Tajima Ramen Mercury

4411 Mercury St #110, San Diego
(858) 278-5367

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Ralph Perez

We've been coming here for a couple of years now and have always had good service. This time though they were kind of rude in a hurry just tossing the food on the table and not being courteous. I don't know if it was because of an hour before closing but this was upsetting. The portions have shrank. The only saving grace was the host. He was very polite and nice.

Ron Deo

Charming ramen spot with hearty bowls of ramen. Ordered the spicy sesame ramen during this visit and it had a comfortable spice level, broth wasn't too salty and the noodle texture had a pleasant bite to it. You'll order off your phone via QR code off the table and pay will automatically happen once you're order is complete. The food came out pretty quickly.

Leon Chang

It's been a long time since I've come back here. The ramen has always been second class at best but the carnitas ramen isn't bad and pretty flavorful. The other food is just hit or miss now and seems to have regressed since five years ago. We only come here because they kind of have a variety of dishes in case people don't like a particular dish.

Jaroslav Richters

Tried their ramen and it well compares to other ramen places like Nishiki and Underbelly. Definitely on my list of to go places from now on.

Mahlah R.

Good food, good prices- but is the chicken karaage only available on the happy hour menu or do I just not know how to use the app properly?

Sarah C.

I have been here several times and seems to forget to post a review everytime. My daughter and I went on an early dinner so there was hardly anyone in the restaurant. They've kinda change the ordering system. As soon as you walk in you're greeted amd then you're asked to order from the menu before you are sat down. I felt a little rushed doing that but I could have probably easily asked to get seated and then perused thru the menu. We had the Takoyaki for appetizer then my daughter had the Crunchy Dragon Roll while I opted for the Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl on a bed of greens instead of rice. A little disappointed with the greens because they just put some spinach with nothing on it. Overall, we'll come back and maybe I'll get the ramen instead.

Dana C.

Personally....I am a Menya fan but I think others can change that. Unfortunately, Tajima didn't. The service was outstanding but the food was too salty for my taste and again...I personally didn't gain satisfaction from my meal.

Madison F.

I came here with as a group of 6 on a weekend and there was only a 10 min wait. They gave us the option to order at the door or scan and order from our phones at the table. We ordered and paid from our phones, which was great because we didn't have a split any checks and we could leave as soon as we were done (we were going ti the movies). My boyfriend and I shared the creamy chicken ramen, spicy tuna sushi, pork gyoza, and cream cheese wontons. The food was fantastic. Even though we ordered from our phones, we still had servers there to check on us. Overall, we were in and out of there pretty fast and with quality food and service.

Isaiah W.

First time trying this place and I've got to say that it's the best ramen I've had so far in San Diego. I'm a newcomer to Japanese food and still haven't tried half the places on Convoy but I can definitely say that Tajima Ramen is one of the places to go if you are in the area. I had the carnitas ramen and takoyaki on the side as an appetizer and both were very delicious and very satisfying to eat. The takoyaki wasn't too salty like you get at other places and the it was perfectly seasoned and beautifully plated. The ramen is some of the best I've so far in San Diego and I'm looking forward to trying more of their other soups on the menu. Drink selection is pretty good, they have sake, Japanese beer, tea, and a number of cocktails on the menu. Overall the vibe in the restaurant was very chill and the staff and the manager I talked to were very friendly. Theirs music and a bar, and tables plus booths if you have a larger party. They've been here a long time and I can see why, I'm am looking forward to coming back especially, since I work across the street and will be telling my co-workers about this place.

L.D Ferguson

Chicken Ramen

Nathan H.

Food is great so ill give it 3 instead of 1. Only reason im giving it bad rating is because i only ordered 3 items which was takoyaki and 2 ramen bowls 1 for me and the other for my wife which was not much compared to other guests that came ordering atleast 5-6 items granted all other table were about 3-4 ppl. My takoyaki came out fairly quick and was very much enjoyed with nothing wrong besides that it was devored too quickly. About 30-40min passed and 3 tables seated after us got their meals before us. Since the servers never checked up on us once since entering i went out of my way to address one of them about my problem. The issue was resolved fairly quickly it seemed that the kitchen just dismissed my order after the takoyaki came out. The server got our ramen out in roughly 5-6min and that was pretty much it. Still wasnt checked up on.

Vannie C.

Great place to get ramen and Japanese food. The parking lot is a good size so it's not too difficult to find parking. They also have outdoor seating and is dog friendly which is always a plus for me. I ordered an assortment of ramen and sushi rolls from here and these were my top faves: Tajima Ramen with Pork Belly - they cook the pork really well here! It's nicely braised and very well seasoned. The tonkotsu broth is also really creamy and love the noodle texture. They also cook their ramen eggs very well. This was my fave ramen that I tried. Carnitas ramen - very interesting ramen combination. If you love Mexican food and spicy then this ramen is for you! It's the most unique ramen I've tried so far Vegan Ramen - loaded with veggies and the broth is surprisingly creamy even though there is no meat (probably from the mushrooms). This is a great alternative for those looking for a healthier ramen or if you don't eat meat.

Sue D.

Ambiance: 4/5 Happening. See pics Food: 3.5/5 - Spicy Sesame Ramen 2x ($13.50ea)-- my bowl was creamy and rich. Full of flavor. However, my friend's bowl was overly salty. She had to take a sip of water often to wash down the sodium. Service: 4/5 Money was pleasant to talk to. Staff were nice. We got our ramen in a timely manner.

Cheerly L.

This place is definitely more "hip". It gives off a bar/lounge vibe so perfect for young adults. The service is also up to par. Friendly staff and fast service. They have this system where you get seated and then you order everything through your phone by scanning the QR code. Pretty neat so once you're done eating, you can just walk out since you've already paid for your meal. The ramen is good, noodles are nice and chewy and the chasu pork you get is probably the best portion for the price you pay. We also ordered Karaage chicken and Takoyaki from their Happy Hour menu. Would 100% come back again.

Lester L.

Came here for lunch and I was not satisfied with the service and the food. I ordered the chicken karaage with a side a rice, which was not too bad. I also ordered the chicken chasu fried rice because im a hungry boy. The amount of chicken chasu given is so small... so I would say avoid getting that dish. The service wasn't great. We did not get waters until 20 minutes after being seated and my friends ramen didn't come out for awhile. It wasn't even that busy. Also you order everything yourself on your phone using the QR code shown at the tables. So that's less to do for the workers. The only service given to us was someone asking if we want water and getting our food. I could've gone to another ramen store for better quality food and better service.

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