330 Gough St, San Francisco
(415) 829-7565

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So professional, such amazing service and words won't do the food justice. Just amazing.

Jennifer Granito

The food was exceptional and very creative. 5 courses + 5 little bites in between. The duck broth onion soup was so unique. Scallops were perfectly cooked followed by this squash blossom that was stuffed with a scallop jus. The menu is seasonal and we got the tail end of summer with strawberries & tomatoes as themes.Service was excellent.The wine pairing pricing seems off and too expensive. It was was $130pp for five 2.5oz pours (two whites, two reds, one dessert). That puts it at $52/glass. There wasn't anything on the menu above $25/glass and the most expensive bottles on the menu were under $250. It felt like it was going to be a 4-5x markup for the flight of the pairing.The wine menu however had excellent selections from small wineries and some older vintages for reasonable prices. It looked to be about a 2.25x markup. The menu lacked some details and left us surprised with both orders:1- We ordered a half bottle of burgundy chardonnay and it turned out to be a chablis. 2- We also ordered a pomerol and when the bottle looked different than what we were expecting we looked again and found there were 2 wines from that winery that fit the broad description on the wine menu.Overall a delicious experience. Next time we'll go early to try the cocktail speakeasy in the back.

L Y.

Absolutely delicious and the service is amazing!! Everything was delectable to all five senses. I could not recommend Nightbird enough. It is a bit pricey but we certainly felt that it was worth it. We plan to go back for future special occasions!

Braden Hollembaek

Been to many fine dining establishments in SF and Nightbird is my favorite. Amazing food and great service, plus their bar, Linden Room, dispenses some of the best cocktails in the city.

Kathleen Chen

I reserved Wed for the following Saturday for 5pm reservations. I remember seeing it online back in 2016. Food is excellent. They provide caviar and white truffle with no additional cost. 16% service charge and 4% sf mandate is mandatory. We only had 2 people. Service could be better but silverware and restaurant were excellent. Everything was cooked to perfection.

Yao Wong

I hadn't visited in a few years, but this place is rocking it right now. Very well thought out tasting menu coupled with excellent service. Skip the wine and go for the killer cocktails.

Cesar Garcia

Never ate at the actual restaurant, only had the burgers during the great plague of 2020, but HOTDAMN! were they scrumptious.Can't wait to actually eat the tasting menu someday.

l42xjv d

This place always delivers. They serve awesome dishes for reasonable pricing, there is no waiting time even when the spot is busy.

Jiahui L.

Got the 3 course take out. Overall 4.25 stars: Matsutake mushroom with smoky grits (4.5 stars): this was delightful, well balanced with the clear miso broth. Loved the textural chew in the grits as well Filet of beef with sunchoke chips and puree (4.5 stars): beef was perfectly medium rare, tender, with an actual grass fed flavor. Complemented well by the earthy and slightly sweet sunchokes Parker house rolls with yeasted butter (4 stars): love Parker house rolls. Could have done with a little more fluff but overall very tasty. Best part was the yeasted butter, which was like a more savory cultured butter Persimmon pudding (4 stars): very fall/holiday dessert. Loved that they kept the crunchy element separated to prevent sog Ordered via Tock, pickup very easy at the window

Anthony Perry

Unreal food. Celebrated my son & daughters college graduations. Had almost everything on the menu. Dessert was full of flavor too!

Brody Case

Some of the best Vegan food I have ever eaten !Highly recommend this place .. very hard to get a table.

Vickram Saigal

That Nightburger burger was incredible. I'm so full, but still can't stop thinking about it.

Stephen Adk. March 7th

GREAT CHEESE BURGER !!! Bring a side of paper towels .... You actually taste good meat. blood in meat ..

K. K.

My last review was taken saying they don't serve burgers , so I took a photo this time. For such an expensive restaurant I was hoping I would find something tasty here but no, the burger was not good at all, and the cheesy fries were terrible!

jim Matysik

Best food ever! Kim Alter never disappoints and if she does, it's your fault. Stop in the Linden Room first for a Ralphie Boy! Night burger. Is there anything Kim can't do? She hasn't shown me yet. These burgers are on point. They travel well. The sauce they put on the burger is delicious. It's so delicious they can also put it on the fries. Which I did. Ron is making drinks and so we got a Misfit Mary and a Corazon, which are perfect for a warm day. They even supply the ice. Why wait for the federal government to help out out local restaurants when we can do our part by patronizing restaurant that are making delicious food that tastes just as good at home. Go here now. In fact, go multiple times. They are serving up lunch and dinner! I'll be back next week

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