Lost and Found Cocktail Bar

1439 Taraval St, San Francisco
(415) 662-3636

Recent Reviews

Laura Rooklin

Fun bar on Taraval - hidden gem to watch games with food & drinks. Pre-made punched were a bit sweet, but much better when the crushed ice melted. Loved that they have crushed ice! Games were on loud so it might be tough to have to much conversation.


Beautiful hole in the wall bar with scrumptious food. I have been here a few times. Both of the Mac and cheese are good and the wings. They have a happy hour that includes food and drinks.

Grace Alfaras

It’s a small cocktail bar but very cute! They have a lot of different options for their food. It’s great spot for groups. The birria tacos were very tasty. I suggest getting their garlic fries! They were so delicious, I couldn’t stop eating them! The bartender and server were friendly and accommodating. Try this place out! They also have a swing you can sit on outside their dining area.

Kishore Hari

Love this spot. Great cocktails, good food, chill vibe.J-Town Matcha and The Painted Ladies were big cocktail winners for us. Inventive and different, without being pretentious. The risotto was really good. Wings were a little sweet, but worked as well. They have a cute parklet, but it can get windy out there.Never would have expected such a good spot in this neighborhood. Will be part of the regular rotation.

Regina Roman

You order at the bar, but the service is quite good. We ordered cocktails, which seem on the small side, and things to Nosh on—which are truly large portions. We were hungry—that worked great. Shishito peppers, wings, and garlic fries—just the right amount of garlic in the fries. They brought us water, too, which was helpful. We hung out on the couch and had a great visit. We could talk—very nice—no overwhelming music. We’d definitely return. Had the feel of a local place—this was Tuesday night.

Yaakov Lyubetsky

Cool bar tucked away in parkside. The drinks were a little hit or miss but the Dragon Gate is a must have! Food was delicious and came out quick. Solid happy hour menu. This wasn't my favorite bar atmosphere, but still worth a stop if you're in the neighborhood.

Franky Lee

Just experienced a phenomenal private party / buy out of the bar. Bridal shower with ~ 12 guests. The bar is a great size and can easily accommodate larger parties.Fast and easy in coordinating the private event.We chose to go with in house catering. Everything was delicious. From fresh wings to amazing garlic noodles. The bars offerings are so on point. Chicken sliders / Brussels sprouts / mac cheese left me speechless- insanely good.Huge portions and fresh ingredients arranged conveniently for the guests.The bar was accommodating In adding special bottle requests and drink orders.Bar had great music which got our group up and dancing. Super fun atmosphere for everyone.Will definitely be back for more bar fun!Special thanks to Beung and Kelvin for providing the party with great service and astoundingly delicious food.

Lauren D.

Outdoor seating due to small space inside. Good selection of food. Nice menu. Very community based.

Tiffany C.

Been here a couple times in the past year, and it's pretty good food-wise. Drinks are meh, and it's USUALLY chill. After my last experience, I'd rather be anywhere else than this place if I'm trying to have a good time. Recommendation: Don't laugh when the bartender asks for your age. I think it hurts his ego, and he will stare you down for an hour. Think we ticked him off when he asked for my age and we laughed. We totally get it -- asian genes. Rest of our time there, he gave me a death stare and side-eyed me 24/7 as he spoke to a customer. He gave so much attitude when we ordered and when we tried to pay. It was a highly uncomfortable environment to be in. Edit: Just noticed multiple reviews pointing out bartender behavior. Beware!

Fancypants X.

3.5 stars. Lost & Found's bar menu is an eclectic mash-up of cuisines; both birria tacos & garlic noodles are on offer, along with typical bar bites -- chicken wings and mac & cheese -- prepared unconventionally with a tom yum flavor profile (a Thai soup I'm absolutely crazy about.) Fascinating on paper, but didn't meet our expectations (stupid expectations ruin everything!) We enjoyed the L&F wings slightly better than the tom yum wings, but both were salty & didn't taste the way we thought they would. I like birria tacos because they're a whole textural experience in my mouth; not the case here as the tortillas were not adequately crispy & what should've been shredded beef were more like chunks. Pass on the birria tacos & the wings, but a big, fat thumbs up for their delicious buttery & garlicky noodles.

Sara S.

Bartender with nail polish made us a mocktail and it was truly the best thing I've ever haddddd! We ordered garlic fries, sliders, Garlic noodles, mushroom risotto, and everything was truly amazing! The garlic noodles are a must!!! Gets pretty packed.

Ankita R.

Great place to hang out on a weekend! They have some amazing cocktails and the finger food that they offer was pretty awesome too. We went on. Saturday evening and it wasn't too busy so we could enjoy some nice quiet time! The decor is quite hip. We got a variety of their cocktails and most of them were quite unique and tasty! For food we got the garlic fries and chicken sliders and to our surprise they were very delicious for bar food. Overall loved the vibes of this place.

Jimmy L.

A go-to place for my friends and I to watch the game and catchup whenever we are in the Sunset. Though I live further away now, I still try to come here as much as possible. Their burger, fries, Birria Tacos are my recommendations. Top that off with some tom yummy mac & cheese and youre all good. Their staff is very courteous and competent about their food and drinks. Service is great and fast as well. Swing by for some warrior games and chill vibes. Definitely would say this is one of the better bars in the sunset and a staple of mine. You can also get some gelato next door!

Edwin F.

I really enjoy the vibes out here! It's a small, clean and fun sports bar with great prices for the food and shots that are huge. I got some jameson shots with my group and we also had the Tom Yum Mac & Cheese and man oh man, that was fire!!! So heavy and rich and it just makes you feel so good. Definitely a food that you need to share since it's so heavy, but I like how they have multiple TV's and everyone is there to just relax and have a good time. Definitely a place to go if you want to just relax by yourself or with a group or just enjoy the atmosphere of watching sports games! I'll definitely come back and try out their Tom Yum chicken wings since I heard those are also bomb.com Would recommend if you want some big shots, good food, and just enjoy yourself/with others in a intimate space.

Eric Jaw

Easily one of my favorite spot. Very Instagramy. Really good wings. Interesting drinks that will be hit or miss depending on your expectations.For example, the matcha green tea drink doesn't taste very matcha.Most drinks are alcohol heavy first.

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