Taco Bell

632 Dennery Rd, San Diego
(619) 428-8081

Recent Reviews

Joe Ancona

What can I say I love taco bell

Rose Markovich

Good service food is typical fast food.

Fred Montes

Soggy tacos, and funny tasting cheese sauce

Lori L Steber

You can't go wrong with Taco Bell. It's a Favorite of the whole Family and the prices are amazing. Currently, Taco Bell offers a $5.00 Meal Box which they switch up the contents every few weeks. The Box could include anything from Tacos, Burritos, Chalupa, etc., plus a serving of Churros and a Medium Drink. This is an Awesome Deal so definitely check it out on Your next visit. ♥️

Kayla Swinton

My whole order was completely wrong and the guy in the drive thru had bad customer service... they should try to focus on the quality of the food instead of rushing ppl out the drive thru

Fred Shaw

This Taco Bell never skimps on ingredients, my tacos are always stuffed full and not with lettuce always lots of meat and cheese,highly recommend this location

Justin Miller

They miss an item on my order everytime. I order from there weekly about 30 dollars worth of food and always let down when I get home. Not going back this time. 4 other restaurants going up in the area so they'll have my business. If you go through drive thru, take the time to park and check your order. You'll be let down everytime if you don't

Starr Kingston

A place that is near to my house and tasty tacos with drinks. Also, friendly people!

Alberto Martinez

Night staff is great and fast

Antonio T.

False advertising And getting the order wrong ordered a coke they said that had only Pepsi I said OK and they gave me this

Michael E.

Came here after late night work, waited 10 minutes at the drive thru after asking if anyone was there. Ending up passing by drive thru window to see them on their phones. Ended up going to Carl's Jr. next door

Angry Tacobellcustomer

My boy went here to pick up some custom burritos to help replenish his stamina after a long night of sweaty rocket league. 10 should do it he thought, with plenty of that fire salsita. Halfway back home he realizes these chumps only gave him 7 packets. 7 for 10 burritos. Tf they thinking. Thanks tb 1 Star.

Sdym Xo

Very pleasant drive through lady (Celia), she has such a great customer service attitude, and most important always smiling and good attitude. I will continue buying my breakfast burritos for quite a while, and all because of the service I receive every time.

Jose Alonso

It was fast, clean. About the food, i gave it 3 stars just order regular tacos and the cheese gordita, the meat its ok(need more flavor, but that's just me) combined with the cream, cheese, lettuce and sauce(mild or hot) it fine.

Olivia V.

Didn't tell me that they were out of what I ordered until I went up to pay. Very unprofessional and The cashier wasn't even responsive or apologetic.

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