Mehak Of India

311 N Capitol Ave #B, San Jose
(408) 570-3300

Recent Reviews

Theodore L

Orderd Lamb biryani on phone had it ready in 20 min. The mutton is nice beating those heavily spiced ones. Rice is overly cooked though so it tastes like its squashy .But i came here for lamb.

Nidhi Prasad

quantity of food is less. chicken items have more of gravy than chicken ..Taste wise ok but a lot of cream.

T D Mcdaniel

It was so savory. Prices were average for the menu. I can see why they have a lot of great reviews.

Nawid Royeen

High standards of food hygiene and very delicious food I visit once a week I recommend to everyone who like indian food

Falak Singhal

Simply amazing! One of the best punjabi food I've had in the bay area. Genuine flavors from the region which give you a nostalgia, great service and not that expensive! 10/10

Poojitha B.

The ambiance is not soo good , but food tastes good though. we ordered Garlic naan and paneer curry , it taste good .

Parinitha B.

This review is for the quantity of food. I ordered a plate of Samosas and their "Special Veg Manchurian". The Samosas were miniature samosas, but it was kinda expected due to the price being $2.99. However, I was enraged looking at the quantity of the Manchurian for $8.99. There were LITERALLY 5 (gum sized) balls in may be 2 tsps of sauce!!! When I asked the gentleman in the front about the (lack of) quantity, he justified by saying "it takes a LOT of effort to make those" and also went on to say "in Amber restaurant, they give you only 4 pieces". It really bedazzled me that he justified the quantity by comparing the small "mom and pop" kinda restaurant to an upscale Indian restaurant in SANTANA ROW!!!!! Extremely disappointing! I will try to update my review for the taste of the food once I eat it.

Simarjit R.

Family owned and operated. Authentic Punjabi food at great prices. I've always been happy with their meals and service!

Julia Wiggins

What an awesome experience. I had high expectations after reading these great reviews on Google and let me tell you this place does not disappoint! The price for the buffet is so low ($10.99) and all of the choices are simply delishes. Very good customer service as well. My family and I will return for sure!

Olivia Howell

Great place and food. The decor is amazing. Will come back!

Daniel H.

I got food poisoning from their palak paneer recently and want to warn others. I have ordered from this place in the past and I did not get sick so I gave them two stars because my experience up until this point has been good. Needless to say I will never order from here again.

Peter T.

Exceeded my expectations! Pricing was good for two. Atmosphere was very friendly but the most important thing was that the dinner was delicious. They offered buffet or the menu option. We chose to ordered from the menu and their GREEN SAUCE was bomb. We will come back again.

Mish G.

I wish I had checked out the yelp page before going. It's a teeny tiny buffet place for maybe 4-6 dishes but you'll have to pay up like you are getting 30 dishes. The naan is not part of the buffet and you'll be asked when you enter if you want plain or garlic. Nobody will tell you it's extra. Or maybe the garlic was. I don't know! Overall, very blah. You have to look for everything because half the things are not visible.


Mehak is serving one of the best lunch buffet in the neighborhood, restaurant is on the small size but 2 doors down is a new larger dining area but only open on week-end for now since the week-end crowd seems to be larger. Food is very good especially the tandoori chicken and goat curry.

ritu bhangoo

Nice place though a bit small..Good customer service.. Love their tandoori chicken.. haven't tried their vegetarian cuisine..

Ramji I.

Happen to go to this place as I wanted to try some new place near our house. Did a takeout couple of times and dined in once. Overall this place has been disappointing. Dissapointments - 1. Aloo gobi was too sweet. 2.Bindi masala is extremely oily and has more onions than bindi. 3.They took really long time(~1hr) for 2 dish takeout. Definitely not the go-to place for Indian food.

Anshbir C.

Perfect stop for an indian homemade bite.Food is really authentic and fresh perfectly priced portioned and fresh.Short space but they opened up a new store for buffet , as expected their taste is shooting up the food industry and their quality meets the demand.Should definable give this spot a try!!!!

Alvin T.

My girlfriend and I love this place. The butter chicken, garlic naan, and chicken biryani are great. Honestly all their curry taste amazing. We usually get take out or have Doordash deliver. The people here are really nice. I ordered pick up through Doordash and a dasher took my food even though it was pick up. The restaurant remade my order for me. I will be sure to order from them directly in the future.

Shubham Aggarwal

Best quality food, Staff and owner. Reasonable charges

Konark Sarangi

Tasty vegetarian food. Very few places in the Bay Area make good vegetarian dishes. This is one of the best in them. Owner is very nice and Amazing hospitality.

Dhananjay Tyagi

Good food and nice staff. Garlic naan with either butter chicken or paneer was the best.

Phil I.

My top list of AYCE Indian Buffett for $10.99 same price as it was last year even better are their lunch combos for $5.99 to $7.99 can't beat that. Meals are always ready to be served. I had two plates one with tandoori chicken with white rice layer with chicken curry and the other one chicken pakota with chicken curry came with plain naan bread if you want garlic that would be .99 cents refills no additional cost. Interior is quite crammed with limited space. By the way the owner is very polite and friendly though he's very quiet and reserve will be back again. Won't have any problems looking for a parking space it's in an abundant lot.

Stephanie P.

Sooo good. Found my go to spot if I'm ever craving Indian food again. The buffet price ($10.99) is perfect.

Alex A.

This place is small and hidden but the food is quite good. I haven't tried everything on the menu but the chicken burrito is definitely my favorite.

Thanh L.

Awesome customer service, affordable pricing, smaller selection of food but what I've eaten has been tasty. The area is easy to overlook but has plenty of parking in the plaza.

Albert T.

The dishes were very tasty. Granted it was cheat day from my keto diet and I haven't had Indian food for ages. I had a buffet plate. There was only maybe 8 different things to choose from, but there was also rice pudding and some cucumber salad.

Prashant S.

Flavorful taste, fresh ingredients, awesome service and overall an excellent dining experience in this family operated restaurant. Must try their sweet and salted lassi!

Raphael Lansangan

They serve one of the best paneer tikka masala around the area. Get garlic naan and coffee with that and man, that's one good meal.

Hailey Howard

The staff was friendly and observant. The place has a cool atmosphere. Similar to a place in Denver I loved.

Ankit Swarnkar

The food was really good however options are less which was okay for me. We went on July 4th and rush was normal. Service was little slow.

Gabrielle Burgess

There was fast and courteous service. The place has a great feel to it. Ambience is similar to Fresno's scene.

Jayden Mercado

Dropped in on Mon I think. There was quick and friendly service. I can see why they have so many reviews.

Harry S.

An amazing small and hidden authentic Indian place. So yum and mouth watering. I found it by luck as wanted quick desi food near me. And I am thankful. The food, the service, the people all reminded me of back home. It's a place I would want to visit more often. If you are around and looking for some desi food, please do try this. And yes, the price couldn't be lower !!! How do you guys survive!

Uma Rao

We opted for lunch buffet, although options look limited, everything served was delicious and freshly made. If you are looking for home style Punjabi food, this is a must try place !!

Tiffany T.

Cute little restaurant with delicious Indian food. We tried the buffet for 10.99 per person it comes with rice, naan and roti. You can pay .99 more for garlic naan which I highly suggest. It was so good and fresh! The buffet came with 9 options but my favorites were the butter chicken, plum chicken and deep fried cauliflower. Definitely the spot if you want something delicious and fast!

Sanket Gandhi

Family owned great restaurant. Awesome food and Excellent Buffet. I always go there for their evening buffet. If not eating buffet then I get their Palak Paneer and Tandooei Roti. Its too good. Their Tawa Rotis are excellent. All of their dishes are amazing. Great service and great price. Highly recommend..!!

Yoon C.

This place might be my new go to place. 3 of us came here for a Saturday lunch. We were able to get seated right away. We chose the buffet option because they had about 8 dishes plus rice and naan for a price of less than $12 per person. We paid $1 more for garlic naans which came out fresh! I feel that fresh naans make a huge difference. I really wish they had butter chicken. However, my go to dish chicken Tikka masala was very good. I think the food could have been warmer but fresh hot naan was compensated for the temperature of the food. I was pleasantly surprised at how juicy and tender plum chicken was. Overall I recommend trying this place to anyone who wants a reasonably priced good Indian food.

Rocking V.

Ordered Papri Chaat via Doordash and this is what I got (pic). Their description says: Indian style fried tortilla chips topped with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt & green chutney. What I got: just some tortilla chips crushed and a side of gooey chutney overwhelming with yogurt. Searched through the chips to see if there was any trace of other things - nada.. NOTHING else - no potato, chickpeas blah blah. Got to be the WORST chaat I've had in the bay area.

J B.

Came in today at 11am and was told place is closed until They open later, not ready to serve and food not ready. All people turned away. Signs says open at 11:am ?

Ricardo Cummings

Arrived at six, it was not packed. Had a friend come into town and asked me to take him here again. The bill was reasonable I would say. Kinda of like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed.