Birrieria El Primo

5320 Monterey Rd, San Jose
(408) 537-3057

Recent Reviews

Lauren S.

Came in for my munchie meal! I ordered a Super Chile Colorado burrito and chicken Flautas. Flautas were nice and crisp. Chicken was flavorful and juicy. Retried beans and rice were seasoned to perfection. Service was excellent for a busy Sunday afternoon.

Alonzo Flores

Just tried this place and I wasn't disappointed at all.

I Barton

Definitely a place worth visiting, the food is excellent and fresh, the costs are fair and it is consistently neat in here. Kudos.

Jimena is mY name Barragan

Best home made tortillas

Family Friendly Jimena Videos Barragan

Best home made tortillas

Vanessa V.

Bad costumer service they take too long to bring out the food and the tables are dirty

Vanessa E.

Went here once because it was close to my house and lets just say it was the worst decision ever. I was craving birria tacos and when I got my tacos I took a bite and noticed there was a lot of hairs in the food. They honestly looked like they came from a man's beard almost looking like pubic hair. I was disgusted but wasn't trying to be rude I let the lady know there was hair in my food she took it away and brought me a new plate but that plate also had hairs in it. So clearly just the whole batch of birria they made was contaminated with hair. My boyfriend got food there also wasn't great. I wouldn't recommend this place. There was also a drunk man in there singing very loudly and just sounded horrible. There was another man in there also complaining about his food. Pretty sure this place has roaches also.

J. R. R.

Best BIRRIA in Town Hand made Tortillas complete a perfect lunch. Friendly and attentive service from Amelia.

Alicia R.

If your looking for authentic mexica food specially food from Michoacán this is your spot! The birria is on point with there huge home made tortillas!... also love there enchiladas michoacanas very tasty and just like Michoacán. There very busy on weekends but during the week it's nice and Melo

Roberto Muñoz

Great food and very nice people:]

Rene Fierro

Excellent authentic Mexican food great service.very friendly atmosphere.highly recommend ?

Jairo Flores

As soon as we walked in and were trying to find a table, no waitress offered to help or get a table for our group of 12. Once we were seated, we weren't brought menus. When the waitress took our order she didnt go down the table to take everyone's order, she stood in one spot asking "anything else?" Instead of going to each individual making sure she got each person's order. She appeared to have no interest in being there

Samantha H.

Today Went in with a party of 12 for a birthday dinner . No one offered us a table we had to put our own tables together. We sat down waited 10 minutes for a menu , waited another 10 minutes to get our order taken . When the waitress took our order she stood in one spot taking our order instead of going to everyone individually . When taking our order she kept saying " algo mas , algo mas " in an extremely rude way . Brought our food , when my plate came it was cold so I asked her if I could get it warmed up and she "Rolled Her Eyes at me" . Other than the rude waitress . I'm giving them a 3 because of the service but the food was delicious

Sonia Rodriguez

The burrito are very good they have good flavor a very big cant wait to try there other food and drinks i will be coming back for sure.

Maricela G.

The food here is very authentic and delicious, however the service is atrocious. It takes so much time to serve you and have the food out. They are so unorganized and every time I come here they are running around like chicken with their head off. It is really sad because their bad customer service outshines the food here. I will return because of the food but my experience is always very unpleasant.

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