Ambros Sandwich

105 Arrow Hwy, San Dimas
(909) 599-3544

Recent Reviews

Martha Machado

Realy good ?

Skim Broskie

My favorite sandwhich is the tuna diet. I always love coming back. Subway is trash this place is God. I've got some great funny stories about this place too lmao!

Food Food

I love their sandwiches and probably go here once a week. The staff is always super nice! :) 10/10

Carlos Valle

Ambros sandwiches here are delicious! Hot sandeiches and cold. Even the burgers are good. Cash or Card accepted.

Crucifer Sinn

Very good little sandwich shop... 5 stars for you!

Mr. Ghast

Very good little sandwich shop... 5 stars for you!


The sandwichs in this store are really delicious and the price is very very afordable. So I don't live here, but I always eat when I have a way.

DiamondLee R.

This is first time being here. The cashier Asian lady was snotty and it seems she was in a rush. Kept on saying that's it ? She said it twice. Kinda annoying!! The music they were playing was " hallelujah" I needed something to keep me awake not knock me out!! oh and the subs don't have pickles . So I asked for some and she gave a face. ‍ I guess seems everything bothered her. I think she's Was just wanting to get home.

L. G.

Last couple of times people were friendlier. I still prefer the sandwiches and service at Papas Best on Arrow but this is my go to place for a quick lunch run.

Deborah Caldwell

Tuna Diet was delicious 😋 I wanted fresh sprouts, avocado and cucumber on a tuna sandwich, was pleasantly surprised withExactly what I wanted!

Charly Strange

I think this place changed hands. Went for lunch after not having been for a while and was so disappointed in my food. Had a BLT with avocado and the sandwich was okay and cold fries...


I've been going to this shop for 18 years and it's one of my favorite sandwich shops in the area. The sandwiches always taste so fresh and the French rolls are so soft. There's a couple of chairs in the shop but it's a small place. Most people get their food to go. I've only had their sandwiches so my rating is based on the sandwiches and not the breakfast or platters.

Gina M.

The tuna diet sandwich is my favorite! Always so fresh & with the cucumbers and sprouts, it contains the perfect amount of crunch! The rolls are so soft & fresh too. So tasty! Prices are super affordable & very worth it! And the two women that work at the front are just the sweetest! Very kind and efficient. I'm always greeted with big smiles. I usually get my sandwich to go, but the inside of the restaurant is always very clean and tidy! I cannot say enough good things about this place. Highly recommend!!

Jim Sheppard

Great sandwiches, fantastic bread rolls, we normally get just the turkey and cheese. Have been loving their sandwiches and teriyaki for over 15 years with the same great quality.

Armygunsmith E

Don't know what changed recently, but the last sandwich I got was not what their previous ones were like. There were only 2 pieces of meat on it. Certainly didn't meet expectations for an almost 6 dollar sandwich. See the pictures.

A. C.

Nice little sandwich shop tucked in a corner plaza. Lots of choices including cold and hot sandwiches, and even beef and chicken bowls with rice. I honestly think it’s a better deal than subway, because they’re comparable in price, but just tastes much more homemade. My favorite is the steak and cheese with avocado. Highly recommended for a quick and affordable bite! :)

Yani Flores

The service was most excellent and food is great.

kwang choi

The food Ambros was dilicious and very fresh!

beanie b

The cashier is always so patient and kind.

Robert Cousins

Absolutely delicious, with a great price. Lady was cute, place was clean. Great hole in the wall sandwhich spot. Support your local businesses poeple. :)

Skylar Buenaventura

delicious sandwiches. just a bit pricey for a full on meal...but worth the price tbh

Dustin Williams

Great Sandwich and friendly employees.

Jennifer M.

One of my fav little sandwich shops. I always get the same thing, tuna diet, and it never disappoints me. I even got my husband hooked and a colleague. Service is quick too!

Jessica S.

Best sandwiches in San Dimas, hands down. I moved away a few years ago, but every time I visit family (a few times a month) I insist on grabbing a sandwich from here! The tuna diet (on a roll) is amazing. Nice soft bread, a generous helping of tuna(that they mix with egg salad) and a generous portion of sprouts, avocado and other toppings. I'm drooling just thinking about it! The employees are friendly. They still remember me and my order, even though I am unable to frequent this place as often as I used to. The only downside is that if you dine in, there are only a couple tables and it can get stuffy as the AC is pretty sparse.

Anastasia T.

Favorite sandwich place in San Dimas! My go to is the Diet and is a good vegetarian option. This is now my office's go-to for sandwiches at lunch time.

Tracy S.

Try the California - D-lish!!!!!!! Recommended to this place by co workers - glad I came

Grace Ellerbrock

Very good food with good variety of choices

R P.

I've been going to this shop since 2001 and they never disappoint. Although I am no longer in the area, I still make it a point to go here when I'm in the area. My favorite is the Tuna Diet specialty sandwich minus the tomato and cucumber. You can taste the freshness in the sprouts and they give you a good amount of tuna to where it falls out when you bite into it. Prices are good and much less expensive than your regular sandwich shop. Decent Philly cheese steak sandwich and the service is pretty fast. I typically call it in and it's ready by the time I get there. It's a small mom and pop style place so don't expect anything fancy. Although they do have tables and chairs for about 15-20 people. Enjoy!

Donna M.

I love the veggie sandwich (called the DIET sandwich), it's the best! The rolls are soft and fresh.

Simon S.

This a great sandwich spot and food is made to order and a break from the ordinary and the cook put her heart in the food and the shrimp plate is super value, try and you will know it is one of the best kept secrets in San Dimas

Mz. D

Love this sandwich shop. Very reasonably priced and the orders are always correct. The service is fast, which is greatly appreciated. My favorite is the Salami and Cheese. The bacon and avocado is pretty good, too.

Joshua Buers

Ambros is one of my lunchtime favorites! They have a large menu, from BBQ beef combo plates to fish and chips to generously portioned subs to burgers they do them all well. If you're in a rush, call ahead to order though.

Alexandra R.

I work so close to this place and finally decided to try it today. I ordered a #2 combo, large turkey & cheese sub with chips and a drink to-go and had barely filled my drink and sat down and they already had by food ready to go. The sandwich was great, bread was very soft and fresh tasting, veggies were good (especially compared to the stuff you usually get at subway) and for the price of the combo it was a good size. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get a quick sandwich fix for a good price.

Natalie A.

Been coming here for years because it's near my office in San Dimas and a nice alternative to Subway. Sure, the prices might seem a little high and the customer service leaves a little to be desired, but I still go here every so often. I usually get a small pastrami and cheese, which is delicious but could definitely use more mustard and pickles (I just add mustard back at the office). And the small (called "regular") seems especially small because they slice it in half, making it look even smaller. But it is quite tasty, and this is really the only place near enough to my work where I can pick up a pastrami sandwich. Today I opted for a tuna sandwich on wheat because I had been craving one. Theirs is really good! They pack on a lot of tuna salad, along with lettuce and tomato (I omitted on mine). The tuna is tasty, not too "fishy". They mix it with mayo, relish and a tiny bit of chopped egg. Mmm! I think that egg is what must make it taste so good. The regular size is very filling and, with a bag of chips, cost me $6.10 total. Definitely less than I'd have paid at Subway and this is much better. Also, they do have good fries!

Hai S.

The prices and portion sizes are fair, you get more from the sandwiches than the plate dishes. The owners don't seem to be very talkative and more business minded to get you what you ordered rather than start chitchat. The food is pretty good, it's pretty popular, but for other places to eat in the area. You can probably get more bang for your buck than here. I like it when I need something quick and easy.

Mary A.

I love their sub sandwiches and their fries make me happy! Maybe we are crazy but my husband and I always look forward to them!

Ramiro Rodriguez


Ayman Botros

love this little place. great food. friendly, quick and reasonable prices.

V E.

No frills and the food is consistently good. Their cold sandwiches are tastier than their hot sandwiches, as they don't put toppings on their hot sandwiches. Service is quick and efficient, and the pricing on the sandwiches is slightly less than the chains. Parking is usually available in the lot. It's an easy place to go for a quick lunch.


I cannot believe how good the reviews are on this place. I went there for the first time today, ordered a small pastrami with cheese and a water. This sandwich was the most pathetic looking excuse for a sandwich. I think subway is the lowest level of sandwich shops due to one slice thick of each meat (usually 3), well I was wrong. I paid $8 dollars for a sandwich that was smaller than a hotdog. How the hell can this place be that good. I WILL NEVER BE BACK. TOTAL RIP OFF.