8 Immortals Restaurant

1433 Taraval St, San Francisco
(415) 731-5515

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chicken wings

They got some tasty msg and that rice tastes good.Kid-friendliness: They have a student menu and everything is 7 dollars on it for 2022.

Erica Au

I used to come here in high school for lunch many moons ago and their food is excellent. Great dishes at very reasonable prices and the staff is friendly too. I'm glad to see that they're still around because they deserve it!


When my doctor friend came into town and asked to get Chinese food, The Eight Immortals came immediately to mind. He and I have been best friends since Junior High School, and he just can't stop talking about our time in the 8 immortals. I would put this restaurant at the level of The Pink Pearl in Toronto, Canada, where I went every Saturday with Master Moy Lin Shin (Taoist priest from Hong Kong's Fung Loy Kok temple). - the whole class came because we were hungry after 6 hours of doing the form, push hands, etc .and we wanted that feel of higher consciousness flowing through our bodies and minds. Then, it was back to play with swards and sabers, energized as we were from the sharing of great food and friendship. Wo Hops in NYC's China Town has similarly great food, but not the spirit.

Irvin Yee

New owners food was okay. Not as good as the original.

Alicia A.

Haven't been here for more that 10 years, decided to come by on 4th of July. Not too busy, the waitstaff gives a lot of suggestions but not pushy. We ended up ordering a la carte instead of doing the family package meals. We ordered the squab, half of a crispy chicken, beef with broccoli, clams in black bean sauce, teriyaki sauce beef ribs, fried fish fillet in corn sauce, the sweet and sour porkchops. Food was pretty and came out very hot. I liked that the kitchen was able to complete our whole order in a timely fashion. It felt like the kitchen was only doing our orders, seeing how fast our dishes came out but they were able to complete other party's dishes as well. We were stuffed to the gills, and we still had leftovers to bring home. Reasonable pricing, gotta remember this place as an option in the Sunset.

Will T.

This place was okay. The food was 3.5, stars maybe 4 depending on what you order. The prices are reasonable for the bay area, but not quite as reasonable as the menu photos would suggest (even the one from 3 months ago). Some seafood dishes, like the fried flounder is a dollar more than whats listed. Other dishes like soup.. we were told we would need a one and a half the usual portion size for a party of 5, but the price ended up being more than 1.5x the listed price ($18 vs $11). A dollar per person for tea (which I think is more commonly charged for dim sum than family style a la carte), and a couple dollars for each bowl of white rice (fair, most places charge for rice these days) the prices start to make more sense (ie more realistic). Still very reasonable for the area, just not as cheap as it seems from the menus posted. I would come back, the seafood dishes like seem to be the most value. Might consider ordering to-go as take out.


Great Chinese food with lots of choices, very reasonable prices indeed.Had comfort food dine in and even take out tooGood family dining!!!

Benny N.

Horrible now order 3 dish to go when I get home open the box everything is like soup a lot of water not going back no More never

Stanley L.

Great place for student lunches ($7) and regulars meals. Was a frequent diner here as well when I was a child. Place has top notch customer service and patrons are very friendly. Blessing this place with more new business - recommend with my utmost respectful regard!

Ed U.

I'm surprised I haven't heard of any franchise plans to add the Eight Immortals to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially after the success of "Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings". I assume they have mystical powers that turn super-villains to dust through lightning-fast kung fu moves. However, until that happens at a theater near you, their namesake restaurant out in the Sunset would have to do. I came here not to be immortalized but to try their steamed chicken since I saw it on the menu taped in the window even though I knew it wasn't the kind with ginger-garlic sauce. When I entered after the lunch hour, the hostess was sharing laughs with a table of regular customers. I almost didn't want to interrupt her, but I was looking to have a hearty lunch. I started with the $9.99 Diced Chicken with Corn Soup. It was piping hot with egg drop and came in a bowl large enough for a small family (photo: I wish they had a smaller serving available but no such luck. I really couldn't enjoy it as I wanted to keep my tongue after the meal. My entree was the $12.80 Steamed Chicken with Chinese Sausage (photo: I soon realized this was the Hong Kong cafe-style of steamed chicken which meant it was just way too greasy for my taste. Oh well, perhaps I can pray to the Eight Immortals to come up with a healthier dish with a lot less oil or at least a side of ginger-garlic sauce. FOOD - 3 stars...old school Chinese that makes greasy steamed chicken AMBIANCE - 3 stars...familiar surroundings SERVICE - 3 stars...industrious but otherwise engaged TOTAL - 3 stars...where are those Eight Immortals when you need 'em? RELATED - Exploring the Sunset? Here's a collection of places I've visited and reviewed:

Leanne Y.

The food was good and the prices for Moderat, but the portions were on the smaller side. We enjoyed the salt and pepper chicken wings but be sure to tell them if you want less salt. We also ordered their wor wonton which was very good but again, the soup a little on the saltier side, and lastly, Bok choy with Chinese mushrooms. Honey walnut shrimp made made just right. All tasty!

Lisa X.

This is more like a 3.5 - 3.7 stars. We tried this restaurant via delivery. Maybe we will go and try in person dining soon. Food was okay. Nothing too exciting. I like their half roast duck the best. Minced beef over rice had too much peas and carrots, a bit distracting and doesn't help the dish. The wonton soup with beef stew was okay.

Kathleen Liston

Server already knew exactly our preferences before we requested. He has served us before. Good food and efficient service.

Mich Ro

Solid food at reasonable prices. Typical Cantonese and some Chinese American food. The set table menus are a steal.

Ben Beals-Nesmith

Love this resturant!!! They have the best roasted chicken\ quaile ever!!!Friendly service always!

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