1105 Taraval St, San Francisco
(415) 665-2233

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Barry Louie

Arrived about 8:30am. Ordered three sandwiches - one combination, one BBQ pork and one BBQ chicken. The man toasted each bun and cut each sandwich in half, so we could all share. The bread is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, so it didn’t cut up the roof of my mouth. I like the finely shredded carrots, and jalapeños available upon request. Cash only, but there is a Bank of America and a Chase nearby.

Ilan Erenstein

Great little place. Tucked in and cozy. Classic Banh Mi for those that love them. There's a big selection sure to satisfy most people. It reminds me of the places in San Jose who have probably the best Bahn MI. All in all it was excellent. Definately a must if you're in the city.

Sean Kau

The shredded pork was one of the better Banh mi I've had in the bay area.

jörge wong

Great banh mi, the bread is delicious.

Jeffrey Ho

I had a combo sandwich. The bread was soft with had a fluffy texture. It had way too many pickled carrots though. The vinegar overpowered the Vietnamese meats. For the second half of the sandwich, I scoped out all the carrots and the sandwich tasted much better. Service was fine.


Classic banh mi restaurant with other similarly affordable Vietnamese dishes. Can’t go wrong here ?

Isabelle Yisak

Combination pork banh mi was delicious -- reasonable price and fyi, it is cash only.

Alexandre Doubov

Awesome BBQ pork and Combination bahn mi!

Philipp Pfeiffenberger

I've been eating banh mi throughout SF for 13 years, and this is my favorite. BBQ chicken w/ pate and jalapeno is my regular jam, but the others are good as well. Unpretentious, fast, delicious and friendly service.

Jeffrey Leong

Excellent food and good service.

Sang Ho

It's damn good.

Ryan Fleming

Cash only. Bread was a little over toasted

Chi Tran

Food is amazing and fast! I love coming here for a breakfast bánh mì or bánh ướt lunch

Katherine Clawson

Legit the best banh mi in the city. I've tried a ton of different ones and nothing even comes close to Banhwich

candy teal

Food is amazing and fast! I love coming here for a breakfast bánh mì or bánh ướt lunch

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