Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

4020 Convoy St, San Diego
(858) 333-8108

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brian plassaras

Don't go here. I just got home. Spent $40 for the 8 piece meal. I got 4 wings in my 8 piece. That is uncalled for. I get inflation but they robbed me. Avoid! KFC 1 block away. I doubt they reach out to me as well. They already have my money. Why make this right?

Michael Hecht

This Popeyes most likely not get your order right. Literally 6 out the last 8 times I have been there they have messed up my order. Drive thru or walk in does not matter. I love me some Popeyes but I will be driving much further from now on to avoid the frustration of getting home and not getting what I paid for from this location.

A. Bouka

I really like Popeye's chicken, but I don't know what's wrong with this branch. I had to wait 10 minutes for the cashier to take my order and waited 15 minutes for my order and it's not ready yet, and after 15 min I asked the guy there how long it will take more he said another 10-12 min. No thank you I'm not gonna wait for 40 minutes for a fast food. So I had to cancel my order after I wasted 25 minutes of my time. So disappointing.

Dan Sandberg

Chicken sandwich is the best I've ever had. Much better then chic fil a. If you have never had, do yourself a favor and go now. Just save one for me. Also very good prices.

Kendra M.

I'm not gonna lie.. I saw a possum family casually walking on the side of the drive thru, not sure what that means for the restaurant but it definitely made me skeptical of my food.Besides that whenever I come here the food is great they get my order right the only other "bad" thing is how long it takes to actually receive my order but what pope's doesn't have a long wait time.

Sheryl D.

Food is always good...unfortunately had to wait for them to cook mild chicken tenders.... good & bad.... 15min wait - fresh hot chicken tenders were really tasty!! Red Beans and rice, great and mashed with gravy excellent. Biscuits are yum..... their blackened ranch sauce is really good!

Andre Brown

The most well staff Popeyes I have witnessed in sometime. Inside was beyond clean and the crew were courteous and professional. Didn't even get charged for extra dipping sauce. Make sure you use the app to get the best deals.

Ross Stevenson Hunter

Drive through. 10 minutes from menu board to window then was asked twice what we ordered. Then another 10 minutes and then asked to move to jiffy lube parking lot (because they don't have a waiting spot) to wait another 10 minutes. Only ordered a two piece meal combo and a chicken sandwich combo.

John Smith

I like Popeyes, I really do, but what a joke it is now.I ordered the 8.00 big box. 8.00 mind you. Good deal. Charged 9.16. On 8.00 dollars. WthWas told there is a premium charge for the Mac and cheese.Hey Popeyes.... some disclosure here ya know... tell people this on the menu bd

Anthony ray

Customer service was top teir. But as my first time having fast food after a month the food was just not good. I don't want to over tread how I really feel about the food but it's just bland and tasteless. For the same amount of money and gas money you can get olive garden or something

Chad Prey

SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICH. Sorry for yelling...the trifecta of salt, acid, fat. Pair with some coleslaw and iced tea. Sometimes they are out of the sandwich so you have to wait. You can order ahead on the Popeyes app and pick up your order from the drive thru.

Remmic Flores

I just tried it for the first time I think it's much better than Kentucky Fried Chicken they have spicy chicken what is much better than just the regular love it great food

Nun Ya

Not the brightest people at work... 2 stars for being willing to somewhat fix my order... somewhat. Avoid the drive thru if possible. They lock their doors 2 or 3 hours before closing fyi

sybil samuel

It's the best crispy chicken sandwich. I love the chicken tenders, crispy, spicy and just the perfect treat for stay- in -the -bed days and chill mood.

andrew shelnutt

Counted 16 employees (probably between shifts because a few were eating and a few were getting into uniform) and one manager. 1 out of 3 employees are working at a time. Management is highly inefficient. The manager only seemed to want to yell at them about tucking in their shirts instead of fixing the paper receipt system. The first time I ate here they charged me twice and then a third time when the manager tried to fix it. Today they ran out of paper, could not print a reciept and asked me to park next door and come in for the order, he would remember me. Its been 30 minutes and they are trying to figure out what the order was. Food is great though.

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