Edna Ray Chinese Restaurant

1890 W San Carlos St, San Jose
(408) 293-3149

Recent Reviews

Corina Pham

Surprisingly delicious little chinese restaurant hiding on West San Carlos! Combo fried rice was perfectly al dente and seasoned, and we loved the walnut shrimp (though you may not like it if you don't like thick breading).Lastly, their chicken was extremely tender and juicy.Food: 5/5


I like to think of myself as a fried rice connoisseur. I've had hits and misses in San Jose and Edna Ray Chinese is a definite hit. Two thumbs up!

alisha harada

Out of all Chinese restaurants this the BEST!!! In Bay Area, there so nice and custom your ideas if needed. So delicious A MUST GO

Jann Gilkey

The place and staff are nice. The string bean dish tasted like 100% salt and the skins of the pot stickers were about 1/2 an inch thick. For this I dropped almost 30 with tip. I tipped cuz the service was excellent. I do not recommend eating their food.

Christina A.

Highly suggest this Chinese restaurant in San Jose.Clean ✅Fresh made to order ✅Customer service ✅Neighborhood…. EhhhhEither way it’s a great place to have fresh food and a good experienceWorth every dime!!!

timothy donohue

Hands down best Chinese food in the area, consistantly cooked just right. Never had a bad dish. Dont let the Neighborhood put you off from giving it a try...

Angie Anderson

Food is excellent. Actually went here on Mother's Day because most restaurants was crowded. 4 of us dined with 6 entrees and the bill was $100 including tip with leftovers to bring home.

Rachel Gonzales

Loved it,food was fresh, hot and delicious. Service was on point and friendly. No need for reservations, we had the whole place to ourselves for our large group. Cozy

Erica A.

After two of my favorite places closed I was never able to find another place to compare. Then we tried Edna Ray and it has hit the spot (almost) every time.

Scotty G.

Every dish I've ever had here is a 10/10... food is so fresh and tasty.. staff are very attentive and genuinely sincere.. I just had a party of 17 and no complaints from anyone about anything. Try the honey walnut chicken, Mongolian beef, house chow menu .... Anything !!

Robert H.

Surprisingly, Edna Ray has become one of my go to places for Chinese food! They consistently offer good food at a reasonable price! Is every dish on the menu perfect? No, not all! But for the most part, I think the flavors and texture are very good! Service here is also good! It's a small, family run business that offers very good Chinese dishes!

Manav Patel

Amazing restaurant! Lunch plates are the best in case ones looking for a decent and affordable place to eat!

ronald borrego

Super great food cook it just the way you would like it very friendly large portions super tasty

Lyric E.

This restaurant should be ashamed of itself. To charge 20 dollars for honey walnut shrimp, made with SALAD SHRIMP, dipped over and over again in batter! How dare you! We work for our money too and don't appreciate fraud! Look at the pics for yourself. In addition, the Singapore noodles were just a flat, one note yellow curry and the Mongolian beef had 2 tiny chili pods and no noticeable heat. I have not regretted a restaurant purchase this much in years. Never ever again, and honestly I'm considering following up on this shrimp issue, because it's just plain fraud.

Jp Rocha

The best really good food no matter what you order

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