Taco Bell

2626 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego
(619) 296-5277

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S K.

Gotta send some love out to my man Oscar. I eat at Tbell a lot particularly this location, and that guy has to be the nicest Taco Bell employee I've ever met. He probably deals with rude customers and even rude coworkers all day yet manages to get my complicated orders right every time & definitely makes my experience better. Thanks for the quality service Oscar!

Marcus R.

Every time I come to this Taco Bell I wait over 20+ min in the drive thru. Be prepared to wait in your car and be hungry. You can just go to the McDonalds across the street and go through their drive thru 4 times before even ordering here. It's an on going problem and unfortunately will never get fixed.

Darrin D.

I ordered the 3 taco meal #8... I took one bite of one taco, and took the other two back, because they were disgusting...they told they could not give me the difference of two tacos since I purchased the meal....Horrible customer service and food...i wouldn't recommend this place to anyone...

Mark D Sale

Nice lady at the drive thru window, was greeted with a smile, but unfortunately the franchisee rips off their customers. Skimpy, anorexic food items. Been this way for a long time. This is their MO

Howell S. Pafias

Ask and paid $.50 each for extra Lettuce FOR 4 ORDERS OFF FRESCA BEEF TACOS AND 2 BEEF BURRITO SUPREME .

James Cameron

Two bean, rice, and cheese burritos plus 3 cheese roll ups. TB always has that funky taste to it, but you can't beat the above order for $5!

Veronica Morton

Not a frequent fast food customer but the drive thru was timely. I like that they're not greedy with the cheese or sauce packs.

Jesse Fleischman

I'm partial to the Doritos burrito and the soft tacos.

Steve Pasquariello

The remodel looks great and the food was made perfect so I have no complaints here :-)

Barbie Rae

They don't give you a bang for your buck, what's this one teapoon of meat on the nachos SMH

Bryan R.

4 out of 5 Monday's I have come here after late evenings at work, and they are ALWAYS out of diet Pepsi or other major items. Today they had no shredded chicken and tonight they got my order incorrect...charged me for an extra taco they didn't provide. The line at the drive thru always takes a half hour, and Ive observed employees fighting with each other verbally at the window. I enjoy Taco Bell food in a pinch, but this location absolutely sucks.

Bart Robinson

The best value menu, for anyone who wants to eat my favorite, ... their best in size, taste and price, the Beefy Frito Burrito! Oh and add in Nacho cheese fries, mm mm good, filler up Taco Bell!! Two burritos and nacho fries, not even$4.00. You can't beat that. Ever! Ever!

Thomas Taylor

Food was fresh, order was complete. Special request for an old menu item was made perfect.

Ahmed O.

This Taco Bell is one of the worst Taco Bell. I came in order my food at the kiosk machine never got my food in the customer service is horrible. Just happened to two other people that was there too.

Stephen S.

So painfully slow here all the time. It's not unusual to wait about 10 minutes or so per car in the drive-thru. Sometimes I show up and there's a line of cars almost spilling into El Cajon Blvd (and it's not even peak hours). Once you get the food it's about what you'd expect. It's the only reason why it isn't 1 star.

Gabby R.

No excuse for an order being made in the first place. Middle of the day you should have at least 8-12 staff on. Yet Sunday the most busy afternoon of the week it's a 35min DRIVETHRU wait. You're drive thru doesn't even have a waiting guest sign so guests know what to order. But once they do its gonna be 30 mins, lovely service.

Kendra R.

I just received amazing customer service from This Taco Bell in particular from the manager, Armando there. I will be letting people know Thank you

Benjamin Flores

Accurate order, location was nice and clean, friendly cashier. Great from what I just experienced, nothing wrong from what I've seen. Will definitely come again.

Steven S.

This is the slowest Taco Bell I have ever been to. I thought the first time was a fluke but the second time was just as bad. Both times I visited this location I waited 30 minutes for my food. There were a lot of unhappy people waiting around both times for their "fast" food.

Cashton R.

The food i has was pretty good. I got three tacos and the service was good to. I was eating inside. The one that I went to was the one in santee. I have been going there for quite some time and it just keeps getting better every time that I go.

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Taco Bell

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