Boudin Bakery Cafe

Justin Herman Plaza, 4 Embarcadero Ctr, San Francisco
(415) 362-3330

Recent Reviews

Lana H

A tourist trap. Overpriced, and tastes like any American chain, nothing special.

Matthew Crews

Loved their bread bowl 10/10 would recommend

rosi sotel

Grill cheese

Andrew Gall

Best bread! We enjoyed lunch at Boudin's on our first day and breakfast on our second day.Lunch was great, we each enjoyed a soup and half sandwich combo. Make sure you get something with/on sourdough!For breakfast we really enjoyed the chocolate sourdough. Probably not the healthiest option, but extremely tasty!Love to see they are taking COVID seriously and ensuring everyone has masks on and are vaccinated to dine indoors.


One of the best clam chowder in my entire life for sure, the place is HUGEE and if you are lucky on the afternoon there are tables in front of the wood fire, the place inside is really instagrameable since the bread is moving in a machine from one place to the other and also there are breads with the shapes of animals, it is for sure a MUST in SF.

Gwen Gridley McKirahan

Historic Sour Dough Bread since 1849


If you like sourdough bread and don't mind an assembly line feel, then by all means come here. Note there are two locations - the main bakery and the smaller restaurant on Pier 39. We ate at the bakery near Pier 41. We ordered from the counter although there is a table service option. We had the obligatory clam chowder in a sourdough bowl and it was actually pretty good for a quick and relatively cheap lunch. Not a place you come for fine dining obviously but ok if you keep your expectations in line with what they are doing. It is pretty amazing to see all of the bread options available - they must go through a tremendous amount of flour on a daily basis!


We had half soup and half sandwich. It is a must visit whenever we are in Fisherman’s Wharf. Bought a loaf of sourdough bread to bring back to NJ. Instead of leaving the sliced bread loose in a brown bag, it would be nice if they had packaged it better.

Betty Dunn

The service was very fast as we got our food less than five minutes after we placed our order. Overall the ambiance is fun. There indoor and outdoor seating for however you're feeling. Highly recommend !

Sporer Bell

The bread was terrific however as everyone knows.

Renee Carter

DELICIOUS!! Chicken club was perfection! Fresh baked cookies, too!

Phil Brown

Great stop after a day on Angel Island!


I bought a clam chowder in a bread bowl to eat on one of the benches lining pier 1, next to the Ferry building. The chowder is good, creamy and rich, with chunks of potato and clam, but I have had better elsewhere. I did appreciate the components being packaged separately for take-out, and just tore chunks of the tangy sourdough bread to dip in my chowder. Filling, and I kept half of the bread for a later meal.

David K

Small space with a bunch of seating. No Wi-Fi unfortunately. But the food is always fresh and tasty. Recommend the freshly baked sourdough, and clam chowder is the best!

Rebecca Higginson

The clam chowder bread bowl here is classic and delicious! Also don’t miss out on the fabulous selection of breads they sell! Do yourself a favorite and take a loaf home for later! My favorite is the chocolate chip & raisin loaf, yum! The chocolate sourdough loaf shown in this picture however was disappointing. Will not be getting again. Too bitter to my liking.

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