Tabita’s Cafe

1101 Taraval St, San Francisco
(415) 702-6230

Recent Reviews

Caleb Yee

A relatively new cafe with a lot of seating and great lighting, and the owner is so kind and approachable! Shout-out to Romania and Andres!

Sarah Smith

Ordered a turkey on dutch crunch and chocolate chip cookie (the size of my head) and was happy as a clam. Sandwich rivals Guerra's. Turkey does not taste processed. Miraculous! Customer service was amazing. Nicest young employee. Five stars!

Brendan Malloy

My girlfriend and I were very impressed by this place. The staff is very kind and professional, the coffee is great, the mood is relaxed, and the croissant sandwiches were fantastic (a little pricy, though). Would definitely come again.

Emil Havranek

Very pleasant place with friendly and kind staff. I especially enjoyed their smoked salmon bagel and good coffee. If you are in the area go visit!

Jeremy Castro

Wonderful and peaceful place to either chat, study, and enjoy delicious food! The owner is very honest and kind, and everyone is very humble. The place is truly welcoming and feels like you're a guest at someone's house.

Noah Buchanan

My wife and I stopped here as we were coming down 19th, and we were delighted by how wonderful their deli sandwiches were! Super fresh ingredients! One of the best deli sandwiches I've ever had. Also, their cookies are homemade and excellent! Cute atmosphere, clean and hip and welcoming cafe.

Elena Ponce

Lovely cafe with friendly staff and delicious eats. Will definitely return!

tatyana Kosogina

Good coffee, great pastries, friendly staff, great space and decor.A gem for Sunset District and Taraval Street!

Mike Dunn

Fantastic breakfast and the best coffee I’ve had in years!! Must visit!!!!!

Chloé Gaillot

Very cute place - friendly atmosphere and excellent food in a very bright environment


Very pleasant indie Chilean coffeehouse/cafe. They’re working on expanding their menu, but currently their selection of coffee/sandwiches is reasonable. Good food and friendly employees.

Audrey F

Cute little space and friendly staff & owner. The toffee cookie and sesame cookies were fresh out of the oven and delicious. Treated my partner to a piece of coffee cake that they bake in-house. Definitely going back again to pick up some treats.

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