Cafe Rain Tree

118 W Portal Ave, San Francisco
(415) 242-9000

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Rahul M.

Went down for a Sunday breakfast and have to say unfortunately finally found a breakfast place that actually disappoints. I didn't expect any exceptional culinary experience but they don't even get the basic things right. The Patty melt had no sign of melting cheese. It was a piece of cheese they heated up and took enough time to serve it until the cheese had hardened back. And you guessed it right the patty was cold too. The onion ring had batter dropping off and definitely did not taste right. The waffle was really average and just tasted like a frozen packet waffle. We literally left most of the pancake uneaten as it was so hard and tasteless. We also ordered a veggie omelette and that was ok. When you charge 13-16$ for each dish you are expected to give a decent food experience at the least. Imagine paying 16$ for a party melt with cold patty and and non melted hard cheese. Never went in with any big expectations and still somehow they managed to mess it up. There are better brunch places around don't waste your money here.

Ed U.

Sometimes you just want to have breakfast even if it's past 2PM. Not all of us can be early risers especially when you're a late recliner. One thing I do know is that this place serves their eggs and omelettes in the afternoon without having to ask permission from the cook. Otherwise it's pretty standard diner fare that they serve in a fairly generic setting. There's certainly nothing wrong with that when I come in here alone to eat. There are plenty of breakfast choices, and while I'm a sucker for Joe's Special, I decided to be revolutionary and ordered the $15.95 Popeye Omelette with the killer combination of chicken apple sausage, spinach, onion, and mushrooms. It came with a truck driver's portion of home fries and a pre-buttered slice of toast (photo: It met my expectations since I wasn't looking for a culinary breakthrough. Weeks later I returned around the same hour and decided to forego breakfast for the $13.95 Chef's Salad. It had all the expected ingredients including the hard-boiled egg and strips of cold cuts and processed cheese. The bowl was flanked by two halves of a big grilled sourdough roll (photo: I'll come back for the eggs. FOOD - 3 stars...pretty standard brunch fare, no surprises AMBIANCE - 3 don't come for the atmosphere SERVICE - 3.5 stars...server comes by at the requisite points of my meal TOTAL - 3's 2PM, do you know where my breakfast is? RELATED - Exploring West Portal and the Sunset? Here's a collection of places I've visited and reviewed:

Rico's Rides

Cozy place to get some breakfast. Quick service and good food. ?. Great pricing tooFood: 5/5

Ted M.

Edible and fast. Old SF joint. Reminds me of 1997. Attentive service at least at 7:30 am. That's another point -- opens early.

Max R.

What a difference one employee can make! Rain Tree's new server, Jason, is the best they've ever had, and I swear the kitchen is doing a better job because he's holding it to a higher standard. I know from experience restaurant work is very hard, but Jason is such a virtuoso, he makes it look easy. If you have dietary restrictions, Jason will find ways for the cook to accommodate you, and he will never let your coffee cup go unfilled. Sometimes it feels like Jason knows what I need before I even think of it. Thanks to Jason's gregarious, outgoing nature, dining at Rain Tree is now a community-building experience: Jason knows every regular's name and story, and you never know when he's going to introduce you to the folks at the next table over, or even across the dining room. And as I said, Jason is holding the kitchen to a higher standard. He'll deny it if you ask him about it, but the meals are just better now.

Alexander C.

Nothing fancy, so don't come here expecting that. But there are good, old fashioned diner vibes from SF's bygone era. Friendly service and a setting that looks like it belongs more in an HBO production being shot in a diner than today's more trendy breakfast spots. Solid food, but had to ding one star because it was missing salt. Great reprieve from the more pretentious eateries of today.

Christie N.

If you're looking for a no frills, old-school diner in the neighborhood (read: no matcha or avocado toast), then this is the place for you. I had the make-your-own omelet with tomato, bell pepper, onion and cheddar, served w/breakfast potatoes and sourdough. Yummy. The portions are big, the food is straightforward and the server hustled.

Jill Saunders

Thank you to manager Jason for such a great breakfast today!! This place was a prefect spot for my husband and I. Food was perfect, atmosphere was on point! Great service!! We will be back!

Snigdha Agarwal

Expensive but pretty good chocolate milkshake and California crepe. Very prompt and quick service.

J W.

Ordered chicken burrito. What I got was grilled chicken with rice and beans and some bell peppers and hot sauce. Please remove burritos off your menu if you can't offer real burritos.

Jesus A.

. Great place. I have been coming here for breakfast every week for the past two years. They do food well. I've lived in this neighborhood for 15 years and only recently found this place. In the past, I went to all the trending breakfast places. This place is not trendy. I don't know when they opened, but they have likely been here forever. I like this place because they are always friendly and quick service, and they know me. They know what I like and how I like it. To the point that I no longer need to ask. Although sometimes, I change it up, and they always get it right. Their menu has a good variety. They have a loyal following. I see the same customers most times I visit. A testimony to the draw of the place. Next time you are in the area, stop by for some good food

River P

Jason was SO nice and made us feel so special!! Made me a custom breakfast burrito when he heard I didn’t want meat; he added all the veggies to it!!! Was so amazing, will definitely come back. Great spot for breakfast date w a friend. :)


Waiters are professional and friendly; food is good! Highly recommend!

Lana Nieves

No big surprises, when it comes to the food. It's fine, but nothing special.

Sandy Z.

Waiting is too long here. Even they are not that busy! Food is ok. The waitress just don't care about clients. There are better food place on this street.

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