Tom's Chinese BBQ

4414 University Ave # A, San Diego
(619) 563-8225

Recent Reviews

David Rosenfelder

I had a sesame bun (amazing dessert), steamed pork bun, baked pork bun and some roast pork. Everything was delicious! They also have whole roast duck, pork spare ribs, and some more exotic options. I wish I could go back right now for another sesame bun!

Terry T.

What a hidden gem! Great BBQ Pork Buns. I grew up going to Philadelphia's Chinatown and it's great to get a taste of home in San Diego. I can't wait to try the rest of their menu.

Kathleen S.

This place is a staple on my list when I want to satisfy my chinese bbq and dim sum cravings and not wanting to dine in at a restaurant. Being from San Francisco, I'm spoiled by the abundance of grab and go chinese bbq establishments, so to learn there's only this spot + jasmine express + maybe a few others in the San Diego area, I didn't realize how hard it is to find a good spot! I think the best time to come here is during the weekend as that is when they offer their dim sum items. Depending on how early you arrive, they might not have everything ready just yet. I've noticed the past times I come here, they either have the coconut & pork buns ready but no shrimp or pork dumplings or egg tarts. The baked buns can be a hit or miss; the filling is good but the exterior can sometimes be a little more burnt than what I like. Regardless of that, everything they have here is good and cheaper than somewhere like Jasmine Express. You can order a quarter/half/full lb /whole of bbq pork or roast duck, and they will cut it for you if requested. Great for those days when I don't feel like cooking much. I think this spot is still cash only. The staff is extremely nice and friendly! They have a small parking lot which is pretty easy to find space because most people come and go around here.


I'm sure I'm already preaching to the choir when I say that this is easily the best roast duck in San Diego.As for the buns, don't let people's reviews stop you from trying them yourself, like I foolishly almost did. The bread is soft and sweet and the BBQ pork inside is really good. I added some pictures for reference (There was more duck, but my mom already started eating before I took pictures.) You won't regret trying it, and it's all reasonably priced.I honestly think that the 1 star and 2 star reviews complaining about the taste come from lifelong smokers who burnt out all their taste buds. ?‍♂️Also if you do end up LIKING this place, give it a GOOD REVIEW. Businesses, especially smaller ones need as much help as they can get during these times, and a lot of people drop reviews only if they had a bad experience. Help out your local businesses.

Mario B.

The roasted duck has two flavors. Whole roasted or half flat roasted if you want a little bit on the dry side. But both are very delicious and tasty!

Jonathan D.

This place is a true hole in the wall and the food is fantastic! They carry authentic Hong Kong style crispy skin pork and roast duck! The best I have tasted in San Diego.

luu gia huy

Best place you can get authentic chinese food.The price goes up, but the taste is totally worth.1st time here ? Try siu mei and bbq pork.

Chamroeun M.

Best Chinese BBQ in town for BBQ ducks, chickens, and porks. The service is quick, attentive and very friendly. A family owned business that has been here for generations that serve our local community. I went to pick up some orders for Chinese New Years, make sure to call to check their hours open because they close on Chinese New Year's Day and you want to make sure that you don't miss out because this is a very popular place.

Fred S.

Hey the pork shu mai and shrimp har gow on the weekends isn't Chinatown in the City quality, but it's fine to satisfy my craving. The roast duck and crispy pork are both above average. Definitely worth a repeat visit! Parking is a pain so try side streets and University Ave.

Darby D.

This place is a staple in the City Heights area and has been here for forever. As it should be! They're known for their roasted duck, roasted pork, and char siu baos (baked bbq pork buns). If you order any meats, they will cut them up for you as well. They have a lot of other great items as well! They have salty chicken, brown sauce chicken, steamed pork buns, intestines, egg tarts, etc. They also offer dim sum on the weekends, but they only have a certain amount. I don't think their dim sum is the greatest, but they are known as a bbq place and not a dim sum place. It's not the best, but satisfies your dim sum cravings! This place is mainly for take out and it's cash only! Parking here is very limited due to their small parking lot. Service is quick and prices are very affordable. Although the workers are not fluent in English, their English is great and I don't feel a language barrier here. Also, make sure to speak a bit louder and enunciate your words. Their kitchen can get noisy so it'll help the workers out a lot! Definitely check this place out for Cantonese bbq! I highly recommend it.

Troy Berry

Not a lot of meat on the duck..Nice service..

Hiep Huynh

Very good roasted duck, price has gone up a lot. Parking is a little hard to find here but if you get there early it should be fine.

John H.

You can easily bypass this understated strip mall. One can hardly see what this shop contains from the outside. If you can overlook the zero atmosphere and dated look, there are actually good Cantonese style offerings. The roast duck is delectable. If I had to be really picky, the skin could be a little crisper and a jus dipping sauce would be welcome. Many of the other items were either unavailable or sold out. The buns are unevenly baked so specify which ones you want. The roast pork buns were done the way I like. A sugar honey glaze with a sweet and savory bbq like filling. The coconut bun could have used more fat/butter as it was a little dry. Cash and takeout only. There is a small parking lot.

Randy K.

Try buy some steam bun Barbecue bao they don't make them I'm possessed and mad the the person who don't speak no English

Panda K.

So fun, wanted a duck with a spice that reminded me of good times and good people. this place did not disappoint, the staff was so kind like deeply kind. The duck was roasted and ready to go, they cut it up and I bought the last loafs of bread. Must have bread with duck. Cash only, * You may want to bring your own container to put the duck in as they use the old school styrofoam square containers that don't do well with the sauce comes with the duck. Plus the duck is fairly large. If you do the chop it up option. To go only No restrooms other little sides are available

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