Kingdom Of Dumpling

1713 Taraval St, San Francisco
(415) 566-6143

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Michael L.

Kingdom of Dumpling is definitely a bit of a "hole in the wall" restaurant, with a small and unassuming exterior. However, don't let its appearance fool you - the food inside is absolutely delicious.During my visit, there were some challenges with communication and our waiter mixed up or order. However, the food that we did get was still delicious and it did not detract from the overall positive experience. We ordered the XLB, pork dumplings, beef pancake, garlic string beans and spicy beef noodle soup. After our meal, we drove down the block to pick up some of their frozen dumplings for home.

J I.

The dumplings are great! Went there after seeing a review on PBS food show....and now venture to the city a couple times a month for: Beef chow fun,Farmers cucumbers, Shanghai soup dumpling,Pork and chive dumplings, onion pancake.All dumplings are handmade. They are a perfect mouthful and the outer skin is tender and delicate. The soup dumplings require a little skill... poke a little hole and let the steam out/without losing too much soup.It's a very busy place. Could use a coat of paint.Service is efficient.

Tim L.

Authentic dumplings and tasty food at affordable prices. I stopped in for an early lunch. The place is tight on tables/space, like a small living room ("hole in the wall" - said by other reviewers is apt). I think they may have an extra seating area next door though, which wasn't open when I came, as that's where I had to go to use the restroom. I did need to get pointed there, when I asked for restroom to wash up and was confused as I had to exit, go down a door, and enter a different place. In typical fashion, you may question also on the cleanliness (from the bathroom, to the tight quarters, etc.) of this Chinese restaurant.At the end of the day, I could see the servers working diligently (may be a family), and all the food we ordered, from dumplings, beef noodle soup, to chow fun, and everything else in between, we finished pretty much everything off. The fact that this place was out of the way for me (waaay out of the way) just speaks to the point. I'll come back here, any time I'm in the area. Pro Tip: They also sell frozen dumplings, and you can get some dessert and Pineapple King, or hit up some other Sunset places, if you're non-local and out for a visit.


Ordered to go and it took 25 minutes. Soup dumplings were at the bottom of the bag and crushed in a to go box. The soup leaked everywhere and 5/6 of them were broken (see picture). No vinegar or chili sauce were provided or offered.Food: 2/5

Jaimi Parsons

Open later, which was wonderful, as we got stuck behind an accident on the 101 coming into SF. Pretty quick service, great food, very basic atmosphere. Loved the crazy Starbucks service framed picture they had. Made us laugh! Will definitely return.Food: 4/5

Denny D.

This place is such a hole in the wall. My friends and I stopped by this restaurant since we were craving dumplings. This place was recommended by our friend since he raved about the orange spicy sauce they have.The restaurant is very small and does not have that many tables, so it's not ideally recommended for larger groups. I noticed that a lot of people ordered takeout versus dining in.When we arrived we got seated immediately and was brought hot tea. We ordered quite a lot of food. The dumplings were very flavorful and we also go the hot and sour soup which came out piping hot and really delicious. They have a lot on their menu has something for everyone. This place is definitely worth it, for the price you pay and the quality AND quantity you get.

Zhixuan H.

I've ordered dumplings from them multiple times and it's consistently good, I normally go with the pork dumplings with celery. They are very juicy and they taste so good with the hot sauce that the store used, I wonder if they made it themselves and is it for sale because I'd love to have some at home all the time. I've tried their pork dumplings with corn before and I mean they are good, but not the best you can found in SF tho. I'm hoping to try out other fillings from them in the future. And I actually never had hot and sour soup before, and this is the first time I've had it, and I'm gonna say I don't like it, I don't know, it tastes weird, like they obviously had used white vinegar which tasted extremely "chemical-ish" if you get what I mean, and it has a bitter aftertaste to it, and I can't tell which part is hot, it's literally just sour. I don't know. I don't even know if I ever wanna give it a shot in the future in any restaurants. It's just not how I would imagine it taste like. And also it's vegan, I thought it might have spam strips and stuff in there so that's also a disappointment. This is also the first time I got the Shanghai soup dumplings from them, and unfortunately I don't like them too, they are juicy but lack of flavors, like I can normally eat these dumplings just by themselves if they are good and fulled of flavors, but from here I have to dip them in the sauces to make them acceptable. It tastes like just pork and salt and pepper. Like not even with sugar, ginger or something? I don't like it and I normally enjoy soup dumplings from any restaurants so this is kinda disappointing. I've had pork potstickers and Shanghai pan fried soup dumplings from them before, both are pretty good. I've also had their spicy beef tendon noodles before and I don't like it, there're way better ones you can found around the city. The beef tendons are pretty soft and tender but the soup just lack flavors, it feels like just some chili oil on top of a soup that tastes like nothing, minimum effort. So I think for this place as long as you stay within anything about dumplings from them then you are good, you would not be disappointed, and everything else is just meh.

Matthew Potter

This was such a good spot to drop in for dumplings after a hike. They dumplings come out RED hot and very flavorful. I highly recommend the bokchoy + mushroom dumplings, the farmer's cucumber, the muster greens (with vinegar!). You should order extra onion pancakes -- trust me, you won't be disappointed. Also whatever the house-made chili sauce is, I wish they sold it. I would buy a drum of it.Another thing I appreciated -- They were also able to tell from our order that we were ordering vegetarian and made awesome recommendations for what to eat :)Vegetarian options: Seriously awesome veg-friendly dumplings.

Dominick A.

Wow wow wow. Each item that we ordered of the menu was amazing! Our server was Lee. He was so funny and equally friendly. Even my 7 months old was stealing noodles off my plate!! By the way my daughter and I don't eat pork, so, just know if you don't eat pork there are options. The service was also so friendly and welcoming. It's so difficult to even describe how amazing it was. Just know.. you won't be sorry!Seating: the restaurant is relatively small in size. Even though it's small, we had no issues and we were seated right away.Ordered: pork buns, beef buns, green beans stir fry (my fav), onion pancakes, chicken chow mein,two Thai ice teasPrice: $68 before leaving a tipIt was so good that I forgot to take a photo of all of the food. There were 4 of us and we didn't have left overs. It was THAT good.

Alisa K.

WHEN: Friday, 11/11/22 @ 3pmTook a trip out to the sunset district to originally eat at another location but they ended up being closed when I got there. Ended up finding this place on Yelp which was just down the street! Kingdom of Dumpling is a very lowkey restaurant, with only a few tables squished into a cozy place. They have a pretty extensive menu specializing in Xian and sichuan food. What I got: 25. Xian spicy cold noodle ($9.95) -- noodles were thick and bouncy with a chili oil and vinegar taste, noticed the mala accent was pretty strong but it was delicious!28. Pork dumpling with green chives ($9.95) -- thin, chewy skin with tender filling, perfect on a cold dayKingdom of Dumpling is a great traditional Chinese spot for some lowkey good eats! The owner of the restaurant also helped serve the food and kept asking the customers how the food was. You can taste the heart in this restaurant, come support local businesses!

Juan Ca

The food reminded me of local street food in China. We went there for snack type foods like pig ears, dumplings, dry noodles.etc...Kid-friendliness: Seems like a family owned business...

Misty T.

My friend and I visited Kingdom of Dumplings since we were in the area. When we arrived all tables were taken except one, which we were lucky enough to snag. The restaurant was really small; only 7 I believe. After we sat down, one of the employees gave us a couple of menus. A few minutes later, we noticed that each table had a "scan to order" QR code but our table didn't. It took a few minutes to get someone's attention, which was understandable since they were busy. But once we did we decided on the following:Beijing bean paste noodlesBeef rollChicken with chive dumplings Xiao long bao It didn't take too long for our food to come out. They came one at a time. First the noodles. Noodles were good but needed a little a kick to it so we added a bit of the hot sauce that was on the table. Once that was added, it was perfect. Next the beef roll. The beef roll was probably my favorite thing. It was a good size and the flavor was awesome. After the chicken with chive dumplings and the xiao long bao came out. Both were pretty good and each had a good flavor. Everything was pretty good. Definitely recommend the beef roll. Overall, I'd say it was okay experience. Food was good and service was okay. Pro tip, check Yelp for their waitlist time! Parking took about 20 mins to find a spot but it's San Francisco so patience is a must. I'll be back to try more stuff!

Erica K.

This small hole in the wall always has a line of people waiting during the weekends, however pro tip: visit at the beginning of the week to avoid the crowd because the food is good, but not that good to wait!According to Yelp and their website, they open at 11AM, however we arrived later and the man notified us that they'd be ready at 11:30AM instead so be wary of being too punctual here. We ordered:Shrimp Dumpling with Green Chives (12/plate)Vegetarian Dumpling (12/plate)Green Chives PancakeBeef Roll PancakeBei Jing Bean Paste NoodleYou can actually order and pay online ahead of time, and if you spend $50+ you get 10% off plus they accept cash/card. A few blocks down, they have a brick-and-mortar storefront where you can buy their frozen dumplings at an even more affordable price if you do the total cost per dumpling breakdown.After dining in and getting that "experience," I would come back but strictly for takeout as it's evident everyone comes here for the food and fair pricing, and not the ambiance.

soraya crunch fitness

I couldn’t resist to write this review because of the embarrassment that i felt while dining in. I came to know of this place while visiting San Francisco, and I ordered a couple of items thought to myself i am excited to try the dumpling! I ordered food from the weigher , and everything was fine at first. Then i notice the way he threw the food on the table with attitude.I didn’t let it get to me at first , yet then i asked to order for more dumplings to takeout ,and he said“ No more orders i told you already before”Shouting very rude and loudly in front of all the customers, I was very disappointed and upset it almost seems like it was over discrimination.Please !!! anyone that doesn’t want to feel put of place if you are trying out dumplings just ask for takeout it’s poor customer service.


I was checking envibe for a chines restaurant, saw Kingdom of dumpling among others, checked the website/menu and decided to order online, very nice that there was delivery. The food was tasty and i would like to visit Kingdom of dumpling personally next time ))

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