New Jade China

5522 Monterey Rd, San Jose
(408) 229-8882

Recent Reviews

Dianne Nation

Terrible Chinese food chow mein all noodles fried rice could not find the pork beef broccoli ok mostly a tasteless dinner very disappointingThrough out most of plate.

George Ng

The food is some what oily and not much taste, however the price is good.

ofelia cardenas

The food was really good at a good price and and it was really fulfilling. Also serves a good amount of food and the employees were really nice.

Satbir Chahal

This is our go-to takeout Chinese food! Great portions of food at great prices with friendly service! Our main dish has become the garlic chicken with side if noodles. Nothing really compares if you're looking for quick, good takeout food.

Nerissa Flandez

My fave: Hot and Sour soup. Eggplant with garlic sauce and Must have Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings!!

Jaime G.

Wanted Chinese, was close by where my boyfriend lives. I got the cashew chicken plate and my guy got the sweet sour pork. The fried rice was very dry and the pork was not good. I was hoping to read my fortune with fortune cookie but no fortune cookies Will go elsewhere for Chinese next time

Tara L.

The portions are great, the combination plate options are really good. I like that they gave us the sweet and sour pork with the sauce on the side so its still nice and crispy by the time we get home. Definitely can't beat the price!

Ellanah Gonzales

Absoulutly love Jade China ??. They got the best tasting Chinese food around this area ? I don't speak Chinese & most that work here on Monterey Rd. don't speak English, so not much communication ??‍♀️ And I'm ok with it. The food is delicious, enough said ?

Giancarlo and Nick

We like coming here for their crispy fish with spicy garlic sauce. My son loves it!!!

Mark Higgins

Great chineese. Great value

Peter M.

Came in here today because it was close by and when I was waiting for my food, I see it in the back a man with no gloves on touching the raw meat with his hands.

Rick Ciprian

Great food and A LOT of it! For $7.50? Their chicken chow mein is uniquely flavorful, yet retains the distinctive traditional flavor of what I expected of chow mein noodles. I had that with 2 main items: Kung Pao Chicken and Vegetable Tofu and it sent me to palate heaven! Unfortunately, i ate the food before I thought taking a picture of it. Oops!

T E.

Jade China is my only Place for Chinese takeout. I am very picky when it comes to food. They know how i like their food. I live on south side sj. I would drive all the way to berryessa to get my food. I was so happy when I learned they were expanding to my area. I Thank you for that!! Best Chinese food in my area.

Scott M.

My favorite local Chinese food. Affordable huge servings. If you have a team to feed order the catering and get humongous platters for the low. You won't be disappointed. So fast. So affordable. So delicious.

Jorge Llanos

Good food. Good service. Can improve. Is a family business

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