4403 University Ave #400, San Diego
(619) 563-9464

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Ravyn Parker

LUIS WAS THEEE Chiz. Great experience super chill smiles great work ethic

Zylan Park

I placed my order and arrived to pick up and they wanted me to pay in cash. This business is shady AF.

alleighson crone

Rude customer service! Fries weren’t even cooked, my wing were so nasty. Me and my husband didn’t even eat the food and we payed $27. what a waste of money to just got buy food somewhere because of how nasty it was!! Will never eat here AGAIN!!.

Gary N.

During the pandemic, this place would be my go to, they offer fast service if you order thru the app, takes longer if you do walk in, extra crispy wings if you requested, sometimes the server could make mistakes and got your order wrong but overall the food quality were great, also they take EBT for people in need of food.

Ricardo T.

They have f****** rats and roaches by their cups and they don't do s*** about them wtf

Abdur Rahman F.

I was at this location at or around 11:30pm on the night if thanksgiving. I was there with hopes of getting a PS5 from GameStop. While I waited outside, I saw a rat running around inside the store. I thought I was seeing things so I told the other people in line and we all tripped out. It ran along the stacked tables and went all the way to the front glass. As you can imagine, we were mortified. My family and kids have eaten at this location. I called to talk with a manager and someone gave me their shift leader, Tiffany. She was very rude before I even told her my concern. I also asked for the name of the manager and she refused to give me that. So now I'm letting anyone that cares know that there is a huge male rat freely running around in the Wingstop on university. I also plan on informing the city of this health code violation.

Mirabella M.

Update: they forgot my brownie which is really the cherry on top of the garbage service. Gotta agree with everyone else. Terrible customer service. Told me they were closed when I came in (at 8pm) even though they had taken my order over the phone 20 minutes earlier. It wasn't because they had reduced hours because of COVID. She literally just didn't want to help me. When I told her "oh, I called it in" she said "oh" and that was it. They're open until midnight; the lit up sign says so. The girls couldn't be more rude. Truly.

Drue B.

Bad service, just the whole energy about the place they made it seem like they weren't enthusiastic, unprofessional, bad customer service altogether. In conclusion they made us feel uncomfortable, and I think that they may have spat in our wings. But some days are good here which is why I gave them 3 stars.

Al M.

Wingstop failed to provide the Doordash driver with my full order. When I called they said I could drive down and pick up my remaining order, failing to understand I had just paid a high price to have my food delivered. Wingstop then told me they would reimburse my credit card for the food they hadn't provided. That was a week and a half ago and still I haven't received my reimbursement. So Wingstop failed to provide wings(their core biz) and steals money from their customers.Needless to say I will never order from them again and will, when asked, dissuade others from doing the same.

Holly Chan

Food is good, staff are very accommodating and friendly.

kevin Gonzalez

Put in an order of 2 fries around 11pm, I was told they only do online orders after 11 and we were pushed outside. They locked the doors at 11pm and we waited outside for our 2 fries for 20+ mins, when I asked them were my order was, they looked at me surprised. They didn't even start it. Bad night crew...

Miguel Aguilar Jr

Great service, love the fried corn!! Thank you again for the awesome food.

Amanda C.

Food was great! I have no complaints about their food whatsoever, but their customer service was lacking. Without getting too specific, because I ain't trying to have anyone lose their job over a bad yelp review, the "girls" behind the counter were just plain rude. This review is for the City Heights location.

Michael Frye

Good food not so good customer service

Gabriela Montes De Oca

Took an hour to get my order of two items. I asked for a cup of water while I wait.the supervisor said they don't have cups for water .and she can't give me a regular cup because is from her inventory.

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