Dumpling Specialist

1119-1123 Taraval St, San Francisco
(415) 640-1403

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Patrick S.

Good food. Good prices. Friendly service. Located near the library. Across the street from the Tennessee Grill.

Jasmine T.

Above par Chinese/Taiwanese snack food. We had the pan fried pork buns, Shanghai soup dumplings, cucumber salad, and sticky rice roll (fan tuan). The dumplings were definitely on the better end of what I've had in SF. You always know if someone knows what they are doing based on the dough - and they definitely know what they are doing. The sticky rice roll was amazing. Wish they had seating so we could more easily try the other food in the menu but will definitely come back

Kelsey C.

Quite good. Sweet little XLB with a thin, al dente wrapper and tons of tiny pleats, a They are a dumpling specialist, and they have Pan Fried Potsticker and Pan Fried Pork Buns down pat. Both have a nice filling, and they taste like something you'd get from a Shanghai stall. The Wonton in Chili Oil could use a thinner, less flour-y wrapper, but I loved the Sticky Rice Roll. I can rarely find one in SoCal, and this is the best one I've had so far. Love the crispy texture encased in rice. Cute little place, easily affordable, very adorable!

Kamome K.

If I remember correctly, they opened a few years ago. They were a small operation with a limited menu. I liked their wonton noodle soup. It was in $5-$6 price range. They have survived the COVID time and they even expanded the store to include the next door. They added more items to the menu. They now have lunch specials, all priced under $8, in the time when it is hard to find any meal under $10 in the city. I tried Mongolian beef over rice. The meat was tender and vegetables were fresh.

Angela Lee

This place never fails to make amazing dumplings. My favorite go tos are shanghai dumplings, pork buns, and beef noodles. I'm excited that they have expanded their menu!

Vincent Lee

Expanded to next door and revised their hours. Expanded menu too. See latest photos. Good flavor and meat portions on old menu's stewed beef over rice. Haven't eaten from new menu yet. Often order rice roll and have noticed smaller size and higher price. Sometimes contained hard rice grains in the past. But ordered rice roll today and it was great. Crunchy cruller in the middle, pork floss and some salty pickled vegetable enrobed in warm, soft sticky rice. Hit the spot and highly recommended.


Love this place and they have a new expanded menu!

Sandy L.

The foods here are inexpensive. That's why they didn't separate the soup. The Wonton flavor is there but the skin is so soft and has no texture. The noodles tasted the same, some flavor but the noodles is so soggy and no texture. I may come back for the same order but I will pay extra for extra container :)

R K.

Wahooo... new expanded menu! Everything on the menu is under $10! Actually, most items are under $9. They've also expanded their indoor space, however, not yet open for indoor dining. Can't wait to try their new items.

Stephanie B.

This is delicious not fancy food. My favorite items are the soup dumplings, peanut noodles, and spicy wontons.

Curtis C.

Had some time to grab lunch in the Sunset District and I've heard about the dumpling options on Taraval so what did I do? Yelped it! - Food is to go only - even before COVID - Prices were reasonable - Ordered three items - Steamed pork dumplings, Shanghai Dumplings (couldn't get a picture), and Five spice beef stew - The wait was 10 minutes - Parking was easy at 12:30 pm on a Friday Overall, the flavors were amazing and everything came out very hot and fresh. The guy forgot our Pan fried pork buns so I deducted a star for that. Excited to try the other spots down the block.

Stephanie Cheung

Their Salty soy milk with dough fritter was delicious.

Merek C.

Specialist is a term reserved for very few people and occupations in the world. Klay Thompson, is a three point specialist. The interventionist that works with students at the high school I teach at, that's a specialist. To call yourself a dumpling specialist...in the city, is a bold thing to do. This place however, and whoever makes the food here, rises to the occasion. The food is soild and, not to be overlooked, the price to quantity ratio is also very solid. My family of four, after tip and tax had takeout for 50. Thats four noodle/soup entrees, a bok choy dish, a bean curd noodle starter, and an order of pan fried dumplings. And, judging from the amount of people ordering take out from here when we picked up the food, we aren't the only fans of the food here.

suzanne b

Small, unassuming neighborhood place with amazing fare. Love the dumplings and the homemade noodles, but everything is fresh and delicious. My favorite spot for lunch in the city.

Preeti R.

Doesn't look like much when you walk past, unassuming place and easy to miss. The food was delicious, perfect for a Friday evening snack. The pan fried pork buns and veggie dumpling were our favorite but what really stood out was the fried dough! I had never heard of it, so had to give it a try and really liked that it was mildly sweetened.

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