Sonic Drive-In

2829 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego
(619) 285-3942

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Guiriam C.

I order food from the Drive-through. And didn't get the chicken sandwich that I ordered When I got home. It was to late to go back and get my food they were close al ready.

Ravyn P.

this dude aj was such a sweetie pie. He was in drive thru and the drive was packed the person ahead of me I can tell was a huge dick he was constantly yelling and giving the drinks back saying something wasn't right but I can tell he handles well when it was my turn he had the biggest smile on his face. Aj had my drink ready and took payment quickly ! Excellent service everything went quickly until that weirdo came up

Amanda M.

Took 1 hour and 20 mins to receive my food when I ordered on DoorDash with a 40 min estimated delivery. They forgot my chili cheese fries completely and food was look warm at that. Terrible service

Octavio Martinez

They had a good amount of people in line one lady wasn't in roller skates but she had an ankle monitor on so it was fine and drinks where good.

Jacquelyne P.

All of their drink taste awful because they refuse to change their water filter. All drinks taste like they have been made with tap water and do not taste fresh at all. Disappointing.

Maple Goodies

I love Sonic but this particular Sonic is SLOWWWW! I always spend about 20 to 25 min in the drive through. Definitely going to a different location from now on.

Aaron Lyons

This particular sonic is very frustrating. From the post mates aspect to their drive through. They always get something wrong on your order. From missing something entirely to giving you questionable items best example was chicken strip basket order a 5pc and you get 5 pieces each of them half the size of a normal one you get in the basket meal and a couple of them burned to a crisp, missing the country gravy (the signature thing for the basket menu), and the onion ring was only a 1/4 of one. I get the job can be tough but this isn't the only time I've had issues with them in particular and I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but after several times of things just clearly missing from orders I have to believe they don't care about customer service. If you go to the place and park you got a better chance to having an order correct so you have that going for you. Of course you can also ask for the correction if it is wrong since your parked.Overall instead of going to this one I'll now drive an extra 10-15 mins to get sonic if I am in the mood for it. Quality of food when the orders are correct is on point but the continuous missing or lack of quality items happening is too much.

Richard Medina

This was the first time at Sonic and AJ killed it with customer service. I was very pleased with my customer service and my food. I will definitely be coming back! AJ sealed the deal for me :)

Ty L.

I just want to say, the car hop gentleman working today 7/16/20... Ticket says Latavia, I wish I had a $100 to give you. The kindest, well mannered gentleman. I have been coming here for a long time and you always bring joy and positivity. Keep it up, you will go far.

JD Rodewald

Do not go, do not waste your time. Sonic is some good food and drinks don’t get me wrong but I’ve been here twice now and both times they have gotten the order wrong. Then acted surprised when called out upon it. Tonight I had to repeat myself multiple times and as though I was speaking to a two year old. But that was after having to wait 5 minutes after pressing the button to get someone on the other side. Then once we received our order from a delightfully cheery car-hop we discovered that not only was my order wrong but my husband’s cup looked as though it had been taken out back and beaten for lunch money.

Jeffry Tuttle

Always delicious food prepared by a happy crew with expedient service.

Diego Rodriguez

Food was delicious for a fast food restaurant. The staff was friendly and quick! The fine in option is closed at the moment which is smart while we figure out this pandemic.

Savannah H.

I ordered a Reese's blast with extra Reese's, she repeated it back to me as she handed the blast to me. The taste was immediately off, almost tasted like cleaning products. Not 5 min after I started breaking out in hives and my throat felt like it was closing. Y'all somehow managed to put bananas in a Reese's blast which I soon realized after I read what was wrote in pen. I'm highly allergic to bananas. Thanks for the ER trip.

Joel Zimmerman

Food is decent. The service is usually pretty good. An often unknown fact about Sonic is their happy hour. Half price drinks and apps from 2-4pm daily. Also, there are special perks if you download the app. I like the old school 50's style pull in stalls with servers that bring your food to the car.

Jennifer Smith

We ordered there hotdogs, tater tots, and drinks. It was good but the didn't give us any condiments. Next time I will ask for them when ordering.

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