Seaport Grill

San Diego
(619) 230-1343

Recent Reviews

Omkar D.

Most disgusting food ever! Went here on 4th of July. They were serving stalw chicken wings. I hd my atomach upset after eating here. This place sucks and the food sucks. Avoid giving them any business and lets make this place shut down.

Chris B.

Had to wait to even be acknowledged for at least 6-7 minutes. There were only two guys working with a large crowd ready to eat. Hotdog and fries were cold. At least the guy was friendly.

Vivian H.

My husband and I just stopped here because we were really hungry and we saw one of their signs about their "Italian pizza", which is just sausage and pepperoni. I'm waiting to order, but they have 2 separate lines and two different sides of the joint and only 1 very slow chick is taking orders. I waited like 10 minutes to order when there was no one in front of me. I finally order and the lady tells me there's no sausage so it would just be a pepperoni pizza, fine whatever, we're hungry. We wait maybe 15 mins to get our "711" pizza. We called it that because the pizza was falling apart and tasted just like the pizza from 711. We left unsatisfied and annoyed.

Gravity X.

This place has friendly service and affordable prices! We were scooting on by and we ordered cheese fries and a soda. It was a great pick-me-up snack! I definitely recommend that you stop here and have a snack, it was $5.10 for the cheese fries .... the fries were fresh! Yum yum yum!

Rob Jarvis

Great food, pricey for those not use to the area. Will worth it.

Diane Gemmell

Good food. Good customer service. Nice sit down restaurant. Parking is crazy to find on a busy day. Haves alot of good cute shops. Good place to spend a day there. Had a marry-go- around ride for the kids. Has a person playing music. A great amazing place to visit.

Matt B

$60 for two burgers and two kids meals, burger was satisfying chili cheese fries weren't that good.

Jonathan W.

A kids meal is $10 for basically half of a hot dog, some average fries and 8 oz of soda? Not good. Go eat elsewhere.

ES Perkins

$11.85 for a hotdog, fries and a soda? You are kidding right?

Jim T.

We just wanted a quick bite while walking around. Grabbed 2 Jumbo Dogs and a Coke for like $11. Hot dogs were grilled to order and surprisingly good. No frills, probably wouldn't eat anything else here though with so many other choices nearby.

Geraldine G.

Friendly. Food was good. Nice shaded area. Outdoors. Fountain soda, self-serve, get seconds.

Mansour S.

I had jumbo hot dog & large budlight beer , my hotdog was excellent & very good i loved it , customer service was horrible , i waited for 10 minutes and no one approached me so i left & then i really wanted hotdog so came back and spent 10 more minutes till someone took my order & i would like to point that i was the 1st in line in both times , they lost a lot of customers while i was waiting , people just came and left because no one paid attention to them . Oh ... Forgot to mention that the prices outside doesnt match the prices inside , outside is cheaper so you enter to get their $4.85 large beer while everyone else is selling it for like $5.5-$6 but when you go to pay its $5.5!!!

Suzanne R.

Food was tasty. Order was wrong. Asked for cheese fries and was given an order of fries with a cup of cheese on the side. None of the combos came with a drink. Kids meal was like $9 for a corn dog. This place is pricey.

Tony R.

Worst service ever. They had advertise Veggie Burger & Fries for $7.40 and the cashier wanted to charge me $11. He told me that they made a mistake and took down the poster and insisted of me paying the $11. I asked him if they will honer the advertise price and he said no. At that point i took my credit card back and i will never go back to that place. And i've need there at least 20 times since i am local and like going to Seaport. Very disappointing!

Matt A.

Absolutely love this place! We go here every time we are in town. Cheap beers, good food for the kiddos. Can't beat this place, highly recommended, especially if you're looking for a large cold beer for an amazing price!

Chelsi C.

So the hot dog wasn't bad. I asked if it was 100% beef and they said it was. I am going in blind faith on that one. They did make a mistake with my order and someone took down the ticket before I got my food so I sat waiting already crossing into the hangry stages of my hunger for about 15 minutes (mind you it's a hot dog not a four course meal and it was done 2 minutes after she realized I was still waiting). The lady at the counter was apologetic and polite and gave me french fries as an apology. Mistakes happen and she was honest so I respect that. One thing that I keep consistently seeing is that they charge more on the order than the sign says.. Well it happened to me too. Only a quarter difference but still kind of shady. I will assume the lady accidentally hit the wrong button but I will not be coming back here.

Jason M.

This place is HORRIBLE. Don't do it. They charge for everything including ranch for wings. Who does that? Food tastes bad and they charge too much for the crappy service and bad attitudes of the employees there. They don't have a microphone, speakers or anyway for you to hear your number called so you just sit there until you get frustrated and walk up to the counter to have them tell you they had it ready for 10 minutes.

Anna M.

Their cheese and chili fries was not good. The fries was just in a puddle of cheese and a tiny amount of chili. Not what I pictured it. And I think the fries wasn't cooked correctly.

Jeffrey H.

I bought a philly cheese steak with chili cheese fries at this place. I should of looked at the reviews before I even order food from here. After I ate the food, I ended up getting a stomach and I threw up twice. I felt that I must have gotten food poisoning. I will NEVER return to this Fast food restaurant ever again.

Jesse W.

RATING is 3.5 Review Date: March 18, 2016 Located in beautiful Seaport Village, I decided to dine here since I wanted something light. All of the other eateries offered large plates of food which I was not in the mood for. This looked like a mom & pop shop and a walk up eatery. Flyer menues were on the outside walls and their door, as well as a giant menu inside. Food is simple and all American food. I ordered their Hot Dog Special, which consisted of a hot dog, fries and a soda. For an extra $1, I added chili and cheese. FOOD The food was decent, nothing extrodinary. The hotdog was sliced in a spiral way with both ends also cut in a cross (not sure why) and was grilled. It had a meaty texture and seasoned properly, it wasn't bland or boiled. The chili and cheese tasted as though it was from a can, which I wasn't surprised but the flavors were good. It didn't have the metallic taste to it that usually accompanies it when it's from a can. The fries were very good, hot, crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. DRINKS They have a soda fountain that sells Coke products. There is a $1 per refill charge. The soda was not flat and had the correct consistency of soda water and syprup. VALUE The value when compared to the other eateries surrounding this area is fair. I received a decent amount of food for the value. AMIBIANCE It's a walk up eatry. You walk to the counter, place your order then wait to be called. The small eatery was clean and organized. At one end it had the soda fountain and the other end held the condiments. There's plenty of seating of table and chairs outside the eatery and in the food court plaza. There's also benches all around Seaport Village that can be used. CUSTOMER SERVICE There were 2 people who were working, a male who was cooking and a female who was taking orders. They both helped me when they became busy. Very friendly, helpful and polite. My meal was ready in less then 10 minutes and was given to me with a smile. I always give kudo's to establishments that gives good customer service and delivers the meal with a smile. PARKING This is a private and gated parking lot. The first 3 hours is $4 (WITH Validation) and every 30 minutes after that is $3. $8 if there's NO Validation. You get validation with any purchase over $10. There is NO MAXIMUM so be prepared to PAY if you plan to stay for more than 3 hours. It is well lit at night. I suggest getting here by taxi since that will be cheaper, or walk. CONCLUSION The food is decent, located in the cute village of Seaport Village, and very good customer service. I will return when I'm in the mood for some good homestyle American food. #JesseWatrous #DineSavorRepeat #Restaurant Critic #FoodCritic #RestaurantReview #FoodReview

Linda M.

Oooooh my!!! The food, DELICIOUS! It's American grill food (hot dogs, fries chicken strips) but man is it GOOOOD!!! Also, the customer service is amazing!!! The lady (younger female) taking orders was soooo nice! We had a special request for our picky toddler and they were so helpful! THANK YOU Seaport Grill for being the ONLY place in the food court that will make us come back! If it weren't for the SP Grill we would not come back to Seaport Village food court again. You guys rock!!! Thanks again!!!!

Steven C.

We came to Seaport Village with some friends and were trying to figure out a good place to get some grub. After looking at the menus of several places we decided upon the Seaport Grill. The menu here is large and varied ranging from burgers aand sandwiches to hot wings and salads. Me being a huge fan of wings considered these a "must try" and placed my order. The wait time herr was ridiculous. Everyone else in my group had ordered and already sat down and began eating while I sat at the counter waiting, and waiting. Numerous other people wewere called up for their orders before I finally got my order. As I sat down to eat the wings they tasted very reminiscent of the packaged variety you can but at the supermarket and microwave at home. The wings themselves were cooked nicely but completely flavorless and the cup of sauce that is given on the side was jo help. If I do decide to come back you can bet your bottom dollar I would try something else. Give then a try at your own risk but rhe food for me was bland and just simply not very good.

Ticha B.

Good fried fast food in the Seaport Village. Hot wings, hot dogs, chicken tenders, fries, etc. It does the job and the staff was friendly and nice. Food was ready in good time and piping hot. Did I mention the yummy chicken wings? Must order!

A H.

Just right outside of our hotel. We decided to try this place. We only ordered the chicken wings (hot), but they were amazing! They fry the chicken, a little salted and have the hot sauce on the side. I'm not sure what sauce it was, but it was great! The service was good, location was good. It's at Seaport Village behind the Manchester hotel.

Neal E.

I'm surprised at the low star ratings from the other two reviewers. We had lunch here one day during a conference in the nearby Marriott Hotel. I ordered the Chili Cheese Dog. Added onions and jalapenos to it. Plus a bottle of cold water to drink. My lunch partner ordered something I've never heard of - can't remember the name, bit it was some sort of Mexican Steak Sandwich. We ordered at a window on one side and then were directed to go around to the other side of the building to pick up our orders. Food took about 5 minutes or so. The Hot Dog was grilled and had nice char and caramelization to it. And was O' so gloppy with all of the chili and cheese on it. I had to get a fork to eat the thick remaining toppings after wolfing the dog. Delicious! Should have ordered two of 'em! My friend said the Steak Sandwich was outstanding - and he barely said a word as he was inhaling it - totally dedicated to the task at hand! I'd definitely come back here and try more food from this hole in the wall food stand!