Happy Lemon

311 N Capitol Ave STE C, San Jose
(669) 284-2115

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Maxine G.

I've been to this location many times over the past few years and they always serve the drinks super fast. Their quick service especially during the pandemic is excellent.The salted cheese black tea is an ABSOLUTE CLASSIC and my favorite tea drink EVER!!! I typically order it with 25% sugar (though it's also good 50-75%, I just like my tea on the less sweet side) and 50% ice. The salted cheese, though strange sounding and something I seriously doubted at first, is ABSOLUTELY DELECTABLE, especially when paired with the freshness of the black tea. It blends a lot better with the black tea than the green tea. It's served as the top layer of the drink so you could either mix it OR drink it at a 45 degree angle and let it mix in as you drink, getting a bit of the salted cheese in with each sip you take. This way, the flavors of the salted cheese and black tea are more distinct from each other rather than mixing them together right away. You can then swirl the remaining bits once it gets too difficult to slowly mix in. Lastly, ALWAYS lick the lid afterwards!

Jamie S.

Love this place, amazing tea's! Friendly staff and it's clean! Strawberry green tea is my jam, with or without Boba. Depends on my mood. If you're in the area, definitely check them out!

Kimberly H.

I have been going to this location for the last 2 years. I used come here 3 times a week when I was in school. I would always get A1 (25% sweetness and ice, with cheese on the side) and my partner would always get D4 (50% sweetness and ice). I know the salted cheese foam sounds kinda weird, but it's hella bomb. It will elevate the drink. The cheese is extremely addicting!There is always a short line when I come. The drinks are made extremely fast. I usually don't wait any longer than 5 mins. I also recommend using the reward card. Every $4 spent = 1 point. 10 points can get you any free drink. I'll use my free drink on the biggest size possible with a bunch of toppings. I go all out of my free drink. I'll also save my free drink for a rainy day.

Melissa L.

Gross. Unsatisfied. Not worth it .I got a brown sugar milk tea ( out of curiosity), and DO NOT GET IT!! It has a weird after taste, kind of sour. Not worth the price. Got my bf a yakult lemon slushy, has a weird after taste as well( kind of like artificial sugar). In any case, neither of these tasted like other happy lemons I've been to. WAS DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE $$

Nikki N.

The customer service here is great and our drinks got done fairly quickly. The cashier was very friendly and patient and told us the toppings that some of the drinks already came with, which we were unaware of (lemonade slushy comes with lychee jelly). She was able to substitute it with another topping with no problem. The drinks were very tasty and not overwhelmingly sweet despite being 100% sweetness. I got the dragonfruit lychee juice, and it is a very refreshing blend of the two flavors. My boyfriend got the lemonade slushy and he thinks the icy texture combined with the sour lemonade flavor makes the drink an amazing, enjoyable experience. Personally, I think it was a bit too sour for my liking, but I'm not a lemonade fan. I will definitely be coming back to this location to try their other drinks.

Jojo M.

I'm not a boba tea nor fancy coffee/tea beverage consumer, but I was in the mood to try Happy Lemon. I ordered the Oolong with Salty Cheese and boba pearls. I couldn't imagine the flavor or consistency of the salty cheese. Would it be like floating chunks of feta in my tea? They gave me a sample to taste. It was viscous, and reminded me of condensed milk but not very sweet and a tad salty. The flavor was mild and not overpowering in my oolong. I enjoyed it immensely. It was my diet splurge for the week. Glad I went out of my way to try Happy Lemon and take a chance on the salty cheese. I hope to try other flavors when I don't mind spending $5 on a drink. I like how you can specify the amount of ice and sweetness.

Trinity Pasibe

Best boba I have ever had the tea is perfect and if this wasn’t here I wouldn’t know what to do.I definitely recommend the strawberry milk tea with boba.

Anvesh P.

The first time I ever tasted Salted Cheese was from here at Happy Lemon. It's hard to describe, but the salted cheese is an acquired taste. It is a new flavor that I have ever tasted before. They have a Top 10 Menu so I just chose the number one which is A2 Black Tea Salted Cheese. The Black tea is bitter, but the salted cheese gives it flavor and makes it less bitter. If you get the Milk Tea with Salted Cheese (A5) it will be sweeter but you don't taste the salted cheese as much.While I was waiting for my drink, I saw someone who ordered the salted cheese on the side. Next time I will do that so I can have more control of the taste.The customer service here was awesome. There was a long line and a customer was asking the cashier questions while they were taking my order. I asked for no boba, but they gave my drink with boba. They happily remade my drink.

Cynthia H.

Happy lemon is my go-to place. Even during the pandemic, the service is very fast. The employees are very nice. My favorite drink is A1, jasmine green tea with salted cheese. The drink is not to sweet not to plain. Another favorite is the D5, milk tea with puff cream and boba. The drink is very creamy and the the puff cream and the tea is a very good mix.

Jazmine S.

I love Happy Lemon and have been a dedicated customer for some time. Don't get me wrong, I love their drinks in comparison to other boba shops. They're so good!! However, the bad service experiences on multiple occasions recently had been really upsetting. First, my order was completely wrong and I waited for around 35 mins (at least). I get things happen so I was understanding, but I left without any apology on their end. Another time, I was waiting in line and was next to order after the person who was paying. Another customer, who had already ordered and was waiting on the side, cut in front of me immediately after the person finished paying and took about 10 mins to order another few drinks. Neither the customer or cashier seemed to have any regard toward the fact that I'd already been waiting for quite some time and was next. COVID-19 rules are also not really enforced. There's a sign that says a max of 3 customers are allowed inside at a time. It's a small sign so I understand it's hard to see, but it should be the employees duty to monitor it and bring it up to customers attention. No one is asked to stand outside, there will be up to 10 people total inside at one time.

Ofelia D.

The service and the flavors of milk teas are great but there is one thing that they don't exercise. Please wear MASK! It's mandatory from the state and the city while you're operating your business. Yesterday, we went to buy at your store in N. Capitol and Mckee. My daughter said that the front service doesn't wear mask. And one customer went out of store not wearing a mask too. You should be sensitive enough and be ashamed if you see people wearing masks. It's for the safety of the customers as well as the store staffs, right?! So please, wear MASK!!! Tell your customers too. Thank you! Thank you for your immediate actions on this. Great, great customer service!!!

Kim D.

Love this place order and done fast for this pandemic shelter in place time Employees there are really cool. They are so focused in what they are doing so they are helping each customers order with a care. All my drinks come out perfect as I expected. Customer stayed 6 feet from each other and that helped the store running smoothly. Thanks for taking care of boba lovers guys. Will comeback

Marco S.

Not to be offensive, I know this store has some good drinks. But I walked in around 7:30 pm with my gf and as we were ready to get our orders, the short lady with short hair who was preparing our orders was very rude to the girl who was their cashier, she seemed to be the head or idk. I could see that the girl doing the cashier seemed uncomfortable and sad, I felt bad for what she has to go through. I can't help but say this out loud, because I myself wouldn't talk to my employees like that. That is simply not the way to treat employees.

Brian T.

The question here is not "Which Boba spot should we go to?" It is rather, "Which drink are you going to get at Happy Lemon?" You can't go wrong with Happy Lemon. Their salted cheese series and Mango Green Tea is delicious and refreshing. Other options like their Orea Milk Tea and other brewed tea drinks are solid FYI I don't even like cheese

Andrew T.

Consistency is key. Also location. Also having people in your lives with boba addictions. Yeah. All of that. The main drink that I get here, mango boba green tea, no boba. So good and glad my drink taste the same every time. This location tends to not be on the busy side all the times I've gone, but that's a plus for me. Less of a wait haha. Servers are efficient from placing orders to having it ready to go in a timely manner.

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