Ambros Sandwich

105 Arrow Hwy, San Dimas
(909) 599-3544

Recent Reviews

Antonio Pedraza

Food ok service the lady never say hi or thanks she look mad all the timeFood: 3/5

Karen D.

Good local spot in San Dimas for sandwiches. They also sell some other quick lunch items. Bread tasted fresh. The turkey sandwich I ordered was ready in less than 5 minutes. Customer service wasn't too friendly but at least it was quick. Prices were fair. Not many drink selections. Free parking in a medium-sized strip mall lot.

Kit T.

This is family owned. The menu is super easy to read. The fries are also crunchy. It's not expensive and l would come here again.

Sanjay Kotia

Good Cold Veggie Sandwich with fresh veggies. I enjoyed it.

Eddie D.

California is the best Turkey avocado, bacon. Miss this! Chips and a drink. We're set!

Ruby T.

Rude as hell!! Called in my order, they didn't take my name, my number, or told me what time it will be ready. They didn't say goodbye just click hung up! Gave it another try, mistake !

Chris S

I got the mortadella cheese, super good sandwich. Reminded me of the sandwiches my mom would make, nice and homemade.

Eric H.

Very disappointed after giving this place a good review last week I came in again because it was good I made a phone order and asked my ambros sandwich with no sauces . I didn't notice it had mustard until I was back and work . Now this is the reason why I was disappointed . I drove back it's only 5 mins away and when I got to ambros I told them I asked for no sauces . They swapped it out but they only swapped out the bread and not the complete Sandwich. They literally took the lettuce , ham and roast beef with mustard still on it and put into a new bread . I understand its a small business and they try to keep it cost efficient but what if I was allergic to mustard what "IF" This is not acceptable. I will bring it to owners attention next time I go to this place again . I attached some photos where you can see their still mustard on my sandwich

Leo S.

Great sandwiches, fast service, and local shop. My go to is always the Ambro's California with everything. Love the fine diced lettuce, just the right amount of avocado. This place cranks the sandwich out! I've never seen a place crank the sandwich out so quick. It's only a buck more for a large. Fresh bread - not sure it's baked here but tasted fresh. Located on the corner of Arrow Highway and San Dimas Ave. They are in a strip mall with a reasonable amount of parking .

Renee K.

My daughter and I were craving a good sandwich and were sick of the "normal" ones. I always prefer to support small business over chain stores and when I saw the reviews for Ambro's Subs, we decided to try it out. It was DELICIOUS! Fresh ingredients, great service and a good sandwich selection. Highly recommend you try out this hidden little gem in San Dimas! You can thank me later :)

July I.

They have more than just subs on the menu, but I recommend sticking to the subs. The meats and veggies are so fresh and always taste great.

Deanna Hooper

Why did I not know about this place? I live about 5 minutes away off of San Dimas canyon. This will be my new go-to spot I absolutely devoured their six inch turkey sandwich. Amazing

Marcia G.

Stopped in due to curiosity since I drive by this shop all the time. Decided to try the egg salad, I ordered a large and within a couple minutes my order was ready. Nice like shop, clean. Friendliness could be worked on, but nevertheless I have no complaints, just kudos for quickness and no waiting. As I left there were several people on their way in so maybe next time there might be a wait. Sandwich was good, egg salad was fresh!

John X

Just okay sandwiches; can make half a tuna met sandwich but not a full one? Come on now.

Lindley Amparano

Small place good sandwiches

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