2825 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego
(619) 563-5327

Recent Reviews

Cj W.

It is a great place to order food if you want hair in your frosty. I will never go did Wendy's ever again. Disgusting. Location 2825 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104. I would avoid that place period.

Pat F.

I have been to this Wendy's an embarrassing amount of times and I am never let down. Personally I think Wendy's in general is very under rated. This location is consistent- food is always hot and 'fresh' (err... something like that). They have taken measures to keep the drive thru open safely during the pandemic. Thank you for staying open!

Joseph Schonhoff

I went to Wendy's this morning around 7:45 and waited in line roughly half an hour for two cars ahead of me to get their food. I don't mind waiting, I really don't. I ordered a Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant Combo, and a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. Upon getting to the window the lady handed me my bag and said "this should be everything" and I proceeded to pull off slowly. As I did, I opened the bag and noticed a whole sandwich not in the bag, no big deal, I backed up, parked my car, and walked through the rain to get inside. When I got inside, I explained to. Awoman who met me at the door what happened, she immediately went back to rectify the issue, and came back out with another back and a sandwich inside. She also said they threw in a cookie for the accident. I get home to eat the chicken biscuit and guess what wasn't in the sandwich? The ENTIRE piece of chicken . They simply handed me a biscuit. I attempted calling the establishment but they didn't answer twice, so here's my review, maybe someone will notice.

Melissa M.

It's a standard Wendy's. The jalapeño burger is dope. Never had a problem with their service, don't know why everyone is complaining ‍

Jen A.

This place is a joke. They messed up my order so badly that it wasnt even close and when I went back and had to wait through the drive thru again due to covid-19 the lady at the window was extremely rude and never even said sorry. Don't waste your time, go somewhere else.

Eliezer Daniel

I love the 4 for $4 deal. It is especially convenient and cost effective. Also, service is quick and simple. Great place for a quick meal.

Jeremy Van Eseltine

Love the self serving tablets as I'm indecisive but wish the software was a little more flushed out for swapping/Upgrading a Soda to a Frosty. The drive through usually gets my order right.

Nicole Garst

Great customer service. Lost my pocket wallet and was returned with everything in it. Honesty is always a great quality. Fresh and delicious food.

Peter Perez

I feel like the drive thru people are always rushing you while you are ordering and never give out any condemets unless you ask. Always double check you're bag before you pull away they messed up my order more than once. I understand that they are busy but so are their competitor's and they don't disappoint as often as this particular location. However food taste great that's why I keep coming back.

Joann Van Pelt

Food is good here. BUT, I cannot have spicy foods. And every time I order chicken nuggets they have a touch of spicy. ? Just glad I'm not allergic ?

David Fitch

Inside service is very good. Manager could do better at managing customers in the drive through line. One car kept the line stopped for 15 minutes last night.

Mike Reyes

Quick service friendly staff and good prices. I love their frosty

Joshua Pennington

Always fresh, and good deals with the app. I like the new look of the dining room too. Great service as well.

Travis Herron

The food's okay but the prices are too high the staff are nice


Awesome place! Very clean and great service with a smile!! ??

Hank Alexander

Would certainly recommend trying this place. Great vibes, delicious food, fantastic customer service. They never disappoint.

Jason PErnst

A typical wendys in a plaza. They are pretty good for a fast food chain. Better than other Wendys ive been too

James Littles

Always a great eat half price when a lot of many items this time of year bring your New Year's in with the square a burger that is

cameron grant

Fine spot for delicious Cheap food. Went there on a Saturday. Certainly worth a return trip. They have a lot of good reviews for a reason.

Charlotte D

One of my top spots for quality cheap food. This place is absolutely one of my favorites. Staff treated us so kindly. Prices are reasonable.

jane case

Good location for tasty Cheap food. Came in on a Thurs. Nothing but enjoyable experiences here. It has a good interior. Feeling here is similar to a place in Columbus I liked.


Wendy's will always be great to me I use to work for them a couple years back. The managers were always awesome so thats been a home for me so Wendy' s is so great

Sherri F

A fav place for Cheap food. It's so tasty. Fast, efficient, and courteous service. Prices that won't break you.

S P Larsen

Nice spot for cheap food. You won't be disappointed in the menu and service. Will surely make a return trip. Bring your hunger - portions are filling. Reminds me of a restaurant in Philadelphia that I enjoyed.

Anthony Benjamin

Cheap food... so great. I love this place. The bill was fair I would say.

Viviana S.

Don't know why the lady told us to pull up to the second window when they only have one window. Guess they saw the handicap license plate and wanted to mess with disabled people. Shame.

Babbitt Guerrier

They got my order wrong. Food was good though.

Destiny O

cheap food, yeah, awesome. Great place to relax, people watch, eat good food or all the above. Nothing but great experiences here. Food is like a restaurant in Louisville I loved.

Luis X. De La Vega

It took for ever to order, but the food makes up for it. Spicy chicken sandwich and double burger.

James Little

A burger for all Mankind in the other items on the menu are great also

Dietrich Faust

Price wasnt too bad. Food tasted good too. Not so filling though. Everything was small portions.

Micheal Smith

Great location, very helpful and friendly crew, always good food.

Sergio Sobrino

My buddy and I decided to stop and grab some meals after a nice day at the beach. Waited 30mins, while waiting customers before us were complaining that they haven't been helped yet. Another customer complained that there order disappeared from the screen and never got it. At that point we decided to leave. Was looking forward to satisfy our crave. Worst experience ever. They need to fix there ordering system.

Mark S.

WARNING - This Wendy's location now has kiosks, which appear to be the only means of ordering food. At least no employee asked to help us even though the kiosk we were using was not responding. Finally, we got the screen to work, but we wanted some options that were not available on the kiosk. At this point, I decided to pay with cash, since that way I know I could talk to someone about how I wanted my order. An employee took our money and was very accommodating with the changes to the order. He seemed to understand from our expressions that were we upset with the situation. He later apologized and said they have been having numerous issues with the kiosks and the general manager was aware. I have used kiosks at McDonald's and other places. I have no problem with them. Wendy's implementation is the worst I have ever seen. The kiosk was often unresponsive. It was placed at the front counter so you felt pressured to hurry. There was no employee assigned to assist in any way (unlike other places). There was no option to give your order to an employee (unlike McDonald's). The kiosk flashed a number on the screen for a few seconds that you are to remember - if you missed it you'll never know when your food is ready. This experience was horrible. I would recommend any other nearby Wendy's that does not have these kiosks setup. They were frustrating, unresponsive, confusing, poorly developed and impersonal.

Saba Y.

Asked for no chicken in my Caesar salad & guess what I got? Chicken in my Caesar salad -______________-

Nicholas L.

My chicken sandwich today is disgusting. Looks like it has been sitting for many hours.

James E.

Went to get a Biggie Bag. Staff was nice and fast.

Ed Franke

444 is the way to go. Fastest drive thrust this location.

Maxwell H.

Went there last night, they shorted my order of 10 nuggets to 8 and half filled everything else. The fries were old, not fresh. This morning I realized they never gave me my debit card back. When I called this morning before opening hours I was happy to know that someone was in the building prepping the opening. I explained the situation and gave my name 5 times along with a description of the card. Apparently this happens quite often, because the employee that answered the phone was looking through the large quantity that had been also not been returned to their owner. After what felt like pulling teeth she confirmed my card had in fact been kept by the drive thru. I asked if I could stop by with an ID since they were there and had confirmed it was my card. They declined and said sorry that's a managers job and there was no manager there. I confirmed they were in the building and did in fact have my card and asked simply why they couldn't just provide my card back and they said no sorry that's someone else's job. I calmly asked again how could they not provide me a card they kept by mistake so I could eat lunch today considering I had to be at work before 10am and they again refused. Ridiculous.

Samantha C.

Worst fastfood place I've ever been to. Drive thru was long, so dined inside. Line was long, and almost every customer got their order wrong. They were taking back food, and what not. As we waited for our food, probably about 20 min, for 4 for 4, 2 nuggets and a side salad, a man wss given his food. He thanked them and wished them a happy labor day, and as hes walking out the lady says "happy labor day my ass, you should be cooking at home." Seriously he was being nice after he waited idk how long and how rude these girls were. Horrible. Then, as I'm waiting for my food which is sitting at the counter and is missing my fries and salad, I ask them about it. And all they have to say is what else is your order missing. There's a freaking receipt right there at the tray, READ IT. I asked for no cheese on my salad and these girls are arguing over who's gna make it. So my food is getting cold because their lazy asses cant make a damn side salad. Reallyyyyyy. I wanted to go off on them, but I decided to keep calm, and just get out of there. Overall, the laziest, rudest, slowest group of girls working at a fast food place. I would never go back here, or any fastfood place in this area again. It was pretty sad to be honest.