1404 Taraval St, San Francisco
(415) 688-7116

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Jacob Martinez

Love this spot, i always get the spicy mouthwaterin (fried chx sando) on dutch crunch and tots, always hits, usually take it to the park thats across the street, friendly staffFood: 5/5

Heidi P.

Great bread, meat and sauces Good proportions and great flavor You need to search out this small deli.

grace g.

Super yummy sandwiches and have a delicious variety I think theyre open to catering as well

Geoff M.

I don't leave a lot of reviews these days but had to hop on to give Grubbin' five stars. Ask any of my friends what my favorite food is and they'll say sandwiches. I just so happened to be in the area, searching for a sando close by and went with Grubbin based on its Google ratings no less. Grubbin' looks fairly no frills inside. I asked them which sandos are their most popular and chose the Grubbin' Out on Dutch Crunch amongst their top 4. It came neatly wrapped and, upon first inspection, the ingredients were all neatly placed in the sandwich. Meats all proportionately laid in layers, with the meat slightly making up the majority of the fillings. Shredded lettuce and diced red onions on top. Cheese and sauces somewhere in there but not immediately obvious. It was perfect from the first bite. Seriously perfect. All the flavors and textures came together, along with the sandwich being toasted and warm. Also, I think because it was so neatly put together, there was zero slippage and spilling, which was a really nice bonus and preserves the consistency of flavors mixed in each bite. I don't live nearby so it's seriously unfortunate that I likely won't get to have Grubbin' again anytime soon, but it was so good I really have to consider making a special trip. Props to you, Grubbin'. It was grubbin'!!

Joyce W.

My go to sandwich spot in the city. Nice filling sandwich and always seems really fresh and high quality for the price you're paying. However, the wait can be long even if you order ahead of time and depending on who makes your sandwich it might taste different once inawhile

Patrick S.

Good service. Tasty sandwiches. Pretty good size. Lots of options. McCoppin Square across the street is a good place to sit and eat your sandwich.

Daniel Gee

Been coming here for years. It does not disappoint!

Nhi L.

I usually do not go out of my way to buy sandwiches but this place changed the game for me! It's a small shop so you have to do take out. The Meltin sandwich was flavorful and the perfect kick of spicy Crunchin Sandwich is vegetarian but it's so refreshing and good! The cucumbers add a nice crunch to it. Im usually a meat girl but was very impressed with this. Both sandwiches I got on a French roll (:

Stephen Lim

Running favorite sandwich. Thin bread with soft Dutch crunch bread. No mouth scraping. Not too much sauce, so not soggy. Very manageable size to bite. Still felt like lots of meat.

Dalvin Josias

Top tier sandwich with the tater tots will have you loosening your belt. I love this place, wish they stayed open longer. There hours are a bit funny but when you catch them they are delicious.

Cali F.

We found this place while on our day trip in San Francisco to see the bison lol. I looked in Google Maps for sandwiches and found the one with the most stars. We found it and parked at the small park/tennis courts across the street. It's a small spot with no inside seating. It's kinda weird that they have to keep their garbage and recycling bins inside but hey, I'm not hating since it is SF. I had the pastrami create your own sandwich on dutch crunch bread. Hella good! It hit the spot. The bread was soft and tasted fresh! My only regret is not trying their sauce cause I forgot after I started eating the sandwich. My son enjoyed the tots. The service was great...the cashier was friendly and the other female employee making the sandwiches was friendly and patient as my mom was asking questions since this was our first time here. I didn't try them myself but my mom and husband said the chicken tenders were pretty good. Overall I would come back if I'm craving a sandwich and in SF again. It's definitely worth a visit! Way better than these chain sandwich shops.

Jack Taylor

This place used to be REALLY good. Had their "Mouth Waterin" sandwich again, but it's not like it used to be. Lacking seasoning and spice. Prices are not too bad considering the portion size. Would recommended trying once at least.

Sarah Olson

We went here hoping to have a good experience. We ordered the fishin' and the tastin'. I am sorry to say but both were pretty flavorless. The tastin' was soggy with all the sauce and the bread for the fishin' was burnt. Honestly, it seemed like their inspiration for the fishin' was a fast food fish fillet, but I'm not even sure they managed that much.

Jennifer T.

I don't understand how the reviews for this place are so high. I ordered a Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich on Sourdough with a side of Tater Tots, but it was obvious that the bread was not fresh. Not sure if it was because of covid or if Sourdough was not popular, but it was stale and dry. The ratio of bread to filling wasn't good. There was too much bread and too little meat. I also couldn't taste their signature grubbin sauce because they added so much mustard to it. Makes me wonder if they even remembered to add the grubbin sauce because I didn't taste one bit of garlic at all. The bag was also light. This was a small sandwich. Not sure why some of the reviews were saying it was a big sandwich. What also made it worse is that the Tater Tots also tasted old like they had be refried over and over. They were hard and super greasy with lots of burnt crumbs on it. This also tells me the grease probably hadn't been replaced in a while. This entire meal ended up costing $18 and was not worth it at all. Next time, I'd rather drive the extra distance to get some Little Lucca instead. I couldn't decide whether to give this place a 1 or 2 star. 1 stars are usually reserved for places with bad service which it didn't have, but the quality of this food was not worth 2 stars.

Stephanie D.

We accidentally stumbled upon this little gem and it was AMAZING! We ordered the spicy mouthwatering chicken sandwich on Dutch crunch (idk what it actually is but it's ridiculously good). This place will be added to a must have when in town. Staff was nice and food came out quick and hot!

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