Triple Crown Pub

3221 Adams Ave, San Diego
(619) 281-0263

Recent Reviews

Julie S.

Gus is the funniest and best bartender ever. Ken is the most handsome and friendly owner EVER. come here if you want to be taken care of!During covid other bars were super mean, but we were taken care of so well and we were treated like family. I will be back here all the time because of how well we were treated and how fun this bar is!

Sage H.

Exactly what you envision for a "dive bar."The atmosphere is bustling, the music is cranking, and the drinks are flowing. Love the outdoor space and game room in the east wing.

Cheri M.

Our new favorite bar. So many game options which makes it super fun. Good atmosphere. The bartender was friendly and accomodating.

Brett M.

Don't sleep on this pub! TCP is THE laid back and fun bar in the mid-city area. Tons of great beers on tap, darts, pool, PING PONG, pop-a-shot, skeeball, shuffleboard, a TouchTunes jukebox, TVs, and oh yeah... BEER! Get it!

Paul Bean

Had a great time. Covid protols in effect. Excellent ?

Robert Tranchant

Nice casual pub with a great beer selection.

Emily W.

I've driven past this place several times before but this month I finally saw the to go beer being advertised. They were the only bar/pub/brewery to actually get my attention and get my business thus far in quarantine. I thought they were super nice and decided I wanted to support their business. I bought a mason jar of cherry pineapple cider and drank it for a special dinner with my girlfriend when we got home. Boy! It was good. The cherry really balanced out the sweet for me! This was the suggestion we took- not our own idea. It's 2 of their ciders together in perfect harmony. I've never tasted any 2 beer mixed together. It was perfect! And so refreshing! On top of that I got a mason jar to keep it fill back up like a growler. I went back a week later and I wanted the same thing but sector also get an IPA. Refreshing, refreshing, refreshing! I'm disabled and use different mobility devices depending on the hour so I wouldn't have normally had the chance to give my business. I guess something good came from social distancing because this "drive through" kind of park, buy, and go home beer sale is very convenient for me to meet TCP and taste their beer. Will be coming back! Ken and Gus really stood out for me!

Savaj Truth

Love it. Dope staff, fun games, chill, sorta divey atmosphere. You can play pool, basketball, basketball, darts, shuffleboard, and I'm forgetting one or two more. Great place to roll deep with friends!

Jeff Adams

Great service..all types of beer

Dawn Hodges

local bar with old games that are free to play. Nice bartender and good drinks. there is a trivia night as well.

Danielle Bell

Love this place. Excellent service, especially from the Russians. It’s a dive bar with games for days! Who could ask for anything more?

Jed Mitten

Beer, music, bar games, and space to enjoy them all in the belly of Normal Heights. This is my kind of dive bar. The only down side is that it's a little on the outside of the main strip.

Shan D.

Super great bartender....Anastacia was her name I think. Games are fun. Bar is unique. FYI... you do have to be 21, no matter what time of day.... because they don't serve food.

Kilo’s Moto Madness Garage

Very friendly atmosphere and great selection of non IPA beers.

Stefan G

One of my favorite two bars on Adams. Love the beer selection - yep, they have Pliny from time to time - and the staff is super nice. Always worth a visit.

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