Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

4020 Convoy St, San Diego
(858) 333-8108

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Jason K.

Worst Popeye's I have ever been to. I wanted to think it was supply issues as to why half the menu is not available. This includes almost all sides. When I got to the window and inquired about it, the drive thru attendant said it was because it was near closing. It was 10:23pm. This location supposedly closes at 11pm and when I asked if that was the case, she said she didn't know. How can you not know what time you close/get off work? There was no receipt and they also forgot the sauces. Corporate should look into what is going on at this location.

Doug M.

I ordered 1/4lb shrimp plater with cajun fries and mac-n-cheese plus beignets. They told me they were out of mac-n-cheese and beignets. So I ordered a different side and dessert. I get to the window and payed. I asked for a cocktail sauce for my shrimp and guess what, they are out of that too. This place is not stocked very well. I was told they were not sending cocktail sauce to them anymore but they are still selling the shrimp. I asked for a refund and left

Samuel S.

The managers Denisse & Wendi both have great costumer service and polite and helpful.

Tina T.

The Biscuits were delicious, the rest of our order was wrong plus there were items missing. We ordered Spicy Chicken but it was their regular, we ordered 3 Sauces and never got them. This was a delivery order so it was not worth taking back. Maybe another time they will get things right, but not sure if there will be another time!!!

Katie Hauser

Ordered and was told to wait in a parking lot next to the building even though I was the only one in line at the time. They told me 2 minutes. After 10 minutes I went in and they couldn't find my order or seemed to care. They handed me an order and didn't apologize for the total of 20 minute wait. Then when I see the order it's wrong. Never going back to this location. Waiting on a refund and a manager to reach back out.

Diana F

The food is great tasting, but few times they will get the orders mix up. They are pretty full because the food is good.

W Martin

Hadn't eaten at a Popeyes in years. The quality of the chicken was good & so was the side dishes. Only suggestion would be to increase the size of the chicken pieces- they are sooooo small.

Sandra C.

The food awesome! Service sucks and really slow i mean like sit in jiffy lube parking lot and wait for your food from the drive thru!! Yes crazy stupid!!

Elizabeth Lenahan

If I could give 0 stars, I would. I was told more than one time by the cashier Jose for the drive-thru that what I was requesting to order - and on the menu - wasn't available. After repeatedly telling him the order and that I was reading this from the menu directly, he acknowledged the order. I then got home to find the incorrect order. I've now called the phone number three times that's listed on the receipt, the phone line continues to ring and then an automated message says ‘the party cant be reached and the call will be disconnected.’ This is TERRIBLE customer service. I will no longer be a customer and will be sharing this experience on other platforms.

Rodney A.

SLOWEST SERVICE I've ever had to deal with. I LITERALLY had time to watch a whole movie while waiting for my food. That's INSANE. If you plan to come here for dinner, you should probably come around 1pm and they might have your order ready by 5/6pm.

Michael J.

After I paid and got my change I noticed they are charging a beverage tax. Just got a full refund and left.

TeaNCali ..

Terrible!! Looks like the employees who touch the cash register screen are also touching food. They were out of the majority of everything I ordered and didn't tell me until AFTER I got to the window and paid. I requested to cancel my order. The guy was fumbling around with the cash register with my debit card for a good 5-10 minutes before saying the refund went through. I will definitely be calling my bank for verification because it was ridiculous how many buttons he was click clacking and how long it took to process a refund. This site is always out of this or that. I wonder how the owner would feel about that lost revenue due to poor management. You've been warned!!

Brennan Beaty

This used to be a pretty good place for lunch but lately they've been using weird unusual pieces of chicken instead of wing and breast meat.?‍♂️

James N.

Ordered some spicy chicken sandwiches and it ended up being super soggy. The Asian in me ate it anyways and now I've been in bed feeling super sick for the last couple of days. Probably never going to a pop eyes again after this debacle

J H.

Insane waits. Even with 3 cars in the line it's 30 minutes. The food is always cold by the time you get it. I'm convinced it's because they have poor management. Tell someone to pull to the side if the order is not ready. Don't trap 5 cars in the line for an hour. Literally an hour!

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