Tyler Florence Rotisserie

Long Term Parking, 780 S Airport Blvd, San Francisco

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Jennifer O.

I was super excited to try this place and it was....ok. I got their pork sandwich with Mac and cheese and it was decent, but not as good as I expected, especially for the high price tag. The people who worked there were nice enough. I suppose you could do worse in the airport, but I wouldn't go out of my way to come back here.

Abel K.

I just happened to be in the area and decided to check this place out. I guess with all the foot traffic, I just had too! It didn't take long for me to grab something from here and I quite loved that they had stools to sit near the counter. I opted to have the roast pork with the smoked macaroni and cheese with chorizo chickpeas. Separately they were all good, but at some point, I mixed it all up and that's when they magic happened! The flavor is outstanding and for the price, I am quite surprised that it was such a huge serving. The roast pork simply fell apart; it was rally tender and somewhat sweet. The charring was perfection. You definitely need to check out this place.

Peter K

Was served a sad, soggy bagel. How do you even make bagels soggy?? Would never go again.

Daniel V.

I am surprised with the food found in Terminal 2 especially since I do not have high expectations from food at airports. It took me a while to actually find the restaurant. It is located in the Napa Valley market on the back left side. I ordered the pork shoulder with the chickpea & chorizo and portabella caprese sides. The caprese side fell short, it was drenched in oil and that is all I could taste. The pork had a brown sugar glaze that made it very tasty. I was impressed with the chickpea and chorizo side. That was the best bite of the plate.

Brittany H.

Absolutely worst customer service. The workers act like they can't even see the customers and they don't want to be there.

Ilene M.

Stopped here for breakfast before boarding my plane. Had the bacon, lettuce, tomato and tomato chili cream cheese for $8.95. Generous size portion. Clean nice space with some high top tables to sit at and wait.

Andrew E.

If you are ever stuck in sfo, the finding options can be pretty mundane. The one exception is the Napa valley farms area and particularly Tyler Florence. I had the roast pork along with the smoked macaroni and cheese with the chorizo chickpeas. The flavor is outstanding and the price 17$ or so far better than most of the other options you'll have. Definitely worth a try

Pam K.

I know it was airport food but was expecting better. I had the tri tip sandwich and that was the toughest piece of meat I have ever had. Service was rude and unfriendly. Tyler needs to take his name off this site. Only reason I gave 2 stars the Mac n Cheese was tasty.

Trey W.

2 stars for the chef's name. Food was fair. Tri-tip with two sides. Meat was way over cooked especially after the clerk warmed it up in an "oven". You could barely cut it, like rubber. Out of Mac and Cheese, but sign was displayed. Disappointed since everyone raved about it. Will not go back again. Disappointed.

Izzat A.

This place is excellent. Very fresh ingredients and good food without getting ripped off because you're in an airport. I ordered a Caprese bagel with cream cheese and tomatoes and it was excellent. Will definitely come back here when flying out of SFO.

Cameron C.

As a foodie on a business trip, I researched dinner options for dinner before I left for the airport. I arrived at my chosen eatery at 6:45 exactly and it was closed! I asked the lady behind the counter and she said they closed at 7 and then walked to the back room. I get that everyone wants to go home at the end of the day but not honoring your posted hours is bad business. I guess I'll have to try the rotisserie chicken another day!

David W.

Side dishes are tasty, but rotisserie chicken was very dry and bland. It is noon so I wouldn't think the chicken was sitting around. Possibly over cooked and under seasoned. Blah.

Lexi R.

3.5 stars. Got the 1/4 chicken with two sides for $13.95, which is a pretty decent deal, especially for airport prices! Plus you know the chicken is well-sourced. Downside was that the chicken was dry. What a bummer. But damn the Mac and cheese and the autumn mixed vegetables were so freakin good! They had the true comfort food feel to them. If I ever have to eat airport food again at SFO, it'll be from here.

Adam J. V.

Showing off in an airport. The game has changed. Airport Foodie Farms are now a thing. Tell your friends. Thanks Tyler! Most of the TV-Chef restaurants belong in an airport, next to McNasty's - but not this Rotisserie! This place belongs on Main Street, but it decided to make a beautiful home nestled inside of the wonderful Napa Farms Market. SFO is now a cool place to be and I didn't even mind being stranded in San Francisco's Airport for a few hours... all because of Napa Farms and Tyler Florence.

Dave W.

I wouldn't normally write about airport eateries....but... this place in Terminal 2 @SFO Int'l Airport inspires an exception. Part of an int'l trend to provide more upscale eateries for air travelers, this place was terrific. Menu---Lots of choices--breakfast, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, soups, full dinner entrees. Ambience--clean and efficient. Service--counter service, but staff friendly and helpful. Food--what we had was quite tasty--quatro fromaggio pizza, chicken tortilla soup. Other folks nearby with other choices that looked great..... asked someone enjoying the roast beef dinner plate (mac-n-cheese + corn sides) if the beef tasted as good as it looked and he responded "Better!" Airport food----Go figure!!!!!!

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