Melody Karaoke & Cafe

4344 Convoy St, San Diego
(858) 292-1689

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Lauren Edwins

Had a great time with the gang last night. Not sure what the other reviews are talking about--tons of English songs, easy to navigate screens, etc. You definitely DON'T need to know Mandarin to sing here. Maybe the other reviewers saw one kanji and had a panic attack? Either way, highly recommended.

Mathew Musa

This place used to be one of my favorite spots to visit with family and friends, but it has since gone down hill dramatically. The quality of the rooms are solid, however they are ridiculously overpriced and charge you a “service fee” for reserving one… not to mention that the bare minimum they allow you is 2 hours in which me and my cousins requested for one hour. They only offer Chinese as their primarily language on the touch pad, which makes it difficult searching up your favorite songs. Unfortunately I will no longer consider coming back here and I strongly implore others to do the same unless they make some serious changes!

Alma Espino

Don't waste your money here!!! The staff were rude and disrespectful! Racist to anyone that is NOT asian! Horrible customer service! The song list is NOT in English, so it was difficult searching for songs! Wasted time trying to figure out how to use it! They take advantage and over charge you at the end of the night, adding items to the bill that weren't even ours! The room stank horribly too and the food is horrible! Everything is over priced and not worth it! The owner always threatens to call the cops if you don't pay in full even if you are over charged!! Go elsewhere!!

Liz Cortez

The place was very nice, food was good, however, the music selection was horrible. For a Karaoke place you'd think they have thousands of songs. The staff was very rude. Never again.

Priscilla Rodriguez

We went here a while back and they seemed to be annoyed of our presence as soon as we walked in. I’m going to say it without saying it but it seems like they only want a *certain* demographic there. None of which any of us were a part of. The machine was only accommodating to a single language so navigating it was difficult when you don’t speak or read the only language available. But the people leaving good reviews seem to fit that category… >.>

Johnny Boy

Karaoke doesn't do points. Not a lot of american songs to choose from. Price is cheaper depending on when you go. Other than that it's alright.

Tim Lowery

I went here with some of my Chinese friends to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival (aka Moon Festival). This place is a lot of fun, but the vast majority of the available music choices are from Chinese and Korean artists. Not a complaint, mind you. Karaoke (or KTV) is very popular in Asia. That said, the facilities here are of pretty good quality. Computer touch screens for music selection, good sound system, and good selection of snacks, even beer. Usually the rooms come equipped with lighting that changes colors to create a more exciting atmosphere. Unfortunately, in the room we were given these didn't work. A bit of a disappointment. Otherwise, they would have gotten 5 stars. I'd definitely go back though if my Chinese friends had another party.

Justin Chao

Went for with a party of 7 on a Sunday night, we had a great time! It took a little while to get used to the karaoke system, but the rooms had ample room and was ventilated well enough where even after 2 hours, we were still fairly cool. Definitely want to come back!


I don't know what's up with the previous reviews but this place is nice, has good food and soju. My friends and I went here last weekend and luckily it wasn't packed. We got here at 5pm and also call ahead for reservation to save your spot. The guy at the front was really helpful from checking us in to bringing us to our room and showing us the instruction on how to navigate the karaoke monitor. The writing is in Chinese but if you pay attention to the instruction the first time you wouldn't have problems navigating the artist and the songs you want. So definitely listen and pay attention! We had such good experience. The place is clean and has AC. I totally recommend this place. :)

yaya villa

The place looks really nice and the booze is good but the room gets really hot and there's no air to cool it. Music includes mainstream songs, which isn't bad but if you're into more indie music this isn't the place. I think the part that kinda ruined it for my group was the service. They were kinda rude and messed up our orders, but they were probably tired since it was the night shift on a Saturday.

Vi S.

This place is terrible. The staff could care less about you and they tried to overcharge me and my friends. The whole vibe of the staff was so unwelcoming and it just felt like they were trying to squeeze money out of us. No prices listed anywhere and reading online the prices seemed like it was $25/hr but when I asked the lady up front she told me it was almost double that. Luckily for us there weren't any rooms ready for another 20 minutes but those 20 minutes really gave us time to rethink going here so we left. Something just didn't feel right going there and they're just so unfriendly I wouldn't go back just for that


The atmosphere is great and the staff were helpful. However, the karaoke system and how you search for songs is very problematic. We spent most of our allotted time scrolling for songs cause you can't really search for what you want.

Ruthie Grace J.

Super fun place! Great vibes and wide variety of songs to choose from. Super attentive staff and they helped me learn the system.

Amy L.

THIS PLACE CHARGED MY FRIEND TWICE and the lady in the front gave us a bad attitude and seemed like she didn't want to work and not about her bag. Will not be coming back again

leslie williams

Had a lot of fun but their carry OK machine was in Chinese and it was hard for us to find a song that we liked and it was really hot we had a private room and and was very hot the food was good but at the same time we couldn't find the songs because it was in a different language

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