30. I would of been upset, but not outraged at the her lies and trying to cover up why she didn’t have my breakfast ready. I have one star because that’s the least I can give to submit my review, in my humble opinion, this locations General Manager deserve a minus (-) 5 stars, one star rating is way too much for her!!! She is not worthy of a 1 star.

Tracy Van De Walker

Tried to go to the drive thru but how they have it set up a truck can barely get in there, then when it came to ordering the person taking the order didn't know about any of the specials I was talking about. Got so frustrated that we went ahead and drove thru without ordering to park and walk inside. The lady behind the counter taking our order was very rude but we finally got out of there with some food. After all of that debauchery, within an hour of eating the food I started to feel really ill with bad stomach cramping and a bit of vomiting!! Still living thru the stomach cramping the next day. Something I ate there was bad!!

Peter “Wilhelm” GrosJacques

It's fast food, nothing special. Is it just me but why are the prices as high as they are?

M Schwede

A great location with the standard global McDonald's taste!Note that the drive thru and parking entrance is only off Rosecrans, and that at the wrong times of day can be a total CLUSTER.Overall a great place with staff that is quick, kind, and helpful when needed.

Tom Gardner

One of the best tasting McDonald's experiences I have had in a long time.

Kandis Munro

Took forever to get lunch for 1 child and adult. No milkshakes at this location. No diet Dr. Pepper. Another lady asked for the Mc Muffin. Nope not here.never again.

Vanessadallascowboys White

Love the chicken nuggets always fresh but not enough sauce

Jeannine Comeau

One entrance off of point Loma boulevard only. If you go in on the other side, you might puncture your gas tank. They have a sharp poll only about 10 inches tall keeping you from entering there and that's it.

bob bling (Auto response)

Great late night service! Our group wanted things prepared very specific and it was no problem for the staff to take care of. Our visit went smoothly and relaxing. Definitely will stop by again when in the area.


Make sure to double check your food lol! Got resolved pretty quickly though!

Hil Dahl

Same restaurant, same food and good service.

bob bling

Great late night service! Our group wanted things prepared very specific and it was no problem for the staff to take care of. Our visit went smoothly and relaxing. Definitely will stop by again when in the area.

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