Siam Nara Thai Cuisine

8993 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego
(858) 566-1300

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Hospitable place and great food!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Satay Chicken, Chicken Tom Yum Soup, Jay Pad Thai, Sweet Rice with Mango

tl le

I paid $86 for the 4 not quality dishes - California Dream/curry with avocado is a terrible idea, tasteless papaya salad, fried fish smells the old oil for frying and tomyum soup is average at best. It used to be good but IDK what happens?

Julia Bu

This restaurant has it all in terms of fast service, courteous staff, and beautiful presentation of food and ambience.I was recommended this place by a friend, and have recommended it twice more to others.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Nirav S.

This was hats down the worst Thai food I have eaten. They didn't ask how spicy I wanted my food and happy me looking at nice ambience forgot about it. I got 0 spice drunken noodles and zero spice red curry. Completely taste less! I am sure Buddha's delight would have more flavors. I was so put off by it, I was sure if I asked to redo it, it would come worse than before :( this place is making me loose faith on consistency of Thai food in general. Also overpriced. One appetizer and two vegetarian entrees were whooping 60$

Eric B.

Food was excellent. The service was prompt and attentive. The ambience was very pleasant and welcoming.

Sophia W

I ordered three favor fish for $25.99 and was bill $95 for the whole fish, no menu showed that price and no one gave me any explanation. I tip 18% out of respect for other people's service, but it turned out to be a trap.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Guillermo M.

Great food! The best in the area! Very attentive and courteous service. I was helped by a human and served by a cute robot!

N G.

Used to be my favorite restaurant. Visited after about 5 years. The ambiance has been updated a lot, but the quality of food has sunk. Good ambiance. Decent service. Prices have shot up. Food tastes below average.

Le M.

Ambiance is nice. Service was good. Nice and clean. Food presentation was fancy with fresh orchids and brass plates/utensils. But some dishes were bland (the drunken noodles lacked flavor) and the portions were small compared to most Thai restaurants. The main reason I took off points (other than some bland dishes), is that they charged an 18% service fee. We thought it was the mandatory large group gratuity (we had a group of 7). We asked about the fee and the server said that was not the gratuity - so they expected to still receive tip on top of the 18% service charge?! After questioning it, the server said she would take off the service charge so that we can add tip. WTH? I do see restaurants starting to charge service fees but its usually 3% - 5%, not 18%!

Nas S.

Amazing restaurant. I lived in Thailand for a year and in this restaurant they served me the most authentic food and the closest to the original. It was insanely delicious and the service was great. Looking forward to coming back again

Tegan N.

Firstly, we came kinda late, but the service was still amazing. The workers were so nice and it was a really good experience. The inside is beautiful with all of the decor its the perfect place to eat. And the food was so delicious. We got the drunken noodles with squid, and they give so much squid with it, which I love. Then we got garlic fried chicken which was super amazing. They were so crispy and not dry at all and the crispy garlic on top was top tier. We also got the three flavored fish and i really liked it too. The presentation of all these dishes was super pretty too! I love this place and will definitely be coming back

Shuping W.

I wouldn't recommend it 。The food tastes bad!There was a waitress with terrible service 。I ordered three favored fish for $25.99 and was bill $95 for the whole fish,???no menu showed that price and no one gave me any explanation. I tip 18% out of respect for other people's service, but it turned out to be a trap.

Jimmy F.

I would like to put 0 star if I can!! Tonight, I went to this restaurant for dinner with my family. I was shocked when I got the bill, because the price was different from the menu, and the waitress has never point out the price difference when taking the order. The old lady order for us, we ordered the three favors fish, which is 25.99 on the menu, then here is the point, after I tell her I want to order the tree favor fish, she ask me "Whole fish", I said yes because I thought this is come with the whole fish under the price 25.99. It actually the big fish, but this taste is so bad, fish meat are overcooked which is tough. When I got the bill, this fish is 95 dollars, almost 4 times of the price on the menu, and what's ridiculous is, we can't find this price and item in the whole menu. I think it is under three favors fish, I mean you are okay to give customers the option to choose whole fish, but the server have to tell customers the price difference before after they answer your "whole fish" questions. Or, you can write down your whole fish price under the item "three favors fish". The old lady who order for us is completely set the trap for us, because she didn't tell me anything about the price difference after I answer her "whole fish" question, yes, only two words! "Whole fish?". Some people might think that I didn't ask the server, but are there any signal that can let me notice about this? When I order, I pointed at the name of the dish with my finger, and what she repeat is right "fish with three favors". So, even I said yes to your "whole fish" question, should you let me know that the price is different from the menu??? Because the price of the item I point at is 25.99. When I pay bill, I asked the man with white shirt, and he just avoid my question and said this is 95 not 25.99, and nothing else, not even a apology for didn't inform me about the price difference. Remember, I still give them 18% tips even this happened to me. Just let all you who want to visit this restaurant know that they might set a trap for you when you order this item or may be other item. To this server, you have the responsibility to let customers know that the selection their choose has huge price differences from the menu. If I know that, I will definitely not order this, not just the price, the quality of the food is not worth that price. That's not how business work,

Dose Of D.

Incredible service and such kind people that work here. Everytime I come in they are beyond nice and the food is really good!it's become my go to place.

Khoi T.

SCAM ALERT!! Food has declined after new ownership took over. I am sure they are aware of that, so they focus more on the gimmicks like flowers and aesthetics to impress suckers. My review is on the integrity of its owner... the old lady tries to upsell you on items portraying to be "nice". All they care about is getting the most money out of you. Make sure you ask for the price! They take advantage of people who do not double check the bill. Secondly, our party ordered hot water which got charged as hot tea. This happened more than once during a few visits so definitely not a mistake, try it yourself. Also, there was a shrimp entrée that was given to our table mistake which we decline and have them take it away before it left the server's hand. Moments later, another staff came back to ask if we really order it and then escalated to the owner, which the lady came out to ask us again to say that we did order it. They were strongly hinting us to take the dish by mistake. Obviously, if we did not order it, why would it change our answers?! What is the point in lying about an order?? They do not get it. Then the petty owner/lady literally sat next to our table eating the shrimps. BECAREFUL, THIS PLACE LIKES TO BILL YOU BY USING CREDITCARD DEVICE AND ONLY SHOWING THE TOTAL AMOUNT. People do not check their bill. However, I got suspicious and asked to see the details, and guess what? the shrimp dish ($30) was added to our bill (along with hot tea again...)! How can it be an accident if they checked on us so many times if we ordered it? No integrity, this place needs to burn.

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