The Sherwood SF Cocktails & Lounge

179 W Portal Ave, San Francisco
(415) 742-4035

Recent Reviews

Tyven Gabriner

Lovely decor and vibe, great cocktail menu and friendly staff. Great place to go any time of the week. A classy but casual renovated gem in the middle of West Portal.

Grace K

Great place for craft cocktails and they have a nice selection of beer. Cozy comfortable place. Staff are really friendly and helpful if you don't know what to order.

James Aguilar

Friendly and personable staff Great drinks and classy atmosphere! I highly recommend The Sherwood.

Marian Cashman

Nice place with good cocktails. Met bartender Linda last night. Terrific!Just wish the seating was better. 2 areas with space for seating for more tables - would be better than communal seating that doesn't allow many patrons.

Richard C.

Not nearly as noisy as other bars, and the winds are reasonably priced. feels like a lot of the locals go there. By midnight it was pretty quiet.

Tim C.

Long overdue review of this bar but here goes - This bar is a GREAT place to relax throughout the week as it never gets quite too crowded and also provides a nice open space to hang out with a partner or group of friends. The drinks here are amazing! Linda does a fantastic job with her cocktails and there's a diverse mix of refreshing and spirit-forward cocktails with changing menus throughout the year (seasonal). Overall, the bartenders here do a great job of listening to what we like and they're open to drinks suggestions. Love the ambiance as well - there's a fireplace with couches and comfortable seats and plenty of standing room throughout. The outdoor seating provides an alternative for people who prefer hanging outside but it never gets too busy here so the choice is yours! Overall, I love this bar and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite bars in the city. Hope this place continues to thrive because its been a fantastic addition to the West Portal area!


Great little bar with a nice draft selection and delicious cocktails.

Dahlia O.

Great addition to the neighborhood! Bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable. Drinks are stiff. Definitely worth the price (cocktails are a little more than other bars on WP). Great selection of bourbons and ryes; seasonal menu; newly added snacks of goldfish and pretzels. Parklet is dog friendly and has live music on TH/F. Always jamming playlists inside the bar. Friendly customers. Neighborhood joint but can feel like a night out with cozy fireplace or window seats.

Morgana “MoNa” Q

Love the cocktails. John knows how to make the best old fashioned and Negroni.Cool/fancy lounge. Great option for a date night, girls night out or just hang out with bunch of friends.

Cal HappyCamper

This won't be a regular watering hole given there are better choices Philosophers, McCarthy, Dubliner, Unwinded . The drinks are watered down. The atmosphere is akin to someone's very bad party. The owner and his 2 friends come just to bring humans in the place. Sadly, they aren't fun type but cold eyed types counting the revenue as you drink.

Elyssa S.

Very nice cocktail bar with great bartenders! Mia and Gino were super nice and informative. West portal definitely needed a bar like this in the area!

Joe D.

The level of arrogance by the mixologist was hilarious. This place is like the dark time of Cheers when Rebecca Howe's corporation took over. I should have ordered a Screaming Viking..... won't be back.

Natalia Mendez

Great cocktails, prices, deco and staff! Even the restrooms were cute. This place is a 10/10

Doctor L.

What an absolute s*** show of a bar. We should have known there would be trouble when we sat down and not only did it take a long time for the bartender to make our drinks, but it took an unacceptably long time for him to clear the dirty empty glasses that were in front of us. I don't mind waiting for my drinks. Actually I mind a lot, but this is San Francisco and I'm used to it. But what I can't stand is for you to acknowledge that you'll be with us in a minute, see that there's dirty glasses in front of us, and then not take the one second to just grab them and get them out of the way, especially in what's supposed to be a classy joint like this. I've been in plenty of dive bars where they have the professional courtesy to do that. But my problems were relatively minor compared to the other guest who had to come in and point out that the bartenders had switched customer credit cards, and that she had been billed $150 instead of $40. Apparently the bar's POS system doesn't allow them to do simple refunds, and the manager told the customer that she'd take care of it tomorrow, and that the customer who had been over billed over 300% / over $100 should wait until the bartender's shift ended at 3 am in order to solve the problem. This argument took place inches in front of my face, while my friend and I were waiting to order more drinks (because waiting is what you do here) and just made me feel really uncomfortable. The customer has the right to demand that the merchant reverse the incorrect charge immediately. The merchant doesn't have the right to tell her to wait, to give her attitude, and to use foul language with her, which she did, inches in front of my face. And this wasn't even my problem, they just insisted on fighting right in my face. It was at that point that we decided to cut our losses and leave. We gave up on getting more drinks and got out of there as soon as we got our own credit card back and double checked our own bill. I get that the service industry is hard. I get that there's a labor shortage out there. I get that you probably have to deal with actual Karens in a position like this, but that customer was entirely reasonable and within her rights, and the bartender/manager was unprofessional and lost her cool over a mistake that either she or her coworker were responsible for. Get it together.

Patrick S.

Classy joint. Clientele skews older, which is nice. Cozy fireplace seating. Good service. Mellow music. Tasty cocktails, as well as a number of beers on tap. A good addition to West Portal.

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The Sherwood SF Cocktails & Lounge

179 W Portal Ave, San Francisco, CA 94127
(415) 742-4035