Nirvana Soul

315 S 1st St, San Jose
(408) 287-0400

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Kathryn Holland Besser

Nirvana Soul isn’t even open yet and I already love them. This brand has VALUES. Building community is my passion and I can’t wait to be welcomed into theirs. Jeronica and Be’Anka, sending you so much

Thomas H S.

If you are into strong and well brewed coffee and pastry, this is the place in San Jose -- the bakery items are always fresh and service is friendly, without a hitch. Open early. Great!

Christy C.

I stopped by with a friend a couple of times. The place has such a nice vibe! The staff is super friendly. There's cute pastries you can get to snack on as well as good coffee. I am not a huge coffee person, but I like the coffee served here! The location is a nice place to study and cozy. There's an upstairs with more tables and chairs to have a bit more privacy. Street parking is a hit or miss, but this location is relatively close to a parking lot you pay for as well as the lightrail station. It is pretty convenient to travel to! Highly recommend giving this place a try

Corey N.

Eclectic little coffee shop that I love hanging at. Cozy, welcoming place. First Fridays has Opera singers which I attended this month for the first time here. I love Opera and the San Jose Opera preforms a few doors down. There is good seating inside in a business that is far longer than wide. Nice seating upstairs for almost half the length. Baristas are individuals, not cookie cutter feel. Take there time to talk to you as they keep the service moving. Been here at least five times and will continue to return.

Hen A.

downtown san jose, near the convention center and hotels...brown and wooden interiors....aged brown piano at the entrance...order counter with glass display of goodies...taking a coffee and croissant $9 total after tax and tip...upstairs patio area overlooking the shop...large croissant looking pretty...very flaky and crusty...a hard shell outer and softer layers center...pint of coffee...unusual serving served in a regular beer pint see some bottles of beers on the shelf...hipster vibe and pretty quiet on a weekday morning before 8am...fairly standard coffee, but pricing a little north...

Evangelene G.

Cute little coffee shop with scrumptious looking desserts and pastries in Downtown San Jose. It's nice to visit local shops whenever I can.

Tiana N.

Really love this place! I came here to do some work and it's definitely an amazing study place. There are a good amount of outlets everywhere and a lot of seating. I also love that there's an upstairs to this Cafe. There are also a good amount of outlets upstairs and seating that look over the rest of the Cafe. I ordered the mocha, which was really delicious. My go-to drink is usually a mocha, so I thought this would taste like all the other ones I've tried but the mocha here was significantly better and richer. Will definitely come back for a study session in the future!

Shirin B.

This place gets busy! I came here on a Sunday afternoon thinking I would find a nice spot to work at but this place was packed, for a good reason too! I ordered an almond milk cap and an almond ring and got to work! The staff was really nice and my drink and the sugar from my huge pastry kept me going haha! I need to come back here for one of their poetry nights!

Rayna T.

Took my boyfriend here & he loved it. The vibe is different in a good way. Coffee's are different. He likes strong coffee, & he really liked what they had to offer. They sometimes have live music while you sit & drink. They have a upstairs. Cute little lounge. You can see the downstairs. Very relaxing

Ashley S.

They say they close @12am. I went today (09/27) @11:45pm & the doors were locked & there was a Chinese short girl that said they're closed. I told her that the sign says that they close @12am & she said that they had to close "Due to an event that came up". Makes no damn sense. Looks like they just wanted to close the restaurant early to go home early & not worry about costumers. Never coming here

Michael B.

FRIENDLY SERVICE ! My wife and I were back in San Jose for a couple of days last Monday. After jumping in our rental SUV at the airport we headed over here for a light lunch before checking in to our Hilton Hotel suite a few miles away. It was great to see smiling Mark behind the service counter and he remembered us from a few weeks ago. I ordered 2 lattes with 2% milk and hazelnut syrup ( they use Torani syrup here ) plus a Ham & Brie Sandwich ( it was pre-made ). Mark offered to warm up the sandwich but we settled for au naturel. Our hot lattes were ready in short time as was the sandwich which we shared. We sat at the elevated table in front of the big street facing window. Our lattes tasted very good and the sandwich tasted fresh. This is a good cafe with decent food /drinks and friendly staff !

Elisa S.

To whom ever is reading, do not come here. They need to prioritize the customers. We're the ones paying and supporting your business. Just because you've had celebrities come to your store doesn't mean you can treat everyone else like shit. Me and my friend stood there at the register waiting to order for a long time, and the 2 ladies were chatting it up without a care. (The two girls with the identical generic style with glasses and nose piercings) We purposely stared at them until we made them feel uncomfortable, and then they assisted us with an attitude. Hate joints that feel no need to provide a basic service just because of good reviews. Barf. Go support other businesses with people who care about their customers. :D

Prima S.

This place gets about 3.45/5 stars. My friends and I typically go out for bubble tea or Philz, so this was a somewhat different experience for me. I was there during open mic night, so I just had an iced tea since I didn't want to get jittery and out of it at night. There's a nice loft to walk up the stairs to, with a few couches and some tables and chairs. I like that the loft's a bit more isolated from the crowd below, but it's still easy enough to watch the shows that are going on each night at their stage. There are some talented people that come to play; I think it would be nice to drop by when you have no plans on a random night or have nothing to do. I could definitely see myself coming here often to study during the day if I were a student; the atmosphere's pretty relaxing. I'm surprised they manage to stay open for 16 hours each day. If I happen to come back someday, I'll definitely give their espresso drinks a try since they look pretty good.

Cash J.

Caffe Frascati has been a favorite San Jose coffee shop for years and years, and I'm sure many more years to come! Let it be because of the the amazing coffee or the beautiful space. We started coming here when me and my friends were about 13, always enjoying the comfortable areas and occasional live performance while we stuck our nose in our books and laptops for school work. Caffe Frascati has left impactful memories in my brain. I always enjoying talking with the baristas, as they all love making conversation! Some of the kindest I've had the pleasure of meeting were Mark and Daisy, who both serve their coffees with a smile and appreciate coffee making as an art. Please let them know they make the best mochas ever.

Shun Y.

Caffe Frascati has history. I like this cafe and it's freely available to use WiFi and charge pc/smartphone. You can enjoy some sweet ones. But for me, it's a little expensive. After 7:00 pm, they start music sessions.

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