Buffalo Kitchen

107 Leland Ave, San Francisco
(415) 586-2986

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Ginger Chen

My favorite neighborhood restaurant! I love getting takeout from here, they get the order ready so fast and it's always delicious. Terrific prices for the portions, the $31 combo meal (3 dishes, rice, soup) is my go-to.

Kevin Palacios

I thought I was robbing them for how much food they gave me for $40, CASH ONLY.It's a family owned restaurant, so they close early. ? Worth it

John Liao

Very cheap very good!

Wesley Kong

From 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. there is a 3 entree deal for $31. It could feed a family quite well or have enough for a few meals. I have gotten this three times so far, trying different things each time. They also give me a container of their soup of the day (think broth with some meat and greens,) and a container with rice.So filling! Also the order comes out pretty quickly. I have not called in yet but it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes for them to fix up your order. There is indoor seating but I haven't seen too many people sit inside, I imagine they have more takeout than anything.Did you not serve alcohol like most Chinese eateries. I only included this because I overheard a patron asking if there was beer.If you are in the area stop by and try it out! It isn't bougie. I would say it's not too healthy but oh so delicious. If you are taking public transportation the 8/8bx and 9/9r run along Sunnydale and Visitacion and both stop at Arleta, just a few blocks away.Parking: Street parking, some metered unless off Leeland. Some spaces around on Sunday late afternoon

Jeny L.

This is a small cash only Ma and Pa neighborhood restaurant located in Visitacion Valley. Their menu is not bad for its size. I like the House chow mein without the barbecue pork. I also like the Singapore noodles. At one time the prices were much lower and they served generous portions. I guess those days are gone. The portions got smaller; and the prices went up. I guess we should blame the pandemic.

Jason Y

Taste is soso, fair price


Good taste

Supercute Baby Lucas

Food is ok, but price is fair

J Lau

A good place to grab some quick Chinese food. Enjoyed their salted fish with chicken fried rice. A nonsense hole-on-the wall place for a quick bite.

Denise C.

Horrible! Used to get the vegetable pork bun and recently went to order for a party. 7 orders and wanted to put in little bags. Reluctantly gave the box, so cheap would not close properly when I tried. Notice I had to do it. I get it, I don't deserve the same attention as their own. The worst was the quality, gristle in the bbq pork and the vegetable and pork was like shui mai dumpling filling and it resembled a rubber ball in texture. No more than a tbsp of filling in a bread the size of a baseball. Must be new owners. Glad I checked them before the party, I would have been embarrassed. Maybe the porridge is good, but how do you mess that up?

Shauna R.

Omg this place use to be good to me. But there was no love put into it at all. My bbq pork fried rice wasn't fried nor did the bbq pork taste good at all it was chalky and dry. My potstickers were big as heck and weren't cooked at all the meat in the inside was wet in texture. The only thing that was good was the beef chow mein but, it was also greasy as heck! I'm koo

Gael Meza

Very good food and service, also the food comes out very fast

Anna T.

We stumbled upon this place while being out and about the area and it was a great fine! Comfort Chinese food that is affordable and a great value. We will be coming back a different time to try out different items on the menu. If you're coming in the winter, make sure to dress warm because the store is freezing.

Gus Espinel

Fried rice is very moist

Wilfred Wong

Comfort food: Beef Chow fun, clay pot dishes.

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