2825 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego
(619) 563-5327

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j p.

I'm only giving this a 3 star because I've always liked the food...it's better than other fast food places (except five guys). The drive thru has been VERY slow lately, and I don't know why. It's like they're either high, or just don't care to provide prompt service. The manager looks like she don't care either. Get a whole new team in there!!

Neicy Sims

Fries under cooked. Nuggets cold.. Hot inside restaurant. Bathroom horrible, updated space but filthy and short staffed.

Allison D.

I don't know what happened in the last 6 months. The drive thru is so SLOW!!! I come here after work a few times a month, usually around 8:30 pm, and wait in the drive thru for 20-25 mins. They actually used to be fairly quick. The food was always good (for fast food) but has also went down hill. The fries are beyond salty! The burgers are a mess, once opened, ketchup all over. I love Wendys!! These are minor changes that can be fixed.

Brian Chavez

The food here has always been amazing!


I love the berry burst salad ❤️ and their spicy chicken burger is really spicy and delicious 🔥


I love the berry burst salad ❤️ and their spicy chicken burger is really spicy and delicious 🔥

Joseph Sapien

I always love eating at wendys. My kids enjoyed it as well. Thank you

Nancy Perez

Food was fresh and hot. We all ordered the $5 biggie bag and it was yummy and good value. Clean restaurant.

Alex Granier

It says that it's open until 12 am. Yet you come all the way here expecting to eat a decent meal and nope it's 20 min waiting at the drive through. Lame!

Jody Aguilar

I love this Wendy's, ever since i was a kid i would go here with my grandparents. Every time i walk in all the memories i had would come back. Definitely recommend this place .

Ana Corona

Hadn't been to Wendy's in years and I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty my spicy chicken sandwich was. They have a menu with a good variety of options from burgers to salads. Their cookies are also yummy and they have the cool new drink machines with a bunch of drink options. This location was recently remodeled and looks nice, but there isn't enough seating for the amount of foot traffic this place gets. There also wasn't any outdoor seating that I was able to see. Parking lot is good size and staff is friendly and fast.

Dakota Schwartz

One of my top places for quality cheap food. This place does it for me. The staff was helpful and kind. This place has a nice feel to it.

Sara Brown

Nice spot for Cheap food. I will probably become a regular. The place has a great atmosphere. Feels like a place in Charlotte that I enjoyed visiting.

Mark Salud

I used a couponn to get a free home style chicken sandwich, paying only for the fries and soda. Nice deal.

Barbara Johnson

Excellent location for delicious cheap food. I love this place, great food & service. Looking forward to coming back with my coworkers. This place has a good feel to it.

Luis Arvizu

Fast food has a place in my stomach or I should say my heart. If I don't control it it will have my heart. But I still love it. If you want a good deal the $5 big bag is a good deal. Cheap and quick for lunch just enough to hold you over until dinner. In these days of tight budgets and you want to treat yourself not a bad way to go. Just a way to get away from your everyday things and relax. Well at least in life I can't speak for anybody else. So enjoy your life where you can.

Matt J.

Perhaps the dumbest staff I've experienced at a fast food location of any kind (which is saying something), beginning with management. Three consecutive orders of mine were made incorrectly. So in some sense, you could say I'm as dumb for going back. However you'd think alerting management to the fact that their food preparers are not following instructions might make a difference. It didn't. Honestly, go to Sonic next door. This Wendy's should be shut down for being useless, and let's all hope no one working here decides to procreate (but we're probably too late). Nooooooo!

Danny Ortiz

I go to this Wendy's but in reality what I'm going to talk about applies to all of them.

John R.

Long wait and slow line, ok, love Wendy's burgers. Pull up to window, no eye contact, just rear left shoulder while taking cc and handing bag of food. Will never return to this establishment.

Jasmine Z.

The bitch named Maria that took my order fucked up on literally the entire order, had a stank ass attitude and didnt even give me ketchup with my LARGE fries, I understand working there probably isnt the best job but likeeeee it's her job to make sure me, the customer, is satisfied. If you wanna be be disappointed, this is definitely he Wendy's to go to.



2825 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104