Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

4020 Convoy St, San Diego
(858) 333-8108

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Drew S

One of my absolute favorite locations! I even ordered 10 tenders, half spicy and half mild, and they remembered! They didn’t label which was which, but separated them with paper and I found that was perfect since I was eating them all, just wanted variety.Really amazing staff and I don’t get why this one just seems better than the rest. They’re all good though.

mohamed salaheldin

I've never had issues with the food from any other pop eyes but when I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich here I waited for 45 minutes and to my dissapointment the sandwich was inedible when I got home. Took one bight and after chewing the consistency of the chicken was not right at all. I've eaten popeyes countless times and this is the first time ever that I had issues with the food quality. Will never return here again

Alicia B.

CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!! This is the third time in a row that i have asked for a regular chicken sandwich and they've given me spicy.

Lin Y.

Worst customer service, the lady at who took the order was so rude and got my order wrong, she was not nice and barely listened to me and took the order. Their prices are not worthy, they even let pay for the sauces. Plus they were so slow.

Donald Sherman

Did not care for the place at all. The individual working the counter did not listen to what I said at all. The 2 piece combo came with itty bitty chicken wing. Come on people, do you think that is acceptable. Chicken was dry and had no flavor. You cured me from coming back

Steve T

The lady working Friday evening gave us a fantastic deal and the drive thru employees gave us phenomenal customer service. The food was pretty good too. Thank you guys for making my birthday special :)

Darren E.

What a fucking rip off ! If you've been here recently you got ripped off too! I ordered mashed potatoes and Cajun rice . Cajun rice just came back so I know the sign is not old. It said the lg sides are 5.99 but they charge you 6.99 so imagine what they are overpricing you. Then when I told the bitch ass mgr he said there's nothing he could do. Bullshit ! You just lost a customer and I hope people read this and drive right past your sorry ass store overpricing food that Popeyes has gutless mgrs !

Key R.

Crappy Popeyes ever Promise me a five dollar credit which they never gave me ..sense they messed up my first order..what a horrible company

Michiko L.

Happy National Fried Chicken Day! We visited on Wednesday, 7-6-22, at about 5:30 pm. We were supposed to be getting the new 2-person 5-piece chicken meal for $11.99, but I counted 7 pieces of chicken, and we got 4 small sides instead of 2 large ones. So I'm not sure what happened. The cashier who took our order seemed confused and wasn't very helpful as far as the menu offerings. The 2-person dinner wasn't even up on the menu; we saw it flash by on a display sign and realized it was a better value than ordering 2 platter combination meals. I didn't think the amount we were charged was correct; when I checked the receipt later, we only got charged for 1 soda (instead of 2). The wait for our order took a bit longer than expected, but when we got our food everything was good. It was in a bag to go, although we planned to dine in. I don't think we were asked either way. The bag contained a ridiculous amount of honey, ketchup and hot sauce, and 6 sporks (for 2 people!). I thought that was wasteful and left them on the table for the staff to reuse or dispose of. The food was good..."mild" chicken was moist and flavorful, mashed potatoes were good with really good gravy that had a hint of spicy, mac n cheese was very good with melted cheese on top. The coleslaw and biscuits (the meal came with 3) were just okay. Self-service beverages and sweet and regular tea with Coke products and orange and strawberry Fanta. The restaurant was pretty clean and service was friendly, if confused. The restaurant was about half full when we dined, although a couple of the more desirable tables needed to be wiped down. Ample parking in its own lot. I have to say that I like Popeye's more than KFC, which is practically next door. Kind of weird that there are two fried chicken places within a block of each other.

Melanie A.

Went to this location yesterday afternoon and ordered a 10-piece special to go. After arriving home, I discovered that I was cheated out of a breast. What I received in the box was: 1 breast 4 wings 2 thighs 3 drum sticks I actually waited for this order because they were supposedly cooking chicken. Whoever prepared my order simply didn't care what they were doing. My advice to All Customers: DO NOT LEAVE THE RESTAURANT WITH A TO-GO ORDER UNTIL YOU HAVE CHECKED IT.

Qixuan X.

A little too dry. Nuggets were better than chicken wings. Biscuit was plain. Overall just okay, definitely not the best fried chicken.

oswaldo moctezuma

When you ask for no pickles like the green sticker says and the idiots working here can't read or see

brian plassaras

Don't go here. I just got home. Spent $40 for the 8 piece meal. I got 4 wings in my 8 piece. That is uncalled for. I get inflation but they robbed me. Avoid! KFC 1 block away. I doubt they reach out to me as well. They already have my money. Why make this right?

Michael Hecht

This Popeyes most likely not get your order right. Literally 6 out the last 8 times I have been there they have messed up my order. Drive thru or walk in does not matter. I love me some Popeyes but I will be driving much further from now on to avoid the frustration of getting home and not getting what I paid for from this location.

A. Bouka

I really like Popeye's chicken, but I don't know what's wrong with this branch. I had to wait 10 minutes for the cashier to take my order and waited 15 minutes for my order and it's not ready yet, and after 15 min I asked the guy there how long it will take more he said another 10-12 min. No thank you I'm not gonna wait for 40 minutes for a fast food. So I had to cancel my order after I wasted 25 minutes of my time. So disappointing.

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