Paradise Biryani Pointe

8995 Mira Mesa Blvd ste a, San Diego
(858) 757-9051

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Sofía Anaís

Oh man!!! The butter chicken was to die for! Spicy and very creamy! Naan was also very good, as was the tikka masala. And the prices are so reasonable, I will 100% be coming back!

Adam Potwora

Service was really poor. They forgot half of my order and then proceeded to argue with me after asking about where my food is.


The Paneer Biryani was an absolute delight. The fragrant blend of spices and the perfectly cooked paneer made each bite a burst of flavor. The rice was fluffy, and the paneer was tender and generously portioned. The balance of spices was just right, providing a wonderful depth of flavor without overwhelming the palate.

Hiral S.

This used to be my go to place for some delicious Indian food. I hate to add this review but the last couple of times we have noticed that the quality of the biryani has gone down. The vegetable biryani is oily and very few veggies are now added. Well- I am going to have to stick to Charminar now unless I hear from others that paradise has made changes to improve their quality.

Sherry B.

Hands down the best Indian cuisine, especially a late night meal. They have a large clean area to sit, staff is very friendly and attentive. We got the chicken tikka masala, Tikka kebab, garlic naan, rice, and a side of raita. The waiter even brought us a complimentary samosa! This place is a must try if you're craving this delicious cuisine.

Sai Geetha K.

We have been coming to Paradise for years now. Their boneless & bone-in chicken dum biryanis are sensational and consistently good. We also enjoy their appetizers such as cut mirchi and pakora. Overall, it would be a great experience if they could serve rasmalai at the end when it's nice and chill. Attentive staff. Less crowded during weekdays.

LittleLamb T.

This will be my favorite restaurant in terms of Indian cuisine. The one that I liked was already close in business. So sad. This place saved my day. Their food is rich, flavourful and diverse' I love it. The place is extremely clean and decent serving. The service is excellent and very accommodating. I would love to come back again.

Gauravi P.

I've eaten Biriyani take out from one or two paradise Biriyani pointe locations and it's always been delicious! This location was no different. First, we ordered the tandoori chicken to go and were given half a chicken for portioning, which I was grateful for! The tandoori chicken was absolutely delicious and had me sucking on the bones :) The chicken was moist and flavorful. It wasn't overly spicy and I was happy not to be stuck with any dry part.The biriyani was served traditionally with a boiled egg. It came with multiple sauces like Biriyani masala sauce as well as raita. The dish was flavorful and not overly spicy as well. The chicken pieces included in the rice were bone in and large pieces. I felt like both dishes were just what we wanted and made thoughtfully!

Jay R.

Got take out for dinner and had wanted to try this spot for a while. The Paradise Boneless Chicken Dum Biryani and the Bullet Naan was some of the best Indian food I've had in a long time. Only regret is that I didn't find this gem of a spot sooner.

Rohit Bidla

Visited on a vacation and it’s too good food and service. We had a great time eating authentic Indian food and specially biryani.Staff was super good and great service.

Lamerria Hall

The curry chicken was really good, the rice and naan was cooked perfectly, definitely will go back

Ali Haghighi

I absolutely love this place! Have been going here for several years .They have Indian dishes I have not had anywhere else in San Diego(for eg. Gongura chicken,Lasooni chicken).Every dish I have had here has tasted phenomenal! I cannot recommend this place highly enough :) !


This will be my favorite restaurant for getting biryani in San Diego. Ordered Boneless chicken dum biryani. The rice is soft and flavorful. Rice is on top and chicken at the bottom. It came with 2 sauces, yogurt and curry.The other dishes - butter chicken, garlic naan, Hyderabad goat with masala sauce were tasty and properly spiced.NOTE: entrees don’t come with rice or naan bread. One has to pay separately for these items. Garlic naan was $4 and one order of rice was $2.Marked this down for worthy re-visit restaurant.

Reshma H

I recently visited Paradise Biryani and unfortunately, my experience was not a pleasant one. I was appalled to see that the upper layer of rice was packed by the staff with bare hands. I found this to be unhygienic and disgusting. It made me question the cleanliness and overall quality of the restaurant.As a customer, I expect that my food is prepared and served in a clean and hygienic manner. The fact that the staff did not use gloves or any other protective gear while handling food is unacceptable. I believe that this is a serious lapse in the restaurant's hygiene standards, and I hope that they take immediate corrective action.Overall, my experience at Paradise Biryani was marred by this incident, and I am unlikely to visit the restaurant again. I urge the management to take this feedback seriously and implement strict hygiene protocols to avoid such incidents in the future.

Ann N.

I love their chicken masala and chicken butter both being extra spicy along with garlic naan. They are sooooo creamy and thick. Give it a try if you have never tried Indian food before.

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