Little Caesars

5550 Monterey Rd Space 25, San Jose
(408) 578-8770

Recent Reviews

Sunil R.

We were in the area for a picnic and did not plan out the food situation too well and ended up coming here to pick up some deep dish pizza and crazy bread.

OK...I will say it, LC is good and I love their system where it is ready to pick up whenever which makes it super convenient and the pizza is actually pretty good too. BTW, check out their secret menu online.

Sam S.

I don't know if I got a hot & ready pizza left over from 2020 or they gave me a display cardboard pizza, but it was drier than the desert air. I had to each each bite with bbq sauce in order for it to go down. If it wasn't so far away, I would've brought it back for a refund. Never coming back here again!

Anthony Martinez

The 7 $ pizza ? well worth ? the taste is great?.!!!!.

Rickie B.

Pizza was on time, not as much toppings as shown on the pictures. Only thing is counter/cashier is RUDE!! Just asking questions and nothing but attitude. Thinking about going to a different store.

Irene Nicole Rocha

I feel like this place needs more organization.

Sharie Breihan Groot

Best wings around and great pizza too.

Marcos Araujo

I order to pick up ! They make people wait too long

Frances N.

Came in right when they closed on Halloween and the cashier Carlos was willing to help me! I felt so bad bc i hate when people come in to my job right when we're closed but Carlos was so accommodating and so so so sweet/nice! If you see this Carlos, you made my night! You were awesome

Valerie Malone

Rude young man. Arrogant

Preeti S.

Placed an order at 6:40, came in at 7pm, i get there and the staff is so confused. They are looking around. The guy says ohh the order barely got here so we don't have it for you. The guy just looked lost and not even like a simple apology to say I'm sorry we'll just get to it right now. Definitely is not worth ordering ahead of time since they " don't get get them "

Dane Plan

Worst customer service ordered over the phone repeated 3 times what i want it and still got something different waiting 30 minutes for a pizza and wings in this 100 weather degrees

Rockman Beta

The employees there are super fast and very kind :3

Diana P.

Very solid pizza for the price. I recommend the cheesy bread, it's seasoned well and pairs great with ranch/marinara sauce. Straight forward customer service, no BS, love it. Personally have not encountered any problems coming here.

Stephanie Enge

Excellent service and the pizza was delicious!

Mark D.

Terrible service! I ordered a pizza at 5:00 and didn't have it delivered until 7:00. I called the customer service number on my email and it just kept ringing with no answer. I rejected the old and cold pizza and filled out an online survey and one of their managers Patty called me back. She gave me the same non-working phone number and kept saying it wasn't their fault, it was Door Dash. However, I didn't order from Door Dash, I ordered direct from their app. They chose to farm out the delivery to Door Dash. She talked to me like I work for her and refused to acknowledge the extremely poor customer service of delivering a pizza two hours late. I have had to challenge the charge on my card through my bank since they never pick up their "customer service" number. If you want an old, cold pizza delivered two hours late and want the customer service experience of a bad DMV office, then order from here. Otherwise, go elsewhere and save yourself some hassle.

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