Mehak Of India

311 N Capitol Ave #B, San Jose
(408) 570-3300

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Emily H.

Fresh, warm and so filling! My bf and I were craving some butter chicken and luckily while we were out grocery shopping, we found Mehak of India near us. In addition to butter chicken, we got garlic naan for a total of $12. When we got home, we paired the meal with some rice and it was so delicious. It is easily an individual meal but I shared it with my bf and I was so full. The butter chicken was definitely the highlight of the meal. It was heart-warming and filled with spices and flavor. I couldn't stop eating! It is worth the $9. The garlic naan - when we got home - was not as fresh as the butter chicken but it was great to dip with the butter chicken's sauce. Still, the naan was yummy! Try their butter chicken! It is mouthwatering!

Diana S.

Impressed with quality and price! We ordered enough food to feed all 4 of us (with leftovers) ... couldn't believe the total price was only $40+. Our favorites were the butter chicken and garlic naan. Will definitely return! Ordered online and everything was ready when we arrived to pickup!

Dustin N.

The food is great!! The owner is very nice!The wait is long but I don't blame them, they are very busy during lunch time. But the owner was so nice to give me his personal phone number because I am a regular there and I order lot of foodfrom them. I recommend trying the vegetable Indian fried rice. Trust me, it is very good and you won't regret it. Also the fish curry, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, karahi chicken, and fish pakora are good too. This Indian restaurant is way better then Jewel of Indian and New Indian Chaat Cafe.

Kelly T.

I've always passed by this place but never really gave it a try until recently. Got the Butter Chicken and Garlic Naan and it was DELICIOUS. Not only was it good, the portion was generous for its price. The cashier was also extremely friendly!!

Sarah K.

Have been coming here since before the pandemic - food hasn't changed. Everything is so good and it's always ready when I pick it up. Get the chicken tikka masala and garlic naan!

Kathy T.

Delicious! I got the Butter Chicken, Fish Curry, Garlic Naan with an order of samosas to share with the family and it was all for less than $32 with tax. Very friendly service through the phone and in-person for take-out orders and wonderful quality food from this small business. I'm definitely going to try other food items on their menu next time!

Cathleen N.

This is my first time ordering takeout from this local place through DoorDash. The last time I was here, I opted for their buffet which was delicious and for a reasonable price, but I think I much prefer the takeout because the food is substantially warmer. I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, Jeera Rice, and Garlic & Plain Naan which came out to be around $40. Decent price for a good amount of food. Still have lots of leftovers. I was having the biggest craving for Indian food and this totally satisfied it! The butter chicken and chicken tikka masala was so creamy and savory and seemed really fresh too. The warm, fluffy naan accompanied these so well along with the jeera rice. I'm usually not the biggest fan of basmati rice but I don't mind it once in a while. The palak paneer was also really fresh but my least favorite (still really good though) out of the 3 because it was not as flavorful. However, I did enjoy it being more of a neutral taste against the other really savory dishes. As for the service, from what I could remember last time, the friendly gentlemen were really nice and attentive to our table, constantly refilling our waters which I appreciate. Today was a bit slow and I had to wait a bit before someone tended to me but I didn't really mind it as they all seemed pretty busy in the kitchen. Ultimately, I had my craving satisfied and I purposely ordered a larger portion of food so that I could have leftovers for dinner or lunch tomorrow. This is definitely my go-to place for Indian takeout now and I know I'll be getting takeout from here more often.

Sheila R.

Good place to try out for some good Indian food. Im not really a fan but this helped me change my mind i would recommend to a friend

Erik L.

Stopped by to order food to-go. Ended up ordering Jeera rice, butter chicken, lamb curry, and baingan Bartha. The food was absolutely delicious! All of it. Had to stop myself from eating more. Definitely worth the wait and will be coming back again for this rich and flavorful food.

Mony G.

I have family and friends with Indian restaurants but this has to be some of the best food that I've tasted. It is amazingly good. Especially the tandoori chicken. I've ordered it a couple of days in a row.

Niloufar I.

I like this restaurant, I like all foods. The crews are very friendly and respectful. We have little child at home, because of that usually we are ordering to take out. The foods were ready on time. I got just 4 stars instead of 5 stars, because I ordered a kids combo, which is made from a cheese sandwich, fries and juice, and they removed this item from my order. As I picked them up, they said that they have cheese sandwich and fries separately but not as a combo. So, I ordered separately, it costed a little more than a combo, even without the juice. I think they want to increase their prices single by single and this is the Trick. Otherwise they could remove the kids combo from the menu and sell everything separately, as they are. But anyway, if you thinking for a good, delicious Indian food, I would recommend definitely this restaurant.

Sumeet Pannu

The dishes are very authentically Punjabi. Even things you won't find in most restaurants like kadhi and mooli paratha. Very basic place with very basic but delicious food!

Sachin R.

I have recently ordered kadhi pakoda and chef's special veg manchurian. kadhi pakora tasted so delicious. How ever, chef's special veg manchurian turned out to be nothing but veg kofta balls with manchurian gravy.

George N.

This place is amazing. I have been searching for great Indian food in our area for a long time. I have tried six different places and none of them were very good until I tried Mehak. The butter chicken is fantastic (I ask for it Spicy), it is super thick sauce and delicious with generous amount of chicken. The rice is also great and the samosas are very tasty. The garlic naan is disappointing though so I don't order that anymore but the butter chicken is amazing. This is now my favorite butter chicken in the San Jose area.

Jay Y.

3.5 Ordered takeout from here this weekend, got the: Butter chicken 3/5 Flavor was just not all there compared to some of the other butter chicken I've had from other restaurants. Decent sized chunks of chicken and serving size was good though Plain & garlic naan 4/5 The plain naan was great, big serving + soft and fluffy. Paired well with the butter chicken. The garlic naan was a miss for me, could barely tell there was any hint of garlic flavor at all. Samosa 3.5/5 Pretty standard, bit of a kick to it. Smaller than average size-wise

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