Goldilocks Bakeshop

1535 Landess Ave, San Jose
(408) 935-8881

Recent Reviews

Mark Ferguson

I really liked their food. I always get excellent service here. The place is neat and the cashiers are always super nice. Keep up the good work.

Nerissa Flandez

Loving and craving for Filipino Fresh lumpia and palabok...must Go!

Janice F.

I went to Goldilocks earlier.and this is what I get for $17 disgusting all fats.the be carefulIf there food is out outside and they told you that there going to get inside make sure you check it before you pay for it

Blaine Strong

We had a fantastic experience in this place. We enjoyed the fantastic vibes and the menu. The staff members are very friendly. I am happy we ultimately decided to visit here.

Oscar I

Delicious food.

Maria M.

I'm giving this place 3 stars due to convenience and decent quality. The one thing I will never understand is why they are so expensive. I bought a large size bistek, not family style tray, but in a cup. I was shocked by the 20 dollars price value. I might as well went to miles bistro for that price. Be sure to ask for prices before purchasing, learn my lesson.

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Fredie H.

I have been coming to this place but this time I was Very disappointed .The female lady (I think she was the owner) on the register was wearing gloves, after I paid her with cash she started to bag my foods without changing her gloves! PATAY!It is very unsanitary if you are serving foods with your gloves and touching money on the same time. your are definitely spreading the bacteria to all your customers! Please change your gloves! Your just protecting yourself and not your customers.. I will definitely not coming back to this place.

- GhettoNinja -.

Goldilock bakeries are so bad and it baffled me to know why anyone would give them more than 2 stars. I love Mango mousse cake in general and decided to buy a whole cake, thinking how bad could it be. Well, I ate 1 slice and threw the whole damn thing away. They can't even afford to use real mango, but rather some cheap out of the can crap. And it was not just the filling which was bad but also the texture of the cake. So freakin gross!!!

Lod-ann Macki Ang

Is this the kind of food that you guys are serving? Fresh Lumpia-but unfortunately the ingredients are not fresh. So disappointing.

bernadette t.

I ordered an elmo/abby themed birthday cake in pastel colors for my niece's birthday! They did an amazing job!


Bad decision to buy taho at this Goldilocks! Not only it’s cold but has a bad taste! Chow king ran out and I was really craving to have one.will not recommend and will not come back!

Ace C.

Went here on a Monday for lunch. First time I’ve eaten here at this location. I’ve always been a fan of Goldilocks in the Philippines- especially their bopis. My parents ordered the fresh lumpia.

David Avery

I had a great at this spot. We liked the superb environment and the meals. The staff members were very attentive. I am content we eventually decided to try this place.

Victoria M.

We came here for Filipino food yesterday. My sister in law and cousin had the adobo combo with rice and lumpia and I had the palabok pancit combo and also a pork bun. The wait is a little lengthy and it gets quite busy. The ladies here seem a little rushy. The food here is okay, I've had better.

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