Taco Bell

632 Dennery Rd, San Diego
(619) 428-8081

Recent Reviews

dick suchi

Really nancy and clean good foood and better service they also sell beer and other beverages with alcohol and its really clean and closer to all the stores

Richie Ahumada

Cibola High price for what you get but if you're in a hurry that's good

Joe T.

It is a Taco Bell. Sometime is it faster to walk in then go through the drive thru. They have the new electronic order kiosk which I like. Only downside, it is crowded up front with those ordering at the counter. But other then that, service every time has been quick and friendly. They have not gotten my order wrong yet so its been good so far.

Das Vakamudi

Place is good Mexican restaurant with lots of options and open very late it is in the same complex as in n out

Robert Zendejas

Great great stuff here at Taco Bell as usual you should try the double chalupa I really recommend the Box if you don't get full with one then get two or three the matter of fact take some home this stuff is delicious and I would not trade it for anything else

Robert Gonzalez

The food was very quick and very tasty. Extremely authentic Mexican food and would recommend to others. Wide menu options along with a great selection of beverages. The only way this would be more authentic would be if it was in Mexico. Very satisfied with the experience and great service.

Eli George

Probably one of the most amazing taco bells I have ever been to . Wish the one in my neighborhood was this nice. Employees are friendly and food was served , quickly , accurately, and hot. Surprised this location is this great , they work really hard to keep it clean and friendly. Would never expect this in the area it is at . Not that the area is bad but.it is just very transient being by the freeway and with the Walmart near by it attracts alot of shady people in the parking lot and on the street corners great job Yum Brands you did well.

Tim D. Latimer

Able to try the Double Triple Chalupa Box for under $5 !! Excellent Baked Cheddar Coating. Please don't let this one pass you by. It Was Great !!!!!

Crystal A.

Ordered dinner and this is what I got. Missing items from my order AND literally got sour cream ON THE SIDE without asking

Lillian B

Cheap fast food lunch boxes, quick drive thru, and staff always nice.

Frankie J

I give the Taco Bell located at 632 Dennery Rd, San Diego, CA 92154 FIVE STARS. Would be great to have a T.B like this one in my neighborhood. This location has A hard-working staff and a clean dining area. I have never seen so many taqueros working in one location. Keep up the greAt work. 5?â?£ ?

Sean E. Zullo

This is the San Ysidro location off the 805 freeway. Itâ??s a normal stop for me on my way home from Tijuana. The food and service here is very consistent with other Taco Bells that I have frequented. Restrooms are clean and the location is convenient for a stop off the freeway. Not a bad place.


I love the mini shredded chicken quesadillas they're delicious

Derek P.

This one is going to be short and simple, it's Taco Bell. But the service and accurate food service is great ! Definitely from the workers after 7pm at this location. Haven't been there any time earlier than that but they're great. Food is fast, accurate and tasteful in a Taco Bell way ?. Good seating if dining in, parking is open and not a hassle, restaurant is so far always clean when we are there. This goes for Dennery Rd, Coronado Ave and Sweetwater Rd locations.

Oscar Rincon

Very great service and all employees including the manager were excellent. The place was very clean and neat. The cashier (Amy) was absolutely AMAZING, thank you SO MUCH Amy!! Will definitely be going back...

Fred Long

Using my T-Mobile Tuesday Groupon through the app it's more frustrating then it's worth. after spending ten minutes in my car trying to place a order online the price was still incorrect and it was charging me for the item I was supposed to get free. This is not the first time it's happened and it was just frustrating enough to get me to walk next door to Carl's jr. It not only turn me off to using the app but it turned me off to even going to Taco Bell.

Mini Zombie

I wish I'd caught the young lady's name that was running the drive thru by herself tonight(9/3/19), but she was incredible. She was alone and she ruled the drive thru. All of my order was correct, fresh and delish. Thank you, dollface! ð???ð???

Francisco Llamas

Excellent place fast clean and very good food at affordable prices

Joe L

For Taco Bell this is a pretty good store. They have well trained employees and the service is faster than the average location. I like the variety and the changing $5 box special.


Im satisfied every time i come great staff food is exactly what you expect.

Clayton L.

Taco Bell has recently evolved today.So Someone got Drive Thru for me.I wanted 2 CrunchWraps Supreme.However They "mixed" our orders and I got 2 crunchy tacos.We called them and things got heated.They had a lot of customers however as a business owned by a million dollar company.This is not an excuse.I could see why they have 2.5 stars.Pathetic how a store owned by a larger company can just "mix" our orders like it was nothing.As if they never checked.So I tried the taco and it was cold slightly.But not sure if salmonella is going to come at me.I went ham on the Crunchwrap after someone picked it up. Taco Bell please understand that this is a list of some of your failures you have yet to learn.Please improve service and that would be all.

Javier Cota

The Taco Bell off Dennery Rd was really clean and they had fast and friendly service! I would recommend the five dollar craving box with the chalupa, taco, and seven layer burrito.

Samuel E.

I come here pretty often and the restaurant is always clean. Service is always fast and friendly. Pretty good location as well as it has several stores nearby.


Friendly staff and fast service. Food was great like always

Hilario Torres

Terrible food....it is incredible how people will seek to eat these subpar food items. Way, way to far to really be consider what real mexican food is about. For health reasons, people should not be eating the level of food items served here. Terrible!

Geo Cele

I loved ordering on my app and coming in and getting my food it's the best experience ever

Omar Cortés

The Bell breakfast! Is better than any other fast food breakfast, anyð??¸

Jeanne Brown

The menu has changed in the food was delicious we will return

Chris Linden

Great Service Great Affordable Fresh Food

Brooke H.

The people here are always so nice and I have never had my order screwed up at this location.

Ofelia Miranda Porras

Everyone was friendly, attentive, and had smiles. I was having anxiety after therapy but just the atmosphere alone got my spirits up.

Gloria H.

I like this place! Near by my house and customer service is good! Sometimes order gets delayed but their customer service makes me smile :) The workers are friendly!

Danielle Mclean

Mexican food and the feeling here is quality. service is prompt even when they are busy. the staff was friendly and observant. the bill was reasonable.

Gus Bauer

My go-to Taco Bell spot :) I'm glad the place was renovated, looks fresh and the the food tastes as good as ever, but I'm sad to see the portions for some of the items of the menu have diminished

Chris Sheridan

Steak n' egg quesadilla not bad. Coffee surprisingly good!

Big Will

This place has always been clean and service is fast

Thomas W.

Yes please! OH god no! Yes please! The shame spiral continues. It's crap and we all know it. With that said this location makes art out of crap, as they all do. I so love and hate and love you Taco Bell. Shame on you ...and me ..lol

Corey Moore

Customer service was good, I just didn't like what the choices were. Hoping for something a little on the healthier side without heavy carbs

RV'ality .

Food was fresh... Diablo sauce is life


they have the new electronic ordering kiosk