4380 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego
(858) 278-9365

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Daud “David” Salihi

Look don’t touch

LeeAnn H. out of our way to this Starbucks. The staff is incredible! The store is clean. It's our spot for happy! Kendall is a plus.

Deb Jenkins

This is a “hidden” treasure of a Starbucks. Staff is wonderfully friendly, and competent. It seems to have an adequate number of staff scheduled too. They don’t appear stressed or frantic like other local locations I frequent. This is a good one☕️

Robb G.

1 out of 2 times my drink is made incorrectly. It's very frustrating considering the price. BUT the staff is among the nicest I've experienced at Starbucks, they're professional and move the line very fast

Joseph M.

I've been coming here for as long as I remember. I'm a regular, almost every day I come here and order the same drink and I can't help but notice every time that Rey is present in the building my drink order is messed up. Just last week I swear she gave me regular milk after I explicitly said soy (I'm vegan) her blatant disregard for going above and beyond really shows through her cold stares as she takes my order. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt so I just assumed it was RBF (not the case) I don't normally write negative reviews but I felt inclined to write this one. Every time she takes my order I get a whiff of her hot a** breath. Smells like fuckingdogshitbaby without the baby. Mixed with her being down right rude, I can say very confidently that she single handedly ruins my mornings. If it wasn't for the cute boys that look like anime characters I wouldn't come back here. I know for a fact that I'm not the only person either who she's negatively impacted with her bad attitude. If you're not a morning person, don't work at a coffee shop...

Maika Love

Quick customer service and drinks come out quickly. Wasn't busy or crowded at all and comfortable environment. We spent the whole sunset there and it was overall amazing. The drinks in the pictures are dragon fruit drink and strawberries and cream. Restroom clean all the time

Justin Cannon

Great place to stop in on my way from work to run errands at Target.

Teresa S.

Love the Starbucks by sprouts in Santee . The girls are so nice when you go in . They always happy especially the manager Gwen

bree camberos

This place is great they made my frap just the way I love it. Quick very little wait.

Joan Moreno Herrera

Fast and friendly staff

Sean Miller

Lots of indoor seating

Gracie K.

This is my favorite Starbucks! All the workers are always very nice & most importantly they make my drinks perfect every time!


Wrong order after 17 minutes of waiting but I had to go before asking for right order. At least the different order got the soy milk & size right lol

Siobahn C.

it was my first time at this location and they were super sweet and had a great cold brew ! shout out to irving :)

Wilbert Alvarado Carrillo

Amazingly great customer service, the staff is very friendly towards the client and one another, and it is a good place overall to hang out after walking through the plaza is in - in the likes of, say, after visiting the very diverse selection of items inside Bookoff nearby!However, if anybody may complain about the quality of the car service; for this review is with respect to drinking inside; this place seems to be a neighbourhood favorite or so since, at the very morning of 10 am or so, it was PACKED with cars ordering something as well.So, please be mindful with the way they have hang things out during this time!P.S. the Kiwi Starfruit drink is very tasty during this time of summer❄

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