Sonic Drive-In

2829 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego
(619) 285-3942

Recent Reviews

Shaheen Bahamin

Awesome service & delicious shakes! I loved it like usual. Service is quick and staff are very professional and friendly. I love their cheese burgers, chicken, shakes.. specially the Oreo cheesecake shake!

weston lozano

Outstanding location for Cheap food. Got there about two, it was not packed. I will be back with my coworkers. Feels like a place in Charlotte that I enjoyed visiting.

Claire4 D

Excellent spot for quality Cheap food. the service was helpful and kind.

Ken Harbison

Amazing as always. Guy waited on me in skates. Great! Fantastic food.

Justin P.

I ordered three sandwiches for my family to go, tipped well, and found that I was shorted a burger. When I called back to let them know that something was messed, no solution was offered. I'm having to go order lunch for myself somewhere else now. It's unlikely that I'll return soon.


I ordered 1 large vanilla milkshake and it was great. Cost $6.29 and the cup is massive! The milkshake wasn't soggy and was a nice even blend of real ice cream and milk. They even tossed a cherry on top of the whipped cream. I think it is worth it!

Mosaic Foundation 2020

Corn Dogs were PERFECT!I can't remember when I had a corn dog that was seriously Great, not in years. But This one WAS!I ordered them well cooked and they were scorchin hot, deliciously fresh and perfectly crisp on the outside.Wow just writing this is making me want to run and get a few right now..

Joanna Weeks

My favorite location for Cheap food. I like it here always quality food & service. The staff was friendly and observant. The bill was fair for the quality of food.

Anish Finnegan

Wow!!! the ambience of the store was amazing and cool. Very well staff great posture and kindness. Keep it up and we will comeback soon with my friends.

Joe H.

Trash, flavorless meat with a ton of fillers.
Non of their offerings has any nutritional value.
Nothing on their menu tastes good
I have no clue how this dump is still in business

sixxx six

Roller skates and slushees with nerds candy in them. If you think that's weird well, it is. But its tasty. Bottom line. I recommend the waitresses wear less clothing and that's really the only room for improvement

Raymond Atanante

Food was great, calamari is always good and available. Although of food for the price as well. Traveling down from LA we wanted a good boil and fish spot and this caught my eye, was a little ways out from our destination but worth it.

Carla D.

We placed an order through Door Dash well before closing and paid the order in full, expecting the food to arrive within the next hour. After more than two hours, I contacted Door Dash to see about the status of our order because it had been stuck on "preparing order" for over TWO HOURS. After a conversation with a Door Dash representative, I was informed there was a problem on the restaurant's end and our order had been cancelled. The least Sonic could've done was communicated this to me, a paying customer. Your location's service is so to terrible, I couldn't even get to try any of the food because you couldn't even follow through with any actual order. I'm not even the type to complain about restaurants or customer service because I know what it's like to be the one behind the counter, but this experience was terrible. I'm not only hangry now, I am short the amount of $$$ I paid for food that NEVER got here -- and NEVER communicated with me upon. Please do better.

Marissa Sanchez

First time at a Sonic. Food was great and there are a lot of drinks to choose from. Service was fast and practical, specially for these covid-19 times.

Lynne Bradley

This place is amazing love fries and chicken tenders. Got to say I don't know if there's a chicken sandwich better than this love Popeyes and Chick fila's but this place is worth the wait. Not lying will wait in line for 20-40min but fast service once you order!!!

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