Bei Yuan Tea & Boba

9003 Mira Mesa Blvd #2738, San Diego
(858) 527-1888

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Brandon Leuangpaseuth

Decent milk tea. Good popcorn chicken. I wish they came with sauces. Not a bad place to chill and snack! Easy to

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 4

Service: 5


Really great Boba! Chewy and perfect sweetness!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5


Got one of the December monthly special - Fried pork ($7.99). The amount of food is inconsistent. Very disappointed to see only this much in the box. The fried pork is light and crispy, but not thoroughly seasoned. Some were covered in pepper, some were bland. It's convenient I guess.

Shane C.

It's not the best drinks and food you can get, but it's the best with late hours, always open seating and has a variety of snacks and meals.I love coming here with my work laptop and just sitting on a 3.7 / 5 boba milk tea with a 4/5 popcorn chicken. That combo all together raises it to a 4.5 score for me.The SO loves the coffee milk tea.. because it's her 2 favorite drinks in one. Worth a try if you want that roasty bitter flavor with your milk tea.Taiwanese sausages and the braised pork rice are pretty decent if you want more food.

Dave W.

Been going here for years , All of a sudden the service at Mira Mesa has fallen off a cliff . I just ordered two drinks , 30 minutes later they hadn't even started the drinks . When I asked three different workers about the drinks they each just looked at each other confused . So I had to go to the guy that took the order . Even then no sense of customer service . Get Wendy and Michelle back in there .

Bonnie Ye

I come here often to get mostly boba tea and popcorn chicken. I like that their tea has a real tea flavor taste. Their boba is the right texture for me. Their menu has a lot of traditional Taiwanese dishes. I can’t wait to try them one day.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 4

Service: 4

Jeanne arc

Great place love the

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Biubiubiu Last

Average person must AVOID short ribI ordered the short rib combo, and it was a fiasco. The short ribs are disaster, because they are chewy like rubber. Your only two options will be to swallow it as a whole or spit it out after “why bother” chewing. I am angry, and feel obliged to stop people from ordering it, and most importantly, I must stop this restaurant from making money out of this fiasco food.Don’t even mention they cost 19 bucks

Wesley W.

Noodle soup. Eh. Don't get it. I've also been here before and ordered much of their other food. It's passable, but I'd never come here for it. Why do I keep coming back here though?FOR THE YOMIES. I can't find this anywhere else in my wonderful lovely beautiful hometown of San Diego, but while I was up in Seattle I had Yomies and was instantly converted. Yomies is a rice yogurt drink that kinda tastes like Beijing style yogurt and it's good. All of it. I like the straw to my berry. If u get the Yomies drink, 5 stars

Mark F.

Amazing made to order drinks.I especially love their hot teas. My favorite is the kumquat lemon hot tea. I tried the caffeine- free version and couldn't tell the difference really.TIP: check in on Yelp and order with the staff to redeem a coupon for a free drink add-in of your choice.The quickest way to order in-person is to use one of the kiosks, which features their entire drink and food menu. The kiosk system here allows for all sorts of customization so you can request your drink and food items are crafted to your liking.I haven't tried many food items yet because I always end up here after a huge meal and just want some hot tea to warm up with and settle my tummy.I can only attest to the fact my lady really likes the sesame balls here which have different filling options available.I should note that each of these shops seem to offering different food and drink items every time I visit. The other location I'm San Diego I know of is in the Kearny Mesa/Convoy area.Staff are usually busy crafting drinks and preparing food items so the kiosks are really the way to order in-person. If you choose to dine-in, the staff is very attentive and will frequently check in on you.I will definitely be back for more hot lemon kumquat tea and hope to explore more food items soon. Cheers!

Wuchie W.

After a not so great dinner in the area, we thought we'd get some boba to end the night on a better note.We arrived at the place probably after 10 pm. The place was pretty busy for a Friday night. I appreciate you can order from the kiosks. (They might need to add one more kiosk.) This seems more efficient since the staff are making drinks vs taking orders and making drinks. The food menu looked delectable but we just had dinner so we will have to go back to try at a different time.I can't ever pass up trying a new boba place since I'm always curious to see new and different options. We all have our go to favorites drinks so it's best to figure out which places know how to make your perfect OG drinks. This one had "jelly ice' drinks which I have never had before.Our order: 1.C65 Passion Fruit Jelly Ice/百香钻石冰 with mixed jello, grass jelly and strawberry hearts2. C65 Passion Fruit Jelly Ice/百香钻石冰 with taro balls, lychee jelly and boba.3: Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Drink w/Boba/黑糖波霸鲜奶. with boba and grass jelly. I cannot drink milk and I did not realize this was made with 'real fresh milk'.I did ask before ordering as a general question about their milk teas if they used real milk and they noted they used non-dairy. (except for this one!?)I guess that was a little bit of miscommunication but the staff made me a new one. This was good, but definitely not the best. You can also check-in with Yelp and claim your free topping. I did try the jelly ice drink and it was uber delicious! It is difficult to describe, it isn't exactly a slushie or shaved ice but it's cooler/icier than regular jelly drinks.My sis and niece both loved their jelly ice drinks. We will be visiting here again just for those jelly ice drinks.Food/Drink: 4.5/5Service: 4.7/5 Ambiance: 4/5


The drinks and boba are good but a bit over priced for the amounts they give you. I got the taro ice boba.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5

Jessica F.

This spot became our go-to hangout place. Love that they have a parking lot. It's a self-seating restaurant and on each table is a designated bar code, you can order and pay through it. We love to tip cash so I'm glad they have the option to "Tip in cash." The place always have a nice, calming, music and songs playing. Not too loud that I can still have conversations. They are quick on receiving the orders and bringing us our food. They're always polite and kind.We ordered their Pork katsu, curry chicken plate with rice, and beef wrap. The pork katsu was a bit chewy but the breading on it was tasty! I also enjoyed my Chicken curry plate, I'm surprised how seasoned the vegetables and the mushrooms were on my okay. The Beef wrap also was sooo good! We would definitely come back for them.Lastly, we also ordered milk teas: Winter-melon snd Honeydew. Both have a good balance of sweetness and refreshing tea. My boyfriend also tried their peach yogurt drink and he definitely enjoyed it, remind him of cheesecake.


The restaurant has a decent ambiance with a hint of Chinese style. We ordered desserts and snacks. The newly introduced osmanthus cake was quite good, and the purple rice yogurt was delicious. The shaved ice had an average taste, and the portion size was generous, although it had some clumps. There are plenty of parking spaces available outside.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 3

Recommended dishes: Yomie

k i

Most of my experiences here are fine. I do hope they can improve the side dishes for the rice meals. Oftentimes some side dishes are just quick items for them to get by.

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