Taco Bell

2626 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego
(619) 296-5277

Recent Reviews

The People’s Poet 2772

I got a party pack of crunchy tacos and more than half of them were barely made. hardly any beef, cheese or lettuce. Shame on you I will inform your corporate office.

Kelli Young

It's the best value fast food for your buck....and the Mexican Pizza was incredible. It's been years since I had one and I forgot how good it is.

Rasmus JN

Good service , we ordered wrong at the computer self service but the kind start gave us free fries on our own mistake... Very nice .. we will be back ...

Alex Bok

What's not to love! It's Taco Bell. This location is excellent and convenient for anybody heading down El Cajon Blvd. Their drive through is pretty fast and everyone we've dealt with has had a pleasant attitude Everytime.

Erin H.

Clean, fast, and friendly! Thanks for making it pleasant on a rainy day. Shout out to employee Jamie for great customer service!

jackie f

Went here for a quick bite at lunch, placed my order then found out they no longer have "green sauce" which was my favorite! Then we got back to work to eat my chicken quesadilla was completely burnt on one side.... disappointed!

Roger Ma

One of the few Taco Bells in the area. Always Meh...

Honest Sense

Very clean inside.Bathrooms clean.Good Customer Service.Good music playing inside store?

Kyle Aidyn Holmes

Nighttime drive thru guy is always friendly, he even gave me a sample once of the green apple syrup they use in the freezes so I could decide if I wanted it sour or not. The service is usually pretty quick and always accurate. Sometimes the line is long but it usually moves pretty fast.

Adriana Fragoso

After 20 years coming to Taco Bell. Is safe to say I LOVE their food ? My favorite food is the CHALUPAS!! Keep doing a great Job ?

Tate Mccullough

Looks better now than before. I like to relax here while eating a big meal

Caroline Clark

Drove thru drive-thru and ordered a bean and cheese burrito with no onions and no red sauce, three chicken soft tacos, some cinnamon crisps, and a large Pepsi with easy ice. I had to repeat the order three times. The gal seemed disorganized. I drove thru and got my order. When I opened the bag there were three regular hard shell tacos, a bean and cheese burrito with more onions than I've ever seen in a Taco Bell burrito, a Pepsi that was almost all ice, and cinnamon crisps with the slightest hint of cinnamon. Also, the cinnamon crisps tasted like they were dropped on the floor (that's probably where the cinnamon went) and very rancid. I went inside the Taco Bell to exchange the cinnamon crisps and the whole batch of them looked like the crispy part in each and every bag. The girl took my Pepsi, dumped the ice, and refilled the cup with only Pepsi but the soda was very weak. I don't know that I'll ever go back to this Taco Bell, if any Taco Bells at all. Very disappointed.

sarah stern

This has got to be one of the better Taco Bell's. Late night is always busy here. But still, the guy who takes your order always takes the time to repeat back your order and is nice at the window. I've never had a wrong order here.

Nalani D.

literally just went through the drive through and ordered food. i forgot to order a couple of tacos for my brother so after sitting in line a while i got to the window and was told i couldn't add any food to my order. my response "okay , i'll come inside" when i get inside the girl at the window walks over and i asked if she will ring me up separately & was told that they deleted my order. i asked "why would you delete my order if i just told you i would come inside" ... her response "i didn't do it, someone else did" it took me all of 12 seconds to pull around to the front and come inside & in that amount of time you decided you were going to delete my order and not make my food !? TERRIBLE SERVICE!! not coming back.

Steven Nieder

Their entire staff is working while sick right now. This place sounds more like a hospital than a food joint. I know through experience it's management that cultivates the environment where workers are scared to take their sick days. So disgusting.

Ashleigh W.

Nicest staff of all the T Bell's in San Diego. My favorite guy that works the window is always a sweetie, my dog likes him.


It's a taco man idk. 5 stars

Teresa Anderson

Best TB in San Diego. They always take great care of us...

cleveland gardner

Food looked nothing like the picture. Less ingredients.

Ada- Liz Beskalis

They have great customer service, and awesome music. The food is hot and orders are taken accurately. It's one of the few rare places that have outlets to charge your devices!!!! So u can relax and enjoy ur meal!!!

James Cameron's

5 stars for the entertainment! I got 2 cheesy bean and rice burritos for $2.25. Great in the moment but flatulently disturbing later. The best part was the youth that asked every car in line for a quarter, while rocking steam punk goggles, and blowing his reefer exhalations into the drive thru window.

Maryanne Sagnella

Love taco bell no matter what city it's in. Thanks for keeping this one clean and great tacos too!

Rodolfo Jasso

Not my go to place but my kid loves their nachos chips and cheese. Very nice employees, clean place.

Joel Olar

Processed Americanized Mexican food, AKA Stoner food. Wake and bake food, go get some real Mexican food at Roberto's, or Vallarta, or cotixan. We can do better as a country, you can do better as a person.

Jason P.

Ordered the toasted chalupa box and nachos via drive through. They forgot to give me the nachos at the drive through window and I had to ask for it. The employee didn't apologize. After I got home and opened the box, it was the wrong order. They gave me nachos grande. I drove back to get the correct order and again, no apologies or any compensation. Would not recommend this location. Double check, then triple check your order was correct.

Peter S.

I stopped in for a Toasted Cheddar Chalupa Box, and got my food quickly. It tasted great, but unfortunately, the crew forgot to put beef in my chalupa. One of the crew members, a youngish man with glasses(wish I got his name so I could shout him out), immediately made me a new one, hooked me up with free Cinnamon Twists and a taco coupon. Excellent service, and many thanks for the quick rectification of the mistake. Highly recommended!

Lauren S.

Super slow drive thru. In fact I'm writing this right now in the drive thru line. I have been waiting 10 minutes in this line already. Oh did I mention they are out of tostada shells and nachos? There goes half the menu. When I asked if they had taco shells the drive thru gal laughed at me. Kinda ridiculous between the wait and the menu essentially only having burritos.

Madison L.

Ask to add sour cream but got tomatoes instead? Which i'm allergic to. (this did not come with tomatoes) and I asked for it to be meatless (beans instead) and still got meat. Couldn't even eat it.

Nare K.

Waited in the drive thru which took forever then Ordered Mexican pizza with beans instead of meat and took a bite and saw there was meat so I had to drive back and fix it and when I when I was waiting inside for them to fix my order I hear one of the workers mocking a customer in the drive thru..so unprofessional

Sonia Paul

El Cajon Blvd location is having better management. At least they have the inventory to serve their clients. Food was the normal quality, good and ok for price.

International Harvester

I live right between this location and the Sports Arena location and both are GOOD.

Grant Ramsey

This location makes me feel things deep in my plumbs. Good things. Better ingredients. Better tacos. That should be the motto.

Rita Kurtz

As far as Taco Bells go, this one is just fine. I've never had an issue with service or food quality. I usually sub stuff, and they always get it right.

Mark Miller

taco bell is almost always good to me and this branch is really cute and modern. They get 5 stars from me.

Melody Hinton

They make their own taco, which is delicious, and each taco I've ordered so far has been beautifully presented and very tasty.

Ben Maafala

In my wildest dreams I never thought that I would be eating at taco Bell and liking it. That Chalupa 6 bucks box is a gold mine. Great food!!

Pratik Patel

Great location! Took care of our big order nicely no errors

S K.

Gotta send some love out to my man Oscar. I eat at Tbell a lot particularly this location, and that guy has to be the nicest Taco Bell employee I've ever met. He probably deals with rude customers and even rude coworkers all day yet manages to get my complicated orders right every time & definitely makes my experience better. Thanks for the quality service Oscar!

Marcus R.

Every time I come to this Taco Bell I wait over 20+ min in the drive thru. Be prepared to wait in your car and be hungry. You can just go to the McDonalds across the street and go through their drive thru 4 times before even ordering here. It's an on going problem and unfortunately will never get fixed.

Darrin D.

I ordered the 3 taco meal #8... I took one bite of one taco, and took the other two back, because they were disgusting...they told they could not give me the difference of two tacos since I purchased the meal....Horrible customer service and food...i wouldn't recommend this place to anyone...