2825 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego
(619) 563-5327

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Delaney Sinnema

It was horrible they were rude and didn’t have crab cakes, sushi, or buttery lobster biscuits. When they said they did.

Arturo Reyna

If you like Wendy's, I can say, this Wendy's is as good as many other great Wendy's. I would recommend.

Mireyna Romero

Literally waited 30 minutes in the drive through I have never waited in a drive through so long just to get a wrong order ??‍♀️ This has been the second time in a row that my order. Drive through lady was super nice just so disappointed.

fasil bogale

Most of the time I come here the female employees have an attitude and are rude. The food used to be good but now it tastes like its microwaved. It shouldn't take them 10 seconds to hand you your food.

Stephan Morris

The food's good, but I don't like who they donate money to........

Tiffany G.

BBQ Burger is always legit and the spicy chicken sandwich makes me as happy as a fat kid eating cake and let's not get started on the frosty so good and I love the drive through attendees and the grill operators for doing such a wonderful job


I wish the fries were more crisp, but those burgers SHACK

Mark Bell

Wendy's have stepped up their game. The regular cheese burgers taste more like a home made burger that McDonald's or Burger Kings comparable offering. Dave's Double is very good, but too much for me. A single is good enough. Baconator fries are really good. Thanks for stepping up your game Wendy's.

Brett Eggen

The food was hot and fresh. I love the taco salad here. I wish the dining room would open again. Other places are already open.

Yoon N.

Passing by in the morning, we got hungry and saw this place was close. So, we stopped by to fill up out stomach for a 8 hour drive. This place is decent. The menu has variety of food options. You can also get salads there also. We ordered the bacon chicken croissant, chicken burgers, and fries. The burgers are great there, as well as fries. The menu has affordable price. The customer service is ok. This place opens late, but the time varies for Friday and Saturday. There is a parking lot but not that big. This place gets busy during the afternoon and nighttime. Sometimes, it can get busy in the morning time to time. The place also has great deals. If there is no traffic, then this place is a quick meal.

Cj W.

It is a great place to order food if you want hair in your frosty. I will never go did Wendy's ever again. Disgusting. Location 2825 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104. I would avoid that place period.

Pat F.

I have been to this Wendy's an embarrassing amount of times and I am never let down. Personally I think Wendy's in general is very under rated. This location is consistent- food is always hot and 'fresh' (err... something like that). They have taken measures to keep the drive thru open safely during the pandemic. Thank you for staying open!

Fernando Romero

Deplorable service, rude employees let alone the manager, AFTER buying my food i politely asked the cashier, if i could use the bathroom she said no twice with-an attitude, the manager saw it happen and that joke of “manager” did not do a thing single thing about it, if you are looking for good treatment and good service this Wendys is not the place to go to

Joseph Schonhoff

I went to Wendy's this morning around 7:45 and waited in line roughly half an hour for two cars ahead of me to get their food. I don't mind waiting, I really don't. I ordered a Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant Combo, and a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. Upon getting to the window the lady handed me my bag and said "this should be everything" and I proceeded to pull off slowly. As I did, I opened the bag and noticed a whole sandwich not in the bag, no big deal, I backed up, parked my car, and walked through the rain to get inside. When I got inside, I explained to. Awoman who met me at the door what happened, she immediately went back to rectify the issue, and came back out with another back and a sandwich inside. She also said they threw in a cookie for the accident. I get home to eat the chicken biscuit and guess what wasn't in the sandwich? The ENTIRE piece of chicken . They simply handed me a biscuit. I attempted calling the establishment but they didn't answer twice, so here's my review, maybe someone will notice.

Melissa M.

It's a standard Wendy's. The jalapeño burger is dope. Never had a problem with their service, don't know why everyone is complaining ‍

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