Java Beach At The Zoo

2650 Sloat Blvd, San Francisco
(415) 731-2965

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Brent Johnson

Less than acceptable sandwich today. Ordered a turkey club sand got this. Chicken, but not only that the chunks are huge, too large for a sandwich.Food: 3/5

Ambi Bobmanuel

Excellent ambiance - a great balance of chill and social. It was quiet enough that I could tutor virtually, but not so quiet that I felt out of place doing so.Solid Wi-Fi, nice menu selection, and clean bathroom.

Utkarsh Gupta

Mixed up my vegan order. Got sick from cream cheese. DoorDash won’t even post review. People be careful and make sure you got what you ordered.

Jackie Phillips The Social Pet

Outstanding food and customer service!

Melina Mestas

Best smoked salmon I've had yet! My husband had the sausage sandwich and loved it but took half of my bagel because he loves salmon. The berry soda bread was yummy! The vanilla latte and butterscotch latte was AMAZING!!!!

Addison M.

After going to the San Francisco zoo all day I was starving and wanted a place to eat rather than walk all the way back to the car right away. I found this place right across from the zoo and it was super busy with a line out the door. Once you get inside the line is smaller but congested as the place is small enough to order and then wait outside for your meal. I ordered a barbecued chicken sandwich with chips and a lemonade. All of it was for sure delicious I just hated how small this place was with very little room to sit inside but they do have a seat limit of 30 minutes which is nice so other people can sit in there. Be sure to listen to your name be called for your order as they just put your food on a window sill for you to come get it. Uhh anyone can take my food!

Kelly S.

Pretty yum! The burrito is nothing special NEEDS SEASONING!!! Like a lot. And the Lox Bagel reminds me of back home, SJ Lox Bagels (with less bagel options) The wait isn't too long as well which is good because were in a rush. Definitely would come back if I needed to grab a quick bite. Lost a star bc: - BLAND BLAND bacon egg burrito

April Kofler

Very friendly staff. Had a breakfast burrito and my husband loved it and he's not up breakfast burrito type of person.

Rafael A.

Terrible customer service, I made my order few hours ahead using they own website, they charged me on my credit card, I went to get my breakfast and they did not have it on there side. They treated me like I was lying same after I showed them my order confirmation and receipt on my cellphone. It was the worst experience, the way they took care of they own mistake. Also when I finally got my order it was missing items & wrong. I was so over that s*** that I just left and for sure I will never go back or recommend for anyone.


Great place. Friendly quick service. Nice place to sit and relax. Good wifi. Good drip coffee. Had the dark roast. Bold, rich, but not bitter. Good breakfast burritos. Had the vegetarian breakfast burrito. Delicious and hot scramble of eggs, black beans, corn, arugula, wrapped in a crispy but still pliable tortilla layered with melted cheese. So good I ordered it two days in a row. Also, had good sounding bagels, sandwiches, and salads, but I stuck with the burrito. Also, had a few beers on tap or by can and wine.


Over priced….$13 for a mineral water and a sausage egg muffin.Nothing special about the sandwich…falls right in the average category…cashier could at least be welcoming..

Mike Tong

Since we have been coming here since 2000 be it for brew or food, my wife and I have never been disappointed at the Java Beach-Zoo. A number of sandwiches from have made it in find shape from here to PacBell Park, now Oracle Park?

Isaac S.

Shittiest food. Spent $18 on the pesto turkey and it had no turkey. Like homie wtf. Second, crappy bread. Third, the chips didn't make up for anything :) i'd rate lower if i could tbh. go to little lucca or safeway homies

Steve Replogle

A small place with lots of character... and very good breakfast food that we enjoyed while we waited fro the zoo to open. The almond croissant was not overly sugared or sweet, as so many of them are... and the bacon breakfast burrito had bacon that was actually crisp and thick, unlike the soft, mushy bacon often found in other breakfast burritos. The orange juice was fresh-made, the espresso was quite satisfying. The staff were friendly and busy at three same time. A steady flow of customers showed that this small place has built up a following.

Katie Ahmann

Great bagels! The lox bagel on asiago was delicious and hot. Easy walking distance from ocean beach and the zoo. Lots of parking. Can do walk up or dine in

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