Curry On

241 E Santa Clara St, San Jose
(408) 899-4778

Recent Reviews

Evangelina B.

Yum, yum, yum! I've been ordering from their restaurant since shelter in place and they never disappoint! I order my favorite, butter chicken with the garlic naan and vegetable pakoda. So delish! Whenever we order delivery the food is hot and nothing is missing. I'm looking forward to trying their other dishes! I highly recommend, especially for delivery.

Jaya R.

I ate at their lunch buffet before SIP and enjoyed the selection, flavors and price. I have a feeling this is the best in San Jose for its price point. That's why I decided to try delivery during SIP. Today I ordered goat curry, bhindi, raita, samosas, rice, garlic naan, and a soda through Doordash. The food is so good!! The goat curry is so tasty, not too salty. You get a good amount of curry and meat! It is my pet peeve when Indian restaurants give very little meat in their dishes just because you are ordering delivery or takeout. The raita is slightly sweet - unexpected but very good. Some of the bhindi is hard and not cooked throughout but it definitely tastes good. The samosas came in a heat bag with 2 chutneys. The samosas were hot when they arrived. I really appreciate this detail. And the naan! It is so big, and better than any other restaurant garlic naan that I've tried. It tastes as good and fresh as it did in the restaurant. This meal gets 5 stars because it is all around tasty, fresh, and the portions are a good size. I'm very glad I gave this place a try for delivery while the buffet is closed!

Andie Shearsmith

We found this place on door dash. It is perfect for delivery. The main items are well seasoned and a bit spicy Indian food wrapped in burritos. They are phenomenal. They also have some other items that are inventive too. Everything is delicious. The restaurant space is quirky and fun too. There is a bar to one side that makes seasonal specialty drinks. This place is a gem.

Brij C.

The take out order was so salty that I couldn't eat it. I had to throw it away. I am not exaggerating, it was literally like they dumped 10x the normal amount of salt. And this was in both items that was ordered, Pani Puri and Aloo Tikki. Both with 10x saltiness. Also, the each pani puri literally came with exactly one piece of chana and exactly one piece of super small potato. So you can imagine, the pani puri didnt taste like real pani puri.

Jenny T.

My husband and I ordered from here on a Saturday evening for dinner takeout. Food: We ordered a number of different items to share. Samosas - the order comes with two pieces. They were delicious and exactly how I expected them to be. Definitely will order again. Chaat Fries - These fries were kind of soggy by the time we got home so we did heat them up again to get crispy. However, the flavor on the fries were delicious. Different than the standard fries and the flavors meshed well with the other food we ordered. Paneer Butter Marsala - This was absolutely delicious. It was flavorful and creamy. I am craving it by just writing this review. Garlic Naan - pretty standard but very good. Service: The food was prepared pretty quickly. We ordered ahead, food was ready when we went to pick up & we were on our way. TL;DR - Delicious Indian food. Will definitely come back in the future

Jayasimha Nuggehalli

Nice little place in down town San Jose. Visited here for a Lunch Buffet. Place was busy most tables were occupied. Buffet had quite a few curry options. Goat and Chicken curries were the best. Naan was served at the table, they were very fresh and tasty. Overall pretty good experience.

gan jay

Absolutely not an good indian food, people who said and gave good reviews might not have tried good indian restaurants. 2 star just for the service guy.

Jonathan S.

Visited Curry On after I had a craving for Indian food so decided to try a buffet instead of a restaurant. There was about 4 curry dishes and a couple vegetarian dishes. The naan bread was probably the best thing there since it is made fresh once you sit on the table. Most of the curry lacked flavor like the butter chicken, wasn't as flavorful as I would've liked. Overall, for $13, I didn't expect anything worse or better for this buffet. Tasty naan and good variety of curry. If its your first time, he'll give you a 10% discount!

Nhi N.

All I'm going to say is wow. The food is amazing. I got paneer tikka masala and it was sooooo good. Service was great and the food is just really good.

Sree D.

I was skeptic about how this place was rated so high when I walked in. Ordered chicken biryani and chilli pakora. I decided to give it a 5 star review too for the following reasons. Open in the afternoon Quick and courteous service Biryani was the Punjabi style one . Flavors were perfectly balanced with the moist rice and chicken. Big portion of biryani and raitha. Chilli pakora was made to perfection too. Quality and taste of food shows they have a chef who is good at what he does. Lots of restaurants lack this. Recommended for a quick casual bite in SJD.

Levina U.

Even though I only stopped by for a quick bite to eat the service was attentive, menu easy to understand, and food delicious to eat!!

Kelley Tidwell

Good eats. Quick service. Amazing staff.

Darrell Wooten

The food was good and staff is friendly

Sabrina L.

If I could give 0 stars I would! I don't frequently write reviews, but felt necessary to do so after getting atrocious food poisoning from here that took my dad and I to the ER and had us vomiting for days. DO NOT EAT HERE !!

Gabriel Hernandez

great food, informative staff, will definitely came back again next time we're in town!

m.c. smith

Great service wonderful buffet the smell of the food is so inviting and nice I always like to go to this restaurant in San Jose to pick up food for Uber eats customers.

Karin Curkowicz

The food is classic Indian comfort food buffet, but more than that the people are amazing!

Michelle-Navi S.

We're visiting from New York, and had to stop in for some Indian food. This spot is located in the heart of downtown San Jose and has an amazing selection of food. When we came, we were able to have the buffet (offers a variety of different dishes) and enjoy a cold mango lassi. Management and staff were attentive and helpful - the food was fresh, and the garlic naan was phenomenal! Definitely the best stop for some Indian food on the West Coast.

Allan K.

Had three plates. It was so good I totally forgot to take pictures. I can't believe they had goat. It was soooo good. All the meats were nice and tender, nothing dried out. Especially the tandoori chicken, the caramelized onions with it, and moist chicken was soooo good. The fried potato ball was sooo good too, they definitely salted it to make it taste amazing. I am definitely coming again when I'm at SJSU, it's basically right across! Unlimited everything!

Jagjit Singh

This place is something different. A mix of eat-in Indian and take away. Love the friendly attitude of the staff and great tasting food. One of my go to spots when in Cali for sure. Hopefully they'll open one of these in England ?.

Jinha K.

This place deserves more recognition forsure. Where else can you find a curry buffet under $13 in San Jose downtown? Food taste pretty good too; I think I went for 5 rounds of butter chicken curry and tandoori chicken. They also give out discounts to SJSU students so it's a straight up deal. If you're looking for place to eat in dtsj, just go here already

Angela L.

Delicious variety of Indian food with great quality, service, and price. I went for the lunch buffet ~$13 at 11 AM and my favorites were the baingan, the chana masala, and the butter chicken. The buffet is worth it to try different foods, otherwise get the combo if you have a small appetite ~$9-10. Note: Their naan is AMAZING!! You basically get unlimited naan and chai tea along with their food options for the buffet. Also you must try the gulab jamun for a melt in your mouth can't believe a dessert can taste like this experience. Come here and get your Indian cravings satisfied!

Dean C.

1/1/20 I woke up this morning... I woke up breathing. Breathing in the heaves of fermenting air, wafting towards me from her lightly sleeping, yet laboring face. Our baby of course was still quivering in his Snoo Smart Sleeper (what else would a yuppie baby "sleep" in?), taking his time to decide whether to progress to all-out quaking, or simmering into a temporary cease fire--it's New Years you know? Then the day revealed itself to be... like most of the previous 365 days. What is this new year we celebrate each year? Sooner or later, it became evening, then night. But, unlike most of the previous days of last year, finding a restaurant to eat at 9:30 PM was very very hard. We actually went to 2 places first, but both were closed despite Yelp saying otherwise. So,... Indian? We arrived, parked on the street. One thing I'd say about downtown San Jose--there's always someone to great you. As soon as I opened the side door to take our baby out, I felt eyes staring me down, eyes under a hood, framed by the crisscross of the twisted diamond wire metal fence. He didn't say hi, but I figured he would if it were summertime. We walked down to the crossing light where another gentleman resting upon his haunches, this time said loudly, "Happy New Years!" I nodded and smiled, and briefly heard the doppler effect making his voice more of a whine as we moved to escape the chilling winter wind. He could have been asking for money, but I think equally likely he was commenting on my fashionably mundane hoodie, or the fact that I was wearing shorts in the 40deg air. Sorry sir, whatever it was, I had a goal... ...and so a block from our car we arrived upon the storefront. It was a pretty not-pretty array of wall, glass, and food-oriented. Kinda boring. Completely non-remarkable except in its banality. Save for the 2 bums sitting, sleeping, out front. Ah, never underestimate how much warmth the human touch can add. Okay, honestly, I'd never walk into this place on a normal day. I think people would be more likely to walk into a random sewage pipe hidden in the foothills of a hill. But there I was, holding open the door for my gf and pushing through my baby's yuppie transforming stroller and car seat all-in-one. ...Inside was not a warm oasis of Indian crafts and gilded furniture. Just the trappings of a typical fast food joint, a single cash register, and a cashier. So we sat. We ordered. ......... I swear, if I remembered anything outside of the frigid glass windows, they were all but forgotten as we enjoyed our meal now in the great hall of the Taj Mahal! I seriously doubt that Gandhi ate so well some 100 years ago. F, I don't think I ate so well-made Indian food in the last 365 days either. I mean, we got these cute little Dahi Poori's that just squirted delicious juices down your throat, sublimely smooth and silky Dal Makhani, and my favorite--perfectly stewed Goat Curry, succulent, tender, and exploding in flavor! My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. Don't skip the plain looking ones. And share some too, cause that makes it taste better. 5/5 #newyears #sanjose #star #indiancuisine #indianfastfood #goatcurry #indianchat

Paul Rivera

They serve large portions and for affordable rates. very nice staff. Highly recommended.

Dawn Lim

Loved the buffet spread especially the naan which is soft. The place is clean and the owner is attentive.

Russell Hill

Wow, the best Indian that we have had in a very long time. The staff was super friendly and attentive. Food was out of this world and portions were generous. It was pretty quiet at dinner so hopefully this is more of a downtown lunch place.

Violet River

Best Indian Food Restaurant ever! Be a great Chain Restaurant for Indian Food.

P. R.

1st time in curry on Food is great Garlic Nan is best I ever tried Butter chicken,sweet lassi,daal makhani My wife is Mexican and a big fan of jewels of india restaurant on Capitol/Alum Rock I took her dozen of Indians restaurants Its 1st time she like the food others then jewel of india Rummy the cook is Amazing Guy Hire them for catering,he made this moong Ka halwa, That was delicious... Never had it before and I am from India Highly Recommend Thanks Rummy

Siddhartha Jain

Great food. Not very spicy/ oily.casual small place. Great combo.

A Z Flor H.

We discovered this place via Uber Eats actually. We called in for delivery cause we both caught colds and were feeling crummy. We had 2 orders of the butter chicken, Garlic naan, tandoori roti, the Amritsari fish, veggie samosa , and mango lassi. The delivery didn't take too long from the restaurant. Maybe 30-40 minutes and the food was warm when it came. The butter chicken was delicious. Veeerry creamy. The sauce with the roti and naan is perfect. The mango lassi was sweet and tangy. The Amritsari fish flavorful and flaky. I'm not very familiar with Indian cuisine, but I usually like to get the fish pakora and it tastes almost exactly the same. I was pleased. The veggie samosas crunchy on the outside and soft and potato-y on the inside. I loved the red dipping sauce. All of the dishes we ordered were really tasty! I would definitely order again.

Sharyn C.

Im that person that gives five stars. I go on and on about this place because it is authentic and affordable. Therefore, that's my baseline. I think about the food here after the fact because it's so good I want to keep going back for more. This is probably my favorite Indian restaurant in DTSJ. You can order family style, to-go and via Door Dash. My favorite things...They have a buffett for 11.99 AYCE. The butter chicken is the best in DTSJ. They have delicious saag paneer, daal, tandoori chicken, curry chicken and other dishes. They have mango lassi, but that is extra. There are plenty of solo seats that give that sidewalk view of Santa Clara Street. They have plenty of tables and seating. It's on the corner of 6th and Santa Clara across from Lee's sandwiches. Parking is not an issue at all. The staff is so friendly and warm. We love Hamaan...the chef. I recommend. I went every other day after my first time bringing with me different friends and coworkers to try this gem in the rough. I highly recommend.

Anamika C.

Paneer butter masala(good), butter naan(good), chicken curry(good), biryani ( fine), samosa chaat ( good), papdi chaat was bit dry.

Nimay Patel

Not all items shown on menu are available in real time. Ordered 2 items for to go from DoorDash. The restaurant confirmed the order moments after that and by the time I reach the place, even got a notification that its ready to pickup. But when I reached there, I realized that one of the items I ordered is not available. Then someone canceled my order and I was asked to reorder it. Even after that, one of the new item was incorrect.

Ilaria Denti

Despite the place is not looking fancy, the food is really great and the personnel is very kind!

Ed V.

This is definitely the best true Indian Cuisine ive ever tasted.The butter chicken Is so sweet and savory! It melts in your Mouth and the chicken bryani is so Heavenly spicy like being in New Delhi!

Saransh Singh

A very pleasant experience at the restaurant. Having arrived just before closing, we were not rushed and treated quite well. The food was genuinely tasty and Indian, would recommend the place for good service and for good food which is hard to come by.

Tejas Vandra

I have been a regular customer at cury on since a year. Today me and my friend decided to get food from grubhub.I ordered food at 9:10 pm ( at the time when the restaurant was open). I received my order number(details in the screenshot). The food never got delivered since the grubhub guys cancelled the food after confirming that the restaurant was officially closed at 10:37pm. we waited for the food for 1.5 hours.we have been trying to get to the restaurant from 9.20 pm but they never received our call. we just wanted to report this issue.

Osbaldo A.

Went here because our usual spot(Punjab cafe) was closed. It's down the street from our usual spot. My friends and i were craving Indian food and this spot was surprising good. I order chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, and Pani puri. I also tried my friends butter chicken which in my opinion tasted better. Garlic naan was very delicious, Pani puri was also very good. Chicken tikka was pretty good. I'd rate it 4/5 and the butter chicken was 4.5/5. Iv had serval indian/ Punjabi foods in the area and this spot is definitely a good one. Service is pretty quick. Quality seems to be there as well. I would recommend this place to a friend and will be returning here again ! My Punjabi friends liked this place as well !

Andrea V.

Awesome experience! I came here by myself and treated myself to the buffett! It was delicious! The staff was so nice and friendly!!!! And....the buffet came with a soda!!!! I will for sure be back! I got full with only 2 plates of the delicious food!! The price was also great....$11.99 for the buffet! I am a happy camper! Thanks Curry On!

Vi Y.

We ordered this togo and it was pretty good. Guy taking the order over the phone spoke perfect English so ordering was easy. Butter chicken was awesome. Garlic naan was also great and they used fresh chopped garlic and not the prechopped little squares . Saag paneer- this almost had too much paneer, but it was still good. Dal was tasty. 8 piece fish appetizer was really flavorful. Samosa was just ok. There was too much dough on the outside . Pani Poori shell was a bit on the stale side. We tried to order this on Door Dash. Put in the entire order only to find out they didn't accept door dash at that time.